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’30-YOC Top Ten’ – Top 10 Disappointments From The 2011 Baseball Season

’30-YOC Top Ten’ – Top 10 Disappointments From The 2011 Baseball Season

Ok, so last week I gave you my ‘Top Ten Surprises’ from the 2011 baseball season.  Sadly, for every hero that emerged, there was one that fell off…

Tonight it is all about the guys that did not live up to their hype.  The guys that may have been at the mountaintops, and are now looking up.

Ready?   Let’s Go!!!

Honorable Mention – Albert Pujols, Chase Utley, Chris Coghlan, Roy Oswalt, AJ Burnett, Ricky Nolasco, Joe Mauer, Tim Lincecum, Carl Crawford, and Justin Morneau.

10 – San Francisco Giants.  The Giants finished the season 86-76 and in second place in their division.  Lacking the dominance from Tim Lincecum as well as not having Buster Posey in their lineup really hurt the team’s chances of defending their championship.

9 – Alex Rodriguez.  Playing in only 99 games due to multiple injuries, A-Rod only connected for 16 home runs and 62 RBI, both well below his normal numbers.  His .276 batting average is 26 points below his career average.

8 – Jason Heyward.  Heyward batted just .227 on the season and never found his stroke.  Connecting for 14 home runs and only 42 RBI, Heyward was shuffled into several spots of the batting order and never established consistency at the plate.

7 – Hanley Ramirez.  Hanley played in just 92 games this season, one in which he missed almost 70 games.  His .243 batting average is 63 lower than his career average.  Hanley’s 10 home runs and 45 RBI are both career lows.

6 – Matt Garza.  With the chance of being the Cubs’ ace on the line, Garza was average at best.  Going 10-10 with 31 starts, Garza threw 198 innings and compiled a 3.32 ERA. 

5 – Jayson Werth.  After signing a blockbuster deal in the off-season, Werth was pretty bad in his debut season with the Nationals.  His .232 batting average was 64 points off his number from 2010.  And his 58 RBI was his lowest in the last 5 seasons.

4 – Ichiro.  2011 was definitely a down year for Ichiro.  It was the first season in which he did not collect 200 hits; he had just 184.  His .272 batting average is 58 points below his career number, and also marks the first time he hit under .300 in his career.

3 – Adam Dunn.  Dunn had a horrible season batting .159, 101 points lower than his 2010 average.  Dunn connected for just 11 home runs and 42 RBI, well off of his 30+/100+ averages.

2 – Josh Johnson.  Johnson enters each season being touted as one of the NL’s best talents.  And each year he fails to stay healthy enough to pitch an entire campaign.  Starting just 9 games in 2011, JJ was 3-1 with a 1.64 ERA.  He pitched just 60 innings during the year.

1 – Boston Red Sox.  The most hyped and predicted World Series contender that we have seen over the last few years, the Red Sox crumbled right before our eyes.  Of their 2 major off-season acquisitions, 1 was extremely successful and 1 was horrible.  The team that most people picked to compete for a World Series had one of the most horrible and public collapses in major league baseball history.

No real surprise at #1, huh??

Tell me what you think of the other on my list.  Did I miss anyone or anything that you think should have been there??

Thanks for reading.



It has been a few years since I placed in the top spot in my fantasy baseball league so allow me to gloat for a minute.  Or two…  🙂

For the entirety of the season it was a 2-man race, with myself and the second place player alternating spots several times during the season.

But, when it mattered most, I took control of the league and ended up winning the crown!!!  Here is a look at the final leaderboard:

While I do admit that fantasy baseball has an element of luck, I do think that I picked a pretty solid team, in which several of the players had career years.  Special thanks go out to Justin Verlander, Mike Stanton, Ryan Howard, Mark Teixeira, Jacoby Ellsbury, Howie Kendrick, Heath Bell, Ryan Roberts, Matt Weiters, and the rest of the guys!!!

See you all in 2012!!!

With Just Two Weeks Left In The Fantasy Baseball Season, My Team Is Soaring!!!!

With Just Two Weeks Left In The Fantasy Baseball Season, My Team Is Soaring!!!!

I have to admit that I am a little surprised that I have been able to maintain this lead in my league.  I have been dealing with a lot of injuries, all season long to be honest, but somehow I have prevailed.

I guess an extremely solid pitching rotation, and a few breakthrough seasons really helps, huh???

Here is the current standings:

That’s me five points ahead of my only competition!!!



With Less Than One Month Left In The 2011 Baseball Season, My Fantasy Team Takes A Nice Lead…

With Less Than One Month Left In The 2011 Baseball Season, My Fantasy Team Takes A Nice Lead…

A 3.5 point lead can vanish in a heartbeat when talking about fantasy baseball, but that doesn’t mean that I cannot get excited about the prospect of winning first place in my league!!

And if you look closely at the standings, you will see that I am all but guaranteed a 1st or 2nd place finish!!!

Go Me!!!

Well, Well, Well, Look Who Is Atop The Fantasy Baseball Leaderboards Again…

Well, Well, Well, Look Who Is Atop The Fantasy Baseball Leaderboards Again…

It was a struggle, but after sitting in second place for more than six weeks, I have once again taken over first place on the leaderboard of my fantasy baseball league.

For the season, it has been a 2-way battle between myself and one other player as we both have held healthy leads over the remainder of the league we are in.

Here is a peek at the standings as of this moment:

Special thanks to Mike Stanton, Logan Morrison, Heath Bell, Howie Kendrick, and Ryan Vogelsong for helping back to the top!!!

A Quick Peek At My Fantasy Team’s Position As We Get Prepared For The Second Half Of The Baseball Season…

A Quick Peek At My Fantasy Team’s Position As We Get Prepared For The Second Half Of The Baseball Season…

I know that you all have been wondering so I thought I would offer this little recap up to you as we prep for the second half of the major league and fantasy baseball seasons.

Currently I rest in 2nd place, with a comfortable lead over the player in 3rd and some ground to make up between myself and the leader.

Here are the current standings:

And if you look at the rankings across the categories in which we score points, you can see that my pitching has been very strong while my batting has been average.

So, as we approach the start of the second half of the season, I made a few changes to my roster that should help me all-around.  I dropped some players and added some players – gone are Chipper Jones, Josh Johnson, and John Buck.  Newly added players Ryan Vogelsong, Justin Masterson, and Ryan Roberts should be able to round out my starting pitching as well as infield.

We’ll see how it goes.  Wish me luck!!


’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Favorites Florida Marlins’

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Favorites Florida Marlins’

Man, my team has been making headlines of late – and very little of it is good.

So, I wanted to flip the script a bit and think of my ‘fish’ in a more positive light.

And what better way to do that than to present to you my ‘Top Ten Favorite Florida Marlins’.

And while some of these players may not have reached the peak of their career while suited up for my ‘home team’, they certainly did make me smile while playing in Miami.

Here we go:

Honorable Mention:  Hanley Ramirez, Benito Santiago, Devon White, Gary Sheffield, Bobby Bonilla, Ivan Rodriguez, Livan Hernandez, Charles Johnson, Al Leiter, Miguel Cabrera, Cameron Maybin, Juan Pierre, Dontrelle Willis, Tim Raines, and Craig Counsell.

10 – Andre Dawson.  Come on, you know that he was going to be on the list…

9 – Logan Morrison / Chris Coghlan / Mike Stanton / Gaby Sanchez – Neither of these guys has done quite enough yet to earn a spot to themselves, but between the four of them I think our core of offense looks great for the future.  I could very easily picture each of these guys occupying a spot for themselves a few years from now…

8 – Luis Castillo.  A very solid defender who put up solid batting averages, on-base percentages, and stolen base numbers on a consistent basis.

7 – Jeff Conine – ‘Mr. Marlin’.  He is probably the team’s most recognized player of all-time, and he is worthy of the title.

6 – Dan Uggla.  I loved watching this guy club homer after homer into the empty outfield seats in Miami.

5 – Josh Johnson.  He will go down as the team’s greatest pitcher to date.  Now, JJ just needs to focus on maintaining his health.  When he is on, he is a Cy Young candidate with very few equals.

4 – Edgar Renteria.  This guy delivered offense at the best times, when they were needed the most.  Very soft-spoken and generally hiding from any form of spotlight, Edgar let his game do the talking.  It it spoke volumes!!

3 – Josh Beckett.  We got to see Josh when he was green.  But even back then, he showed us flashes of his great command and powerful stuff.  No player can single-handidly win you a championship, but Josh certainly played a big part of our 2003 title.


2 – Cody Ross.  Nothing but smiles from and for Cody.  A truly class act with a a respect for the game that is obvious with each act he completes on the field.  Probably one of the most popular Marlins players of all-time.

1 – Mike Lowell.  There was very little that Lowell couldn’t do.  He was a solid teammate, a vocal leader, and he backed up his words with great offense and supreme defense.  You cannot help but cheer for a player that has been through what he has been through – A class act all of the way!!!

And there you have it, my ‘Top Ten Favorite Florida Marlins’.

Did I miss anyone???  Let me know.

And week, I have a great idea… Think Long-Ball…  Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!!!

After Sitting Atop The Fantasy Baseball Leaderboard For Two Months, My Team Takes A Tumble…

After Sitting Atop The Fantasy Baseball Leaderboard For Two Months, My Team Takes A Tumble…

It’s very hard to maintain the top spot in any fantasy league during the course of a full season.  I know that; I understand it; and I have been there before.

But this year, I came out smoking!!  Holding a steady 15pt. lead for most of the first two months of the season, my numbers have dropped back down into this atmosphere and I have fallen into second place.

Maybe I got too settled in.  Maybe I could have/should have made a few more roster moves to sure up a few weak spots in my roster.  Who knows?

But what I do know is that a few injuries to some of my ‘key’players has thrown me back into reality.  Between Josh Johnson and Howie Kendrick and Chipper Jones and Logan Morrison, my one-time superior team is now in a heated battle for first place.

Here is a look at the current standings in my league.

I’ll follow up with another post in a few weeks to hopefully show that I have climbed back onto the top of the mountain!!!

How Am I Going To Get Mike Stanton & Logan Morrison Into My Fantasy Lineups??

How Am I Going To Get Mike Stanton & Logan Morrison Into My Fantasy Lineups??

Well fantasy fans, I have quite the conundrum on my hands here…

My team is firmly set in first place in our league as you can see below.

So, as I sit with a nicely sized margin between myself and the team that I have in second place, my outfield is very, very packed.  In fact, it is so packed with talent that I have had to sit Mike Stanton and Logan Morrison, two of my favorite Marlins. 

Prior to this weekend, that was not a problem as Stanton was in a major slump and LoMO was on the disabled list.  But after a 3-game stint in Washington to play the Nationals both guys appear to be back – and now I am a bit lost as to how I should proceed.

Over the last three games Stanton has launched two home runs, scored three times, and driven in three runs.  During the same stretch, Morrison has collected 4 hits, including a home run.   And NONE of these stats have helped my squad.

Here is my outfield as it stands today:

And here are my utility players:

What am I going to do?  I feel the need to get these guys into my lineup on a regular basis, but I cannot see a reason to bench any of my regulars…

Come on fantasy geeks ( Yes, I am one too).  Help a brother out!!!

Dan Uggla & Cameron Maybin Collections Up For Grabs!!!

Dan Uggla & Cameron Maybin Collections Up For Grabs!!!

It’s time for me to trim my current collection down a bit as I make room for some new player collections that I am going to start working on.

And while neither of the lots I am offering up are very big, they are definitely very shiny as they both contains some high quality cardboard.

So, while I do plan on keeping tabs on both of these former Florida Marlins players as they suit up for new teams this season, I am ready to part with the cards that I own of them.

First up is Dan Uggla – 15 cards, a nice lot of multi-year issues.

Cameron Maybin – 7 cards, lots of early issues.

There it is – nothing too spectacular, but both lots would be nice additions to anyone’s collection that appreciates these two ball players.

Want the cards?  Just say so.  Leave me a comment and I will randomly select who gets them.  And shipping is on me!!