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Bruce Jenner Autograph Through The Mail Success

Bruce Jenner sent these great autographs back to me in just 22 days…  Well, they’re kind of great.  You see, when I send out cards in the mail requesting autographs, I put each card in a penny sleeve to protect the corners.  And although all 8 corners on these 2 cards are in perfect condition, it appears as if Jenner threw these cards back into the envelope a little too quickly which caused one to smudge pretty badly….


See what I mean???  The autographs look incredible, and I love the style and design of the cards but I cannot help but feel a little twisted on what to do next with these….  You see, I intended and still intend to give these cards to my sons when they can appreciate them and the athlete that Bruce Jenner was during his Olympic career.  I may have to try to find another one and re-send him a card.  As a dad, it would be impossible for me to hand the smudged card to one of my boys while giving my other son the perfect one.

Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – Bruce Jenner

I admit it proudly – I am an old-school guy.  I was one of the few people that I know that really enjoyed watching this past summer’s Olympic games.  I like the whole show that is put on.  I like the medal ceremonies.  And of course I love the talent that the United States brings to the table in so many various sports!!

When I think about the greatest Olympians of the US’ history, Bruce Jenner is right there at the top of the list!!!  I grabbed these 2 cards for the combined price of $0.25 and and hopefull that Mr. Jenner will sign these for me.