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Did You Know…

During the 2000 season, Dave Martinex achieved the unique feat of hitting a triple for four different teams in the same season.  He tripled twice for Tampa, and once each for the Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers, and Toronto Blue Jays.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big Legaue Trivia’

15 TTM Autograph Attempts Are Out In The Mail…

Now that my Spring Training attempts at TTM are over, I wanted to jump right into the regular season.  I probably won’t send out a lot to active players but there are a ton of veterans still hanging out around the league disguised as coaches, announcers, and managers.  You better believe I am going to go after them with some gusto.  I’ve also got a nice stack of former Cubs that I want to try to get autographs from as well.

So here is my first attempt for some ‘regular season’ autographs.

The guys – Tom Browning, Damon Berryhill, Scott Sanderson, Ken Holtzman, Don Zimmer, Greg Gagne, Dan Gladden, Doug Dascenzo, Cris Carpenter, Terry Steinbach, Billy Hatcher, Jim Presley, Tommy Hutton, Cookie Rojas, and Dave Martinez.

As always, I will be sure to post my successes with you as they roll in.  And pics too of course!!! 



Ripping Open A Pack Of 1990 Fleer – Pack #1

I received 4 packs of 1990 Fleer in the contest I won on the Autographed Cards blog.

Here are the results from Pack #1

Mike Pagliarulo, Mark Gubicza, Dave Martinez, Geno Petralli, Jose Gonzalez, Kelly Mann/Dave Hansen, Bruce Hurst, Frank Tanana, Dean Wilkins, Al Newman, Dante Bichette, Ted Higuera, Greg Maddux, Dan Gladden, R,J, Reynolds, and Pat Borders.

Of these cards, the Maddux cards is the gem!!!