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So This Is How Cleveland Fans Really Feel About LeBron, Huh???

So This Is How Cleveland Fans Really Feel About LeBron, Huh???

The below video was taken a few weeks ago at an Indians game.  The fans in attendance were there hoping to see Alex Rodriguez hit home run #600 of his career. 

Instead, they got this guy wearing his brand new Miami Heat jersey to the game.  Oh, yeah, it was a LeBron James jersey to boot.  And they really let him and his girlfriend have it…

Come see:

Celebrity First Pitch – Shaquille O’Neal

I love Shaq!!!  He is a larger-than-life man with a personality to match!!!

This video is from a Cardinals game earlier in the week, and I have to say that it’s fun to watch Shaq and Albert Pujols genuinely enjoying this moment together.  Here we have the biggest star in baseball with the biggest star, literally and figuratively, the sporting world has ever seen.  And they’re having fun!!!

Instant Classic!!!