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A Package From Drew Inspires An Impromptu ‘Fab Five’ List

A Package From Drew Inspires An Impromptu ‘Fab Five’ List

I recently completed a trade with Drew, of the blog Drew’s Cards.  I sent him a stack of 2012 Topps Archives Yankees and he sent me a stack of Marlins cards in return.

As a matter of fact, he sent me so many Marlins cards that there are just too many to scan.

Here is the proof:

I told you.

So , what I decided to do was put together a quick ‘Fab Five Cards From Drew’ to break down all of the cards into the five that I like the most.

So, starting with number five, here we go:

5 – 2010 Topps Legendary Lineage featuring Mark Teixeira & Logan Morrison

4 – Gary Sheffield 1998 Pinnacle Inside – I am a sucker for cards that feature batting donuts in the photo

3 – Hanley Ramirez 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Sticky Fingers’ – I miss the guy, what can I say???

2 – Brad Penny 2004 Upper Deck Vintage ‘2003 World Series Highlights’

1 – Javier Vazquez 2011 Topps Black border variant – The Black border with the dark background is SWEET!!!

There you have it, another ‘Fab Five’ in the books.

Thank you Drew.  I look forward to more trades in the near future!!!


Watching The Marlins Playing The Red Sox Makes Me Nostalgic…

It seems like just a few short seasons ago that the guys in the ‘other’ dugout were the guys I was rooting for…

The Florida Marlins and Boston Red Sox will tangle for a 3-game Inter-league series that starts tonight at Fenway Park.  While I am still on the fence about how these mixed-league games effect the sport and the spirit of competition, I certainly look past that when I get to see some of my favorite former Marlins players.

Mike Loewll, Josh Beckett, and Brad Penny were all such strong parts of our roster during their playing days in Miami.  Each of these guys had won over the fans with their dedication to the team and desire to win, even when the deck was stacked against them.

It will be a fun series to watch as we battle the AL East leading Red Sox – but it will be even more fun to watch as I get to enjoy seeing 3 of my favorite former Marlins players do their thing.


Mike Lowell – member of 2003 World Series winning team.  In 7 seasons as a Marlin, Lowell hit 143 home runs while driving in 578 runs.  He was a 3-time All-star with the team while also a winner of 1 Gold Glove and 1 Silver Slugger award.


Brad Penny – member of 2003 World Series winning team.  In 5 years with the Marlins, Penny went 48-42 while overpowering batters for 570 strikeouts. 


Josh Beckett – member of 2003 World Series winning team.  During his 5 seasons with ‘The Fish’ Beckett compiled a 41-34 record while posting a 3.46 ERA.  Nobody will forget that amazing ride he took us on en route to the 2003 World Series title.

Good Luck boys.  Go easy on us!!!!