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1956 HEADLINE: Don Larsen Hurls The First Perfect Game In World Series History!!!

1956 HEADLINE: Don Larsen Hurls The First Perfect Game In World Series History!!!

On this day in 1956, and front of the world, Don Larsen threw a perfect game in Game 5 of the World Series.

More than 50 years later, this game is still talked about during each post-season.  Many consider this pitching performance by Larsen to be the greatest single-game performance in baseball’s great history.

In Yankee Stadium, and with 64,000+ fans behind him, Larsen and his teammates were battling their cross-town rivals, the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Larsen’s numbers looked like this:

9 innings pitched.  0 runs allowed.  0 hits given up.  0 walks.  0 base runners.

A truly remarkable and historic event!!!  Happy Anniversary Mr. Larsen!!!!


1975 Topps Set Card 151/660 – #194 – 1956 Most Valuable Players

1975 Topps Set Card 151/660 – #194 – 1956 Most Valuable Players

Progress: 151/660

Player Name:  Mickey Mantle, Don Newcombe

Card Number:  194

Team:  New York Yankees, Brooklyn Dodgers

Image Style: reprint baseball cards

How they got there:

Mantle captured his first MVP Award in 1956.  He hit .353 on the year and had an on-base percentage of .464.  Mantle drove in 130 runs for the Yankees in ’56 while also scoring 132 runs.  He connected for a league high 52 home runs.

Don Newcombe started 36 games for the Dodgers in 1956.  He compiled a record of 27-7 with a 3.06 ERA.  In 268 innings of work, Newcombe struck out 139 batters while walking 46.  He had an average of 4.7 strikouts per nine innings pitched along with a strikeout to walk ratio of 3.02:1.0.


1975 Topps Set Card 113/660 – #191 – 1953 Most Valuable Players

1975 Topps Set Card 113/660 – #191 – 1953 Most Valuable Players

Progress: 113/660

Player Name:  Al Rosen, Roy Campanella

Card Number:  191

Team:  Cleveland Indians, Brooklyn Dodgers

Image Style: reprint baseball cards

How they got there:

Al Rosen starred for the Cleveland Indians during the 1955 season.  He was a league leader in multiple offensive categories including – 115 runs scored, 43 home runs, 145 RBI, .613 slugging percentage, 1.034 OPS, and 367 total bases.  Roy Campanella was a 3-time MVP winner.  His 1953 Award came due to his .312 batting average and 142 RBI.  His efforts helped take the Dodgers through the playoffs and to the World Series.


Happy Birthday Gil Hodges!!!

Happy Birthday Gil Hodges!!!

Today we celebrate the life of Gil Hodges.  And while he is no longer physically with us, the amazing things he did on the baseball field will live on forever…

Hodges played for 18 seasons in the major leagues, making the All-Star team on eight occasions.  He spent a majority of his time in the field at first base, but also put in innings of work at catcher, third base, and in the outfield.

Offensively, Hodges was extremely productive.  A power hitter, with a knack for run production, he hit 20 or more home runs 11 times, while passing the 40-home run mark twice.  He also drove in 100 or more runs seven times and scored 80 or more runs during eight campaigns.

Hodges spent his playing days with the Brooklyn Dodgers, Los Angeles Dodgers, and New York Mets.  He is a 3-time Gold Glove winner and finished in the Top 10 for the MVP award three times.

Happy Birthday Mr. Hodges!!

Did You Know…

The last player to appear in a Major League All-Star game representing the Brooklyn Dodgers was Gil Hodges.  Hodges was chosen to participate in the 1957 All-Star Game.  The Dodgers moved to Los Angeles at the conclusion of the ’57 season.

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My 2011 Topps ‘Prime 9 Players Of The Week’ Redemption Set Is COMPLETE!!! Come See!!!

My 2011 Topps ‘Prime 9 Players Of The Week’ Redemption Set Is COMPLETE!!!  Come See!!!

Well friends, another subset has been completed at ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

And this one is superb!

Just like the ‘Prime 9 Home Run Legends’ set I built last year, this one boasts great color, sharp graphics, and a supremely high-gloss finish.

The 2011 Topps Prime 9 ‘Players Of The Week’ set features 9 players – 1 for each defensive position.  And the roster is loaded with major, major talent.

Here is a look at the whole set:



By completing this set, I have now finished both of the Topps ‘Prime 9’ redemption sets.  And I have to say that I wish that this was a series that never stopped.  The ‘Prime 9’ theme is one that could easily continue with new themes – and with solid production that matches the 2011 and 2012 sets that they already issued, the quality was definitely there!

Cheers to another completed subset!  Hip-Hip-Hooray!!

Did You Know…

The first player to hit a Grand Slam in Game 7 of the World Series was Moose Skowron.  During the 1956 World Series, Skowron and his Yankees teammates battled the Brooklyn Dodgers to a 3-3 tie after six games.  But in Game 7, it was all Yankees as Skowron and his Yankees teammates blanked the Dodgers 9-0 capturing the 1956 World Series trophy.

Moose Skowron phot

Happy Birthday Don Zimmer!!!

Happy Birthday Don Zimmer!!!

Don Zimmer turns 83 years old today.

‘Zim’ enjoyed a 12-season major league baseball career. And in those 12 years he played for 6 teams, all of them legendary – Brooklyn Dodgers, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, Cincinnati Reds, and the Washington Senators. And while nobody would count Zimmer as one of the game’s greats with his career .235 batting average, he was a key contributor for these teams – even making the All-star team as a member of the 1961 Cubs!!

Zimmer is better known as a baseball manager. And while most people’s memories go straight to some of his highly publicized happenings while coaching the Yankees, my memories of ‘Zim’ are firmly planted in the home team’s dugout at Wrigley Field!! Zimmer was managing the team the year(1989) that my family moved to Chicago from Florida. Never having a ‘home’ team before, I was quickly swept up into ‘Cubbie-Fever’. And now, more than 25 years later I still have vivid memories of ‘Zim’ and his division winning team having one heck of an enjoyable season.

‘Zim’ was smiles every step of the way!! Happy Birthday Coach Zimmer!!!

Happy Birthday Sandy Koufax!!!

Happy Birthday Sandy Koufax!!!

Today, Sandy Koufax turns 79 years old.

Koufax’s name is often mentioned in the same breath when people speak of the greatest pitchers of all-time.  Truth be told, during his 12-year career with the Brooklyn and the Los Angeles Dodgers, Koufax did not shine until the last 6 seasons he played.  But boy did he shine…  From 1961 to 1966, Koufax won 3 Cy Young awards and finished in 2nd place 1 time.  He also won an MVP award and finished 2nd twice for that honor.  It can be easily argued that Sandy Koufax was elected into baseball’s Hall Of Fame for this short, but incredible 6-year span.

So what do you get a guy that has so many accolades to his credit?  Sandy Koufax retired at the age of 31.  In today’s game there are players that have yet to hit their prime by 31…  I would love to see what Sandy could have done with 5 more seasons.  So that is my gift, 5 more healthy seasons as a pitcher for the Dodgers.

Happy Birthday Mr. Koufax!!!


2013 Topps Update ‘Postseason Heroes’ Subset – Sandy Koufax

2013 Topps Update ‘Postseason Heroes’ Subset – Sandy Koufax

The 2013 Topps Update baseball card set includes a subset tagged as ‘Postseason Heroes.  And with that theme, you would expect to find cards of modern players like Albert Pujols, Edgar Renteria, and Pablo Sandoval but none of these guys made the checklist.

That does leave room for some nice surprises…

This is the card of Sandy Koufax from the set:


Sandy Koufax made it to the World Series in four of his twelve big league campaigns.  He won titles in three of the four match-ups, good for a 75% clip.

In those 4 match-ups, Koufax competed in eight games, going 4-3.  He had an ERA of .95 in 57 innings of work, and he struck out 61 batters while walking just 11.

He was names as the 1965 World Series MVP due to his 3 starts that included two complete game shutout victories!