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The 11th Commandment – NO MORE PENNY SLEEVES!!!

Strike 1.  Strike 2.  And strike 3.  You’re out!!!

I’m done sending penny sleeves with my TTM requests.  I have received some great signed cards, but too many in my opinion have become wasted due to smearing in a plastic sleeve.  Take a look below. 

Strike 1, 2, and 3.

Strike 1, 2, and 3.

To Bruce Jenner, Don Baylor, and Rick Reuschel – I want to ‘Thank You’ all for taking time out of your lives to make this fan happy.  These signed cards mean quite a bit to me and will remain in my collection as is. 

Bruce Jenner Autograph Through The Mail Success

Bruce Jenner sent these great autographs back to me in just 22 days…  Well, they’re kind of great.  You see, when I send out cards in the mail requesting autographs, I put each card in a penny sleeve to protect the corners.  And although all 8 corners on these 2 cards are in perfect condition, it appears as if Jenner threw these cards back into the envelope a little too quickly which caused one to smudge pretty badly….


See what I mean???  The autographs look incredible, and I love the style and design of the cards but I cannot help but feel a little twisted on what to do next with these….  You see, I intended and still intend to give these cards to my sons when they can appreciate them and the athlete that Bruce Jenner was during his Olympic career.  I may have to try to find another one and re-send him a card.  As a dad, it would be impossible for me to hand the smudged card to one of my boys while giving my other son the perfect one.

12 Autograph Requests Have Been Mailed!!!

I am very eager to see how this goes.  This morning I dropped off 12 envelopes for 11 baseball players and 1 Olympic hero.  I’m sending these autograph requests to Hall of Famers, All-stars, Sentimental favorites, and heroes of my childhood.

The guys – Mike Lowell, Mike Mussina, Pete Rose, Duke Snider, Stan Musial, Bruce Jenner, Bobby Doerr, Sparky Anderson, Mike Cameron, Al Kaline, Josh Hamilton, and Ron Santo.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how this pursuit goes…  Any guesses on who will be the first one back to my house with a successful signature???



Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – Bruce Jenner

I admit it proudly – I am an old-school guy.  I was one of the few people that I know that really enjoyed watching this past summer’s Olympic games.  I like the whole show that is put on.  I like the medal ceremonies.  And of course I love the talent that the United States brings to the table in so many various sports!!

When I think about the greatest Olympians of the US’ history, Bruce Jenner is right there at the top of the list!!!  I grabbed these 2 cards for the combined price of $0.25 and and hopefull that Mr. Jenner will sign these for me.