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A Thank You Note For Larry Wayne Jones, ‘Chipper’

A Thank You Note For Larry Wayne Jones, ‘Chipper’

The 19-season major league baseball career of Chipper Jones ended on Wednesday afternoon.  Yes, his Braves team has made the playoffs, but there is nothing that will or will not happen in the 2012 postseason that will change the effect Chipper has had on the game of baseball.

This is my ‘Thank You’ to Chipper.

  • Thank you for playing for just one team during your career
  • Thank you for driving in more runs than any other third baseman in the history of the game
  • Thank you for all 2,726 hits
  • Thank you for the 2008 batting title at 36 years of age
  • Thank you for playing through injury, time after time
  • Thank you for hitting .299 in 246 games against my Marlins
  • Thank you some pretty neat rookie baseball cards
  • Thank you for eight All-Star Game appearances
  • Thank you for finishing your career with a batting average over .300 (.303 to be exact)
  • Thank you for winning the 1995 NL MVP Award
  • Thank you for providing us with a legible autograph
  • Thank you for driving in 166 runs against my Marlins
  • Thank you for being one of the few #1 draft picks that pans out
  • Thank you for wearing #10
  • Thank you for all 150 stolen bases
  • Thank you for belting 40 of your career home runs against my Marlins

Most of all, Thank you for playing the game hard in 2,499 contests.  It has been a pleasure to watch to you play (even while kicking my team’s butt).

Don’t be a stranger, Chipper.  I am thinking that we will all see you in Cooperstown in about six years.

Thank you, Sir.