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Did You Know…

On August 25, 2011, the New York Yankees became the first team in major league history to have three players hit Grand Slams in the same game.  Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, and Russell Martin all hit Grand Slams against the Oakland A’s.

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Baseball Card Show Purchase #9 – Lot Of Four 2012 Topps Archives Cloth Stickers – Granderson, Hamilton, Verlander, Ellsbury

Baseball Card Show Purchase #9 – Lot Of Four 2012 Topps Archives Cloth Stickers – Granderson, Hamilton, Verlander, Ellsbury

Of the three new subsets that I am working to put together, the 2012 Topps Archives Cloth Stickers set boasts the biggest checklist.

So, it was nice to find four cards for that set that I needed.

I was able to score the cards of Curtis Granderson, Jacoby Ellsbury, Josh Hamilton, and Justin Verlander.

Have a look:


I paid fifty cents per card for these, but I have to say that I am very happy to have been able to knock out such a large percentage of my ‘Needs’ list with one purchase.

These stickers look great, and I cannot wait to see the full set completed!  Fingers crossed!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #5 – Curtis Granderson 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Moonshots’

Baseball Card Show Purchase #5 – Curtis Granderson 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Moonshots’

While tearing through the bargain bins at the card show, I tried to chip away at the missing cards from the new subsets that I am collecting.

I was only able to find one card from the 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Moonshots’ set.

Thankfully, for me, it was one I needed – Curtis Granderson!!!


’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Surprises From The 2011 Baseball Season’

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Surprises From The 2011 Baseball Season’

Man, oh man – what a season it was!!!

Just days removed from the end of the 2011 major league baseball season and just days into the start of the playoffs, I am still very excited by all of the great action and performances we got to witness during the year.

So, here are my ‘Top Ten Surprises From The 2011 Baseball Season’:

Honorable Mention – Derek Jeter’s re-emergence as a star, Cliff Lee’s dominance, Ivan Nova’s success, Ryan Vogelsong’s future, Justin Masterson’s maturity, Eric Hosmer’s power, and Matt Morse’s play.

10 – Lance Berkman’s climb back to dominance and defensive presence after moving back to the outfield after many years as a first baseman.

9 – Roy Halladay’s ability to convert on a sacrifice.  In just his second season in the National League, Halladay converted 16 sacrifices, up from 2 in 2010.

8 – Ryan Braun’s chase for the batting title.  We all know that he is a superstar, and an all-around offensive weapon.  His .332 average is twenty points above his average – and his power numbers did not suffer one bit!!

7 – Matt Kemp’s emergence as a 5-tool player.  Kemp was the only real threat for the Triple Crown in 2011.  And when mixed with his success on the base paths and in the field, Kemp is building a solid career for himself.

6 – Victor Martinez’s ability to dominate.  On a roster full of young and incredible talent, it was V-Mart that rose to the occasion more often than his teammates.  With .330/12/103 on stat sheet, Martinez was the fuel to Detroit’s engine.

5 – Ian Kennedy’s 21-4 record.  Winning 84% of his starts, Kennedy makes a strong case for the Cy Young Award.  His 3.6:1 strikeout to walk ratio is unreal for a 26-year old in just his 2nd full season.

4 – Craig Kimbrel’s 46 saves – a rookie record.  Kimbrel was unreal for the Braves – and his 127 strikeouts in 77 innings pitched is the perfect recipe for a great closer.

3 – Dan Uggla’s 33-game hit streak.  It’s very rare that a slugger has the patience to put together a hit streak of this kind.  And while this was considered a ‘down’ year for Uggla as it relates to total hits and batting average, his 33-game hit streak was the league’s best of 2011.

2 – Curtis Granderson’s ability to compile stats like the big-boys.  We’ve all known that Granderson was a highly skilled player – but to do what he did in one season is remarkable.  1st in runs scored, 1st in RBI, 2nd in home runs, and 2nd in triples makes a strong argument for the AL MVP.

1 – James Shield’s 11 complete games.  Shields threw more complete games than 26 major league clubs – SERIOUSLY!!!  The last time a starting pitcher recorded double-digit complete games in one season?  1999.

And there you have it – my ‘Top Ten Surprises From The 2011 Baseball Season’.

Did I miss anything?  Let me hear it!!

And next week, we’ll take a look at my ‘Top Ten Disappointments From The 2011 Baseball Season’.

Thanks for reading!!

Who Would Have Thought That A 180-Pound Outfielder Would Be Leading The AL In RBI???

Who Would Have Thought That A 180-Pound Outfielder Would Be Leading The AL In RBI???

Not me!

And for as much as I have always admired Curtis Granderson’s 5-tool abilities, I did not expect him to climb to the leaderboard of this category.

The RBI leader of a team is usually a spot reserved for the 3,4, or 5 hitter – Granderson rarely finds himself in that category – which in my eyes makes his feat even more impressive.

As of today, Curtis has 93 RBI, leading the way in the American League.

Atta Boy Curtis, keep up the great work!!!

Can you say MVP??  I can!!!

Can Curtis Granderson Continue To Lead The League In Home Runs???

Can Curtis Granderson Continue To Lead The League In Home Runs???

I like lead-off guys.  And I really like lead-off guys that can deliver a little pop while at the plate.

But I have to admit that I am amazed that more than thirty games into the 2011 baseball season, Yankees’ outfielder Curtis Granderson is leading the league in home runs.

Granderson has pop – we all know that.  But the fact that his name rests atop the league’s leader board is unreal.  Hell, he should sit somewhere between 4th and 6th place on his own team…

My hat is off to you Curtis – Keep it up!!!

But how long can this really last???

Yankees & Red Sox Tonight!!! FINALLY!!!

Yankees & Red Sox Tonight!!!  FINALLY!!!

While ‘Opening Day’ isn’t officially until tomorrow, major league baseball has been kind enough to bless us with a game tonight.

And what better way to start the 2010 baseball season by lighting a match with the fiercest rivalry in all of professional sports – The New York Yankees and The Boston Red Sox.

The Yankees take the field to defend their 2009 World Series title.  And the Sox are aiming to extinguish the Yankees’ celebration and start the 2010 season with a win over the defending champs.  I just question why the schedule makers didn’t put the first game of the 2010 baseball season at Yankee Stadium so the world could tune in to watch the champs get their rings…

These two teams sport some of the most talented and highest paid players in the game on their rosters and I could not select a better match-up to get the world ready for the start of the regular season.  I’ll be watching!!!  Will you??