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30-YOC’s Opening Day Contest Winner Is…

30-YOC’s Opening Day Contest Winner Is…


On a night in which pitching ruled, and with a guess of 217 strikeouts, YOUNG BLEED was just 1 strikeout off the actual number of 218.   That’s some pretty solid guess work right there!!!

Congratulations to YOUNG BLEED!!!

Here is one more look at the prize:

2014 topps opening day

Thanks to everyone that played in my ‘5th Annual Opening Day Contest’.

The next contest is right around the corner!!!


“Opening Day Contest” – The Players & Their Picks!!!

“Opening Day Contest” – The Players & Their Picks!!!

Thanks to everyone that played – Now, let’s get down to business and ‘PLAY BALL’!!!!!

Here are the players and their picks for my ‘predict the total number of strikeouts’ from Opening Day contest.

Player # OF K’s
Irondequoit36 84
TJ 99
Daniel W 104
defgav 111
Ron 137
Q 141
Adam 144
Al K 150
Charley8 151
Mgrlvr 156
Tony L 158
Cub Den 165
Eric 170
Stealing Home 177
PATP 182
Matt 187
Greydreamland 188
Fuji 192
Petethan 200
Jeff 208
connorhoopman (OUT) 208
Young Bleed 217
Vic D 221
AGL 230
Lost Collector 240
Hackenbush 250
Tom S 260


And once again, a peek at the prize:

2014 topps opening day

The player that correctly predicts the number of strikeouts thrown on ‘Opening Day’, without going over, wins this lot of three 214 Topps ‘Opening Day’ packs.

Enjoy the games everyone.  The winner will be announced tomorrow!!!


Time To Play ’30-Year Old Cardboards’ 5th Annual ‘Opening Day Contest’!!!

Time To Play ’30-Year Old Cardboards’ 5th Annual ‘Opening Day Contest’!!!

As we all eagerly wait for the 2014 baseball season to begin, I want to start it off right.

And one way to accomplish that is to host a contest!!!  This is the fourth straight season in which I am hosting an ‘Opening Day Contest’.

Here is how it will work:

There are 13 games scheduled on Opening Day, Macrh 31.  You can review the schedule, and see the starting pitchers by clicking here.  To win this contest, you need to guess how many total strikeouts will be thrown in these 13 games.  To enter, simply leave a comment on this post with your pick.  Once a number is taken, it cannot be used again.  The person who gets the closest, without going over, to the actual number of strikeouts tossed wins!!!

Opening Days brings out the sport’s top pitchers.  From King Felix to Chris Sale to Jose Fernandez – there will be a ton of K’s.  So, do your homework and make your selections now!!!

The winner of my ‘Opening Day Contest’ will win this:


That’s right – 3 packs of 2014 Topps Opening Day baseball cards!!

Sound good??  Wanna play??

Then do your homework and make your picks.  All selections must be made by 8:00 PM EST on Sunday night.  I will post a list of the players and their picks on Monday morning.

Good luck everyone!!!

And The Winner Of The ‘Predict The All-Star Game MVP’ Contest Is…

And The Winner Of The ‘Predict The All-Star Game MVP’ Contest Is…

Q, aka Quentin!!!

Congratulations to Mariano Rivera and the American League on their 3-0 win in the All-Star Game.

And congratulations to reader ‘Q’ on his win for picking Rivera as the MVP of the game.

Here is one more look at the prize:

ASG MVP Contest

Thanks to all that played and the next contest at ’30-YOC’ is right around the corner.  Stay tuned!!!

Players & Picks For the All-Star MVP Contest!!!

Players & Picks For the All-Star MVP Contest!!!

Alright Guys, you’ve all made your selections. Now the only thing left to do is sit back and watch the greatest exhibition in sports tonight!

Here is a snapshot of the players in the contest and the All-Stars representing them:

Player Pick
shawn david wright
hackenbush miguel cabrera
the lost collector robinson cano
irondequoit36 chris davis
commishbob manny machado
swirly007 andrew mccutchen
victor dascanio pedro alvarez
jeff freddie freeman
jeff s bryce harper
jared willden david ortiz
mgrlvr brandon phillips
jeff buster posey
john deane adam jones
sanjosefuji yadier molina
connorhoopman adam jones (OUT)
stealing home carlos gonzalez
ag mike trout
pat weber prince fielder
ron churchwell joe mauer
brian c domonic brown
matt wilson allen craig
superduperman99 matt carpenter
daniel wilson paul goldschmidt
tom siegler michael cuddyer
gerad carlos beltran
q mariano rivera
rich justin verlander

Enjoy the game everyone – I will have a post announcing the winner of the contest tomorrow morning!!!

And don’t forget that this is the prize you’re all fighting for:

ASG MVP Contest

See you tomorrow.

Contest Time: Predict The 2013 All-Star Game MVP And WIN, WIN, WIN!!!!

Contest Time: Predict The 2013 All-Star Game MVP And WIN, WIN, WIN!!!!

The name of this contest says it all!!!
For this contest, I will be asking the readers to choose a player slated to play in Tuesday’s All-Star game that they feel will win the game’s Most Valuable Player award. It’s really just that simple.

The rules are easy. Each reader gets to select one player on either the American League roster to National League roster. Once a player has been selected they cannot be chosen again. I will close the selections at 10:00PM on Monday night so I can publish a final list of the readers participating in this contest and the player they’re pulling for prior to the start of the game Tuesday evening.

Sound like fun? Then get going and pick your guy. All you have to do is review the rosters and submit the name of the player you are picking into the comments section of this post.

That’s it – I told you it would be easy!!!

And the winner of this contest will get this:

ASG MVP Contest

Oh yeah, Baby!!! A 60-card lot of 2013 Topps Series 1 & 2 featuring both current and former All-Stars from both leagues!!!

Sound like a good prize to you??? I hope so!!!

So get going. Make your pick and leave it in the comments section of this post.

From there, all you have to do is and sit back and enjoy the 2013 All-Star game!!!

Thanks for playing.

Time To Unveil The ‘HR Derby’ Winner!!!

Time To Unveil The ‘HR Derby’ Winner!!!

And the winner of my ‘HR Derby’ contest is – JEFF B!!!

With 25 Home Runs selected, JEFF B came the closest to the total number of home runs hit in the majors on Wednesday which was 26.

Congratulations, JEFF B!!! I will send you an email so I can get your address so I can mail out your cards.

Here is a look at how the scoring broke down:

Game HR Tally

And here is a peek out how the players did compared to the final tally:

# Of HRs
justin 12
pat weber 14
matt w 16
q 23
jeff b 25
jared willden 27
john h 27 (out)
madding 28
ethan p 29
ag 30
sanjosefuji 31
rob 32
irondequoit36 33
superduperman99 34
john (cards) 35
tom s 36
victor 43


And one last look at the prize:

2013 Heritage Lot

Big thanks to everyone that participated in this contest. The next one is just around the corner… Stay tuned.