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Baseball Card Show Purchase #11 – Billy Ripken 1989 Fleer ‘F*CK FACE’ Card – The Real Deal!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #11 – Billy Ripken 1989 Fleer ‘F*CK FACE’ Card – The Real Deal!!!

With the purchase of this baseball card, I am able to scratch another one off of my ‘Top Ten Cards I Want To Add To My Collection List’.

This card had so much hype surrouding it in 1989 – I would have to say that for a non-rookie baseball card, this card is easily the most talked about card from my youth.

As a kid, I never had one of these.  I had seen tons of them, and their various ‘blacked out’ versions, but these things all cost a pretty penny back in the day, with some of them easily surpassing the $100.00 price point.

While at the show, I saw two of them.  One dealer was asking $10 and the other was asking $8.  With the help of another dealer, and the show’s top promoter, we were able to talk the dealer asking for $8 down to $5.00.

And then it was my turn to hand over a $5.00 bill.

Have a look:


I have wanted this card for a very long time.  And to be honest, I am really not interested in any of the other versions.  This is the one that I wanted, and I am really happy to have this very popular and highly-collected piece of cardboard from my childhood back in my collection.


1988 Fleer Superstar Specials – Card #640 – Billy & Cal Ripken

1988 Fleer Superstar Specials – Card #640 – Billy & Cal Ripken

‘The O’s Brothers’

It’s a family affair in Baltimore.  1987 was a long season for the Orioles’ manager, Cal Ripken, Sr., but he had to take pride in the play of two of his star infielders.  They happen to be his two sons.

Cal Ripken Jr. is one of baseball’s true superstars.  Last season, he hit 27 home runs and led the Orioles in runs scored (97), doubles (28), and RBI (98).  He was selected to the American League All-Star team for the fifth time.  Cal is also baseball’s Iron-Man.  He has now played in 927 consecutive games.  That is the 6th longest streak of all time.

Billy Ripken was called up from the minor leagues  in mid-season.  He played in 58 games – all as the starting second baseman.  Committing only three errors all season, he wound up with an impressive .990 fielding percentage to complement his .308 batting average.

If Billy can continue to progress as he did this past season, he and Cal Jr. should continue to make their father proud of his Keystone Kids for many years to come.

1989 Topps – The Final 4 – Pack #2

Here is what I pulled from pack #2 of the 4 that I opened today:

Pack 2A

Pack 2B

Notable:  Chili Davis, Dave Henderson, Billy Ripken, and a Dave Winfield All-Star card 

Pick of the pack:  Let’s go with the newest member of the Hall of Fame, Mr. Jim Rice!!

The Biggest Error Card Since Billy Ripken’s Famous ‘F*&K Face’ Card???

I cannot believe that Topps did this.  And I cannot believe that I am the first blogger to catch this one!!!

What you see below is a 2008 Topps baseball card of Tony Gwynn.  Now I have no idea why Topps would issue a card of a player that retired way back in 2001, but they did and it’s a HUGE error on their part. 


But the mistakes don’t stop there.  In fact, they errors keep piling up!!!

First off, Tony Gwynn never played for the Milwaukee Brewers.  He only played for one team during the course of his 20-year career – the San Diego Padres.  And the autograph facsimile that Topps stuck on  the front of the card looks nothing like Mr Gwynn’s signature. 

I just cannot believe that Topps would make such a mistake.  I have searched through over 100 sports card related blogs in the last 24 hours in hopes to see that someone else discovered what I am calling ‘The Billy Ripken of the 21st Century’.  And not one person, not one of you has found this error prior to me.  This is truly amazing as I am not even a collector of the modern day stuff.  I know Tony Gwynn, and I loved watching him play, but surely there is at least one person out there that would have spotted this before me.

This is a proud moment at ’30-YOC’.  I am off to the post office to send my certified letter to Topps – wait until they get a load of this.  I see a feature article in Beckett in my near future!!!