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Rent This Movie: Bigger, Faster, Stronger.

I watched this movie last night and with all of the recent and non-stop talk about steroids in sports and specifically in baseball, I thouhgt I would put this out there as a recommendation for you to watch.

This film is a documentary about 3 brothers that grew up in an age when being the best meant being bigger, faster, and stronger than the competition.  Like many of us, these 3 guys idolized the same sports heroes that we did in our youth – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jose Canseco, Hulk Hogan, and others.  Yet 2 of these 3 brothers were unable to accomplish what they wanted in the gym or on the playing field so they turned to steroids as a means to get bigger, faster, and stronger.

Some of the more interesting parts of the film entail dealing with the parents of these 3 guys as the father certainly has an inkling of what they’re doing while the mom doesn’t.  Also, one of the guys is a high school football coach and family man and it’s very interesting to see how his students and especially his wife feel about the choices he’s made.  And this film also provides quite a bit of humor as the narrator and star of the film, Christopher Bell, interviews people all across America about the use of illegal steroids and the effect they are having on people of all ages.

I don’t want to provide all of the details of the film, just a summary and a recommendation to check it out if it sounds entertaining to you.  It should be noted that since the release of this documentary one of the brothers, Mike Bell, passed away at the age of 37 quite possibly due to the effects that steroids had on his body. 

Check out the trailer:

Rent This Movie!!! Trust Me…

I am a bit of a NetFlix addict.  I have always been a big movie buff and enjoy all kinds of themes.  Having a 2-year old son, dealing with inflating movie ticket prices, and owning a pretty sweet projection screen TV are all reasons that I would rather watch a movie on a comfortable couch at home versus a cramped theater.

Anyway, last night I watched the movie ‘This Old Cub’.  This film is a documentary about Ron Santo and his dealings with juvenile diabetes both as a player and after retiring from the game.  The story is particularly entertaining because his son is the director so the footage you get and emotion involved would probably not be granted to any other film maker.  Watching this former baseball superstar go through the pain of everyday life as this disease takes control of his body is not easy to watch when they continually flash back to happy times when Santo had the key to the city of Chicago. 

1 thing you never see during this film is regret from Ron Santo.  He lived a hell of a life and had the opportunity to play the game of baseball professionally; a dream that so many of us shared.  The inside look at his life and how deals with everyday living today completes the circle of this film.

Cub's superstar Ron Santo