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Word for word, that is exactly what the subject line read.

I have been trading emails over the last few days with a loyal ’30-YOC’ reader Matt.  He is the one that shared the images of the Yu Darvish, Josh Hamilton, and Matt Cain cards from the upcoming 2013 Topps Heritage set with me.

We’ve been going back and forth about our likes with the Heritage brand.  And like me, and maybe like you too, Matt has an appreciation for the history of baseball card collecting and the stars of the past.

Ultimately, I like the Topps Heritage brand, but I don’t really collect it.  Yes, I go after the Marlins cards but not much beyond that because the base set is made up of today’s players.

Around 2:00 this afternoon, the email came in.


There was no text in the body of the email.

Just an image.

And Matt is 100% right – I AM GOING TO WANT THIS CARD!!!!

Oh, My!!!!

Jeff Conine 1996 Leaf Signature Series – Certified Autograph – Bronze

Jeff Conine 1996 Leaf Signature Series – Certified Autograph – Bronze

I don’t have too many certified autographs of any Florida or Miami Marlins players.

Actually, I believe that with the acquisition of this card below, this now makes four.

Yes, FOUR!!!

And they’re both from the same set – 1996 Leaf Signature Series.

My latest addition is the Bronze card of Mr. Marlin himself, Jeff Conine.

Here it the card:

As for the other three, they’re all of Andre Dawson – the bronze, silver, and gold versions of this same card.

Do I want to get some more Marlins certified auto’s?  Sure.  But with the high turnover that the team has I have a hard time sinking any cash into today’s guys.  Maybe a Sheffield or Mike Lowell card can be next…

Stay tuned.

Certified Autograph – Marlins’ Ace Josh Johnson

Certified Autograph – Marlins’ Ace Josh Johnson

This card comes from the 2006 Upper Deck ‘Special Endorsements’ set.  Featuring an autograph from Josh Johnson, I couldn’t resist grabbing this on Ebay for just $2.50.

Johnson is one of the best young pitchers in the game today.  Physically, he is impressive and his power pitching backs up his immense presence on the mound.  While the Marlins have several ‘project’ pitchers in their rotation and bullpen, Johnson has been the picture of consistency and I am hopeful that he earns his second trip to the All-star game in a few months.

This is just the second autograph that I have obtained of Josh, but I have seen quite a few more.  I have to say that he has one of the most consistent signatures in the game right now.  Take a look at the ‘J’ and the ‘H’ in both his first and last name – they are exactly the same.

A great autograph for my collection from one of my favorite pitchers in the game today!!!

Signing Results: 1984 ROY & 1985 CY Dwight ‘Doc’ Gooden

Signing Results: 1984 ROY & 1985 CY Dwight ‘Doc’ Gooden

Last month former Rookie of the Year, Cy Young Award winner, and World Series champion Dwight Gooden was doing a signing in New York.  The store hosting the event was offering up a free autograph for anyone purchasing $20 of their product.

After a quick and easy phone conversation, my order for a Rawlings game ball and 8×10 photo were placed.  I requested an inscription with ‘1984 NL ROY’ but they were unsure if ‘Doc’ was going to offer free inscriptions at the time I had placed my call.

Well, fast forward a few weeks and my package finally arrived.  Here is the ball:

Doc Gooden with ‘5-14-96 No Hitter’ inscription – SWEET!!!

I love the fact that ‘Doc’ threw in this inscription for me.  After the signing, the salesperson I spoke with called me and told me about it asking if I still wanted it since it was not the exact inscription I asked for.  And in the famous words of Lightning McQueen(sorry, I watched Cars this morning with my sons), I said ‘Oh Yeah!!!’  For the trouble, the guy told me he was going to throw in another photo – for free!!

And here are those 2 pictures:

Nice, huh??

All in all, I am thrilled with the contents of this shipment.  A typically boring Tuesday mail day was turned into a great treat!!

And now that I think about it, I am very happy with the ‘No hitter’  inscription too.  This is my second ‘No hitter’ ball(click here to see the first one) as it is a unique extension of my signed ball collection.

One final look at my treasure!!!

Gerad Sends Over An Awesome Andre Dawson Autograph For My Collection!!!

Gerad Sends Over An Awesome Andre Dawson Autograph For My Collection!!!

The generosity of readers and bloggers never gets old!!  In fact, it seems to just get better as time goes by.

And the latest treat come courtesy of Gerad, a longtime reader and commentor of ’30-YOC’.

Gerad sent over a pristine 1994 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice card signed by ‘The Hawk’.  Andre never disappoints when it comes to autographs, and this one looks great!!!  This is the first non-certified autograph of Andre in his Red Sox uniform that I have obtained.  All I have left now is a Marlins card…

Thanks again Gerad.  I’ve got a special package headed your way…

2 More Andre Dawson 2004 Donruss Pass The Torch Cards!!

2 More Andre Dawson 2004 Donruss Pass The Torch Cards!!!

Part of my “Andre Dawson Grab Bag #2” purchase, I received 2 more Pass The Torch cards. 

Rounding out this insert set, I have now added the Yellow card numbered 80/100 and the Red one, numbered 136/500, that features Vlad Guerrero on the back.

I like the card.   I like the look.  And together, the 5 cards of this set that I now own look great togther.

One question – how many more versions are there???  Who knows…

Andre Dawson 2004 Prime Cuts MLB Icons

Andre Dawson 2004 Prime Cuts MLB Icons

Numbered 48/50, this 2004 Donruss issue screams vintage!  And at just 6 years old, the task was accomplished by Donruss and their designers as this card has several old-time elements to it…

  1. The font used in the headline ‘MLB ICONS’ has an old English look
  2. The Brown coloring used throughout the card’s design has the leathery-look of a first issue hardcover book
  3. Black & White photography certainly adds to the element of vintage
  4. The filigree and leaf pattern used around the Expos logo is an old-school style

And while the use of two baseball bats in an ‘X’ is not a new design option for a baseball card, this one looks perfect.  With the Expos name pasted right in the middle, the card has two great focal points versus just one – the team name plate and the picture of Andre!!

Nice work!!

Andre Dawson 2009 Topps Tribute – Base

Andre Dawson 2009 Topps Tribute – Base

Finally, I have added a 2009 issue of Andre Dawson to my collection – YES!!!!

Of course it didn’t happen until 2010, but who’s counting??  Actually I guess I am counting…

Anyways, I am not sure when the 2009 Topps Tribute set was released but they have been all over Ebay for the last month or so.  And ever since Andre’s Hall of Fame election was announced, the price of these and their availability on Ebay has steadily risen.

From what I can tell, there are Blue, Black, Gold, and Red versions of this card available too.  Each is serial numbered and I am pretty sure that they are limited to 219, 99, 50, and 1 respectively.  So while my desire to obtain the full set of these is strong, the likelihood of securing the Red version is pretty unrealistic at this point.  But that won’t stop me from going after the other three versions…

As for the card itself, it is a beauty.  With a nice, thick cardstock it won’t fit in a regular top-loader.  The card is as shiny as can be and I am very happy with the photo that Topps used for this issue.

Blue, Black, Gold, and possibly Red – Here I come!!! 

A Trio of Andre Dawson 2005 Topps Rookie Cup Cards!!

Not a bad looking trio, huh??

These cards were made by Topps in 2005 and are part of their ‘Rookie Cup’ series.

Each color is serial numbered and I have obtained the following: Green – 31/199, Red – 134/499, Orange – 204/399.  And while I am not certain as to how many more colors are available in this series, I do know that Yellow and Blue versions are available so I have a few more of these to go after.

If anyone knows of other versions in this series besides the Yellow and Blue ones, please let me know as I would like to complete the series if possible.


Andre Dawson Will Be Enshrined At Cooperstown Wearing A Montreal Expos Hat!!!

Andre Dawson Will Be Enshrined At Cooperstown Wearing A Montreal Expos Hat!!!

It was announced on Wednesday morning that ‘The Hawk’ would wear the hat of his longest tenured team on his Hall of Fame plaque.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter to me.  Just having Andre in the Hall of Fame is enough for me.  He had brilliant years in Montreal and Chicago, so the decision of the Expos hat is not a terrible one.  While I was more of a fan of his days in Chicago, I was introduced to him when he was an Expo and was quickly drawn to him there.

I have two issues with this decision:

1 – Andre won’t get to celebrate this with his fans in Montreal in the stadium at which he planted his Hall of Fame roots.  The Expos franchise is gone and major league baseball has done a good job of wiping them from our memory.   Montreal’s team moved to Washington DC and became the Nationals.  The players were the same(for the most part) but all evidence of the Expos was washed away.  That included their history, their stats, and the 4 jerseys that the Expos retired – Dawson’s was among them.

2 – Andre wanted to go in as a Cub.  He deserves a say in this decision doesn’t he?  Even more than that, he deserves to stand in front of the fans at Wrigley to hear them roar for him again.  He deserves to walk into right field one more time to watch his jersey get raised on the right field pole.  Andre deserves this and the Cubs and city of Chicago need this!

That’s all.

I cannot wait for July 26 to come around – it is going to be a fantastic day!!!

Oh, and another positive of Andre going into the Hall as an Expo is that we’ll be seeing more of that great logo and Powder-Blue that we’ve been missing all these years!!!