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PACK BREAK: 3 Packs Of 2014 Topps Opening Day

PACK BREAK: 3 Packs Of 2014 Topps Opening Day

Finally, after going to three different retail locations in the last 24 hours, I have been able to find the Topps 2014 Opening Day product.

Target had six packs left.  Yep, six.  So, I snagged them all.  I figured that for the effort I put in, I deserved all of them.

But, in actuality, I am only keeping three for myself and will be using the other three for an ‘Opening Day Contest’ prize that is set to launch on Thursday night.

So, three for me, and possibly three for you!

And now, let’s get on with in and let me show you the 21 cards that I pulled from the three packs.

Pack #1 – I got a nice Jake Marisnick rookie card, a Kevin Gausman Future Stars card, and a sweet mascot card.


Pack #2 – Not bad, a Tulo 3D card and a Blue-bordered card of Jordan Zimmerman


Pack #3 – Easily the most star-studded pack!  I pulled Puig, Kemp, Cano, Ryan Zimmerman, and the Giancarlo Stanton 3D card!!


Now a bad haul.  And with the price tag of just $0.99 per pack, I am digging it.

I have some work ahead of me to get the rest of the Marlins players in the set, but it is a challenge that I gladly accept.

And don’t forget, the remaining three packs can you be yours if you enter my ‘Opening Day Contest’.  Come back on Thursday to check it out!!!

Thanks for reading.