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I Couldn’t Resist. I Scooped Up One More Blaster Of 2012 Topps Update. Come See The Haul!!!

I Couldn’t Resist. I Scooped Up One More Blaster Of 2012 Topps Update. Come See The Haul!!!

The title of this one says it all.   I was very encouraged by what I pulled a few days ago when I ripped through two retail blasters of 2012 Topps Update so I went for one more.

This time, I hit Target with the hopes of checking out the Red bordered cards.

Enough chit-chat, it is time to reveal the cards that I got in Box #3 of 2012 Topps Update.

Here we go:

Pack 1 – Not bad with Trout and Verlander in the same pack

Pack 2 – Eh.

Pack 3 – It’s cool to pull Buster Posey.  And you know that I am a fan of Frank Robinson!

Pack 4 – YU!

Pack 5 – The Kaline mini is pretty sweet!

Pack 6 – YU!  And I pull the Jim Palmer card too – YES!  Best pack so far.

Pack 7 – Nice Jeter.  Kind of weird pulling a baseball card of President Obama…  I’ll keep my personal political likes out of this, but it is weird to see him come out of a pack of cards…

Pack 8 – Eh.

Pack 9 – Sweet Strasburg!  And that Nolan Ryan card is pretty nice as well.

Pack 10 – Eh.

Pack 11 – A Johan Santana Blockbuster patch card.  Exactly what a Miami Marlins fan does NOT need in his collection.  Ugh…

And that is the full box.

Overall, I would say that I did better with the boxes that I picked up at Wal-Mart versus this one from Target.

Ultimately, most of these cards will not remain in my collection.  Many will be given to fellow trade partners and blog readers.  Some will be sold.  And the rest will remain with me.

If you see anything in here that you like, it can potentially be yours so let me hear it.

Thanks for reading!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #10 – Bryce Harper 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Mini ROOKIE CARD

Baseball Card Show Purchase #10 – Bryce Harper 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Mini ROOKIE CARD

I did quite a bit of searching for Bryce Harper cards at the show.  As a matter of fact, I did a complete lap of the show’s floor strictly seeking out cards of the rookie phenom.

My goal was to try to ‘steal’ a few.  And when I say ‘steal’ I mean secure them with bargain pricing, not actually steal them…

My search did not result in many bargains.  Most base cards had asking prices of $10 or more and the dealers were simply not willing to budge.  I cannot fault them; but I also cannot commit myself to forking obver $10 or more for a card that there are hundreds of thousands of either.

I did find one under $10.  It was $5.  And I bought it.

Here it is:

The 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen mini rookie card of Bryce Harper.

I am happy to have found one!!!

I Picked Up 2 Boxes Of 2012 Topps Update. Come Check Out When I Pulled…

I Picked Up 2 Boxes Of 2012 Topps Update.  Come Check Out When I Pulled…

I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s reviews on this newly released product.  And while the checklist for this update set does not offer me an opportunity to haul in a lot of baseball legends like other Topps releases, there is a lot to get excited about.

So, while at the local Wal-Mart today, I scooped up two retail blaster boxes.  Each box has ten packs that contain eight cards.  Of the ten packs, two are Wal-Mart exclusive ‘Blue’ bordered cards.  There is also a bonus pack that contains a ‘Blockbuster Patch Card’.

Now, it is time to show off each and every card that was pulled.

In my best HHH voice, I say ‘Are You Ready???’.  I can’t hear you, ‘Are You RRRRRREADYYYY?????’.

Ok, Let’s Do This!!!

Box 1, Pack 1 – eh…

Box 1, Pack 2 – liking the Ichiro 87 Topps mini

Box 1, Pack 3 – Schmidty!!

Box 1, Pack 4 – GIANCARLO!!!!

Box 1, Pack 5 – nice Jeter!!

Box 1, Pack 6 – Can’t go wrong with Trout, Verlander, and Schimdt…

Box 1, Pack 7 – another Jeter – YES!!

Box 1, Pack 8 – And there it is, Bryce Harper!!!  Boo-Yah!!!

Box 1, Pack 9 – the Blue borders are nice…

Box 1, Pack 10 – Chipper & GIANCARLO!!!

Box 1, Pack 11 – Josh Beckett patch card, far from great, far from horrible.  Would rather have pulled a Babe Ruth…

Box 2, Pack 1 – eh.

Box 2, Pack 2 – Matt Moore & Tyler Moore, are they brothers??

Box 2, Pack 3- Andy Pettitte got in the set.  Nice David Freese card too!

Box 2, Pack 4 – another 87 Topps Albert Belle mini = GREAT….

Box 2, Pack 5 – Mr. Padre

Box 2, Pack 6 – Gold Kemp!  Thome & Griffey = 1200+ HR’s

Box 2, Pack 7 – Mr. Padre, Part 2.  Jamie Moyer’s final baseball card??

Box 2, Pack 8 – Kimbrell is the MAN!  I love that they brought bacl the ‘Future Stars’ for the 87 minis!!

Box 2, Pack 9 – Blue Gio.  Another 87 mini, this time of ‘PAP’

Box 2, Pack 10 – eh.

Box 2, Pack 11 – Prince Fielder patch.  A step up from Josh Beckett, but not Babe Ruth either…

And there you have it – quite a great assortment of cards.  Overall, I am very happy with the cards that I pulled.  I pulled a lot of all-stars and some good rookies too.

Some will stay in my collection.  Many will be traded with the great readers of this site.  And some may be sold to help other collectors fill their needs.

If anyone sees anything that they need, holler at me and I will do my best to work something out with you.

Thank you for reading.  Have a nice evening.

Baseball Card Show Purchase #10 – Lot Of 2 Bryce Harper 2011 Bowman Cards – Base & Chrome

Baseball Card Show Purchase #10 – Lot Of 2 Bryce Harper 2011 Bowman Cards – Base & Chrome

I am very excited about this purchase – it could be my best card purchase of the night!

It took me some time to find these two gems at affordable prices, but I am happy that I was persistent in my search.

While many dealers are asking for double-digit pricing on these cards of Bryce Harper from the 2011 Bowman set, I was able to get both of these for just a little less…

Have a look:

This now brings my Bryce Harper collection to just three cards.

And while I feel that I may have missed the boat as it relates to bargain-priced cards of Harper, I am still very happy to have three cards of him in my collection.

Baseball Card Show Purchase #12 – Bryce Harper 2011 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #12 – Bryce Harper 2011 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card!!!

I don’t even know where to start with this.

I am not a prospector.  I am not a collector of rookie cards from today’s game.

But, I am captivated by how easily Bryce Harper has adjusted to the major league game.

I have already watched a small handful of Nationals games since Bryce got the call up, and I cannot wait until the next time the Marlins and Nats meet up so I can watch a 3-game stint of his.

This kid is a solid, solid ball player.  And if he can remain healthy, he will only get better and better.

The same seller that had that Yaz card from the 1968 Topps Game set had stacks and stacks of rookie phenoms – from Strasburg to Chapman and many more.

But I was interested in just one.

Here he is:

*Hat-Tip to one of my favorite dealers at the show, Jeremy.  I admitted to him that I wanted to pick up a card of Harper but had no clue what to go after since I know nothing of the modern issues.  He steered me in the right direction and was the reason that I chose the card above.

Thanks Bud!