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Bo Jackson 1990 Score ‘Young Superstars’

Bo Jackson 1990 Score ‘Young Superstars’

Bo Jackson definitely belonged in the group tagged as ‘Young Superstars’ during the early years of his career in the majors.

And while he may not have had the true baseball gifts of a Barry Bonds or Barry Larkin, he was without a doubt the best athlete of the bunch.

But being a super athlete does not always guarantee baseball success – but Bo certainly had the foundation of speed, power, hand/eye coordination, and desire to give it a shot!!!

And I have to say, he built a pretty solid legacy as a result!!!

Bo Jackson 1991 Score – TRIFECTA!!!

Bo Jackson 1991 Score – TRIFECTA!!!

Call it a ‘Hat Trick’ or  a ‘Field Goal’ or a ‘Three-Bagger’ – whatever you want to call it, here are three fantastic baseball cards from the 1991 Score baseball card set that feature All-Star, Bo Jackson.

From left to right, you have Bo’s base card, his ‘Bo Breaker’ card featuring a photo of him breaking a bat over his knee after an assumed strikeout, and his ‘Master Blaster’ card that featured the greatest sluggers of the era.

Of them, my favorite happens to be the base card.  For me, Bo got too much attention when busting bats over his knee and helmet.  Even as a young guy, I wondered why he got so much attention for simply being frustrated from another strikeout…

Bo Jackson 1989 Donruss Baseball’s Best

Bo Jackson 1989 Donruss Baseball’s Best

While in his prime, Bo Jackson had one of the most powerful swings in the sport of baseball.

From a high and might front-leg kick to his lightning quick wrists – Bo could turn on a pitch as fast as any slugger in the game.  During that same time period, we saw some pretty string swings from guys like Jose Canseco, Eric Davis, George Bell, and Andre Dawson.  Bo could stand toe-to-toe with these guys when he was grooving.

Unfortunately, that kind of power tends to be geared towards fastball hitting only.  And as soon as pitchers figured out that Bo was not able to handle the off-speed stuff as well as the fastballs, they took control.

Bo Jackson struck out 872 times during his 8 years in the major leagues.  His highest tall came in 1989 when he K’ed a league leading 172 times…

Baseball’s Best?  Maybe, maybe not…

Bo Jackson 1991 Topps Stadium Club

Bo Jackson 1991 Topps Stadium Club

Bo Jackson was not the most gifted defensive outfielder in the sport.  But what Bo did have was insane speed.  And that speed allowed him to quickly correct mistakes in the field giving him chance to make plays that most others could not.

While known more for what he did at the plate and on the base paths, Bo did make some remarkable plays in the outfield – and most of them were due to his amazing athletic ability.

The 1991 Topps Stadium Club captures that pretty well…

Have a peek:

Bo Jackson 1989 Donruss

Bo Jackson 1989 Donruss

It’s a shame that this photo was so closely cropped when finalized.  I’d love to see more of the action as Bo Jackson appears to be squaring around for a bunt.

Show me the full player.  Show me the catcher.  And show me the ball if you can too…

Bo Jackson 1990 Score Superstar

Bo Jackson 1990 Score Superstar

What an atrocious photo.  I would expect more from a limited set titled ‘SuperStar’.

Moving on…

Bo Jackson 1989 Topps Team Leaders

Bo Jackson 1989 Topps Team Leaders

Bo Jackson was hardly the team leader of the Kansas City Royals.  That title was appointed to George Brett, and rightfully so.

But, Bo Jackson was as big of a draw both at the ballpark and at the baseball card store so it makes a lot of sense for Topps to tag Bo with this label so they can add another card of him to their set.

Brilliant Topps, simply brilliant!!

Bo Jackson 1990 Donruss Baseball’s Best

Bo Jackson 1990 Donruss Baseball’s Best

The Blue that Donruss used on their 1990 Baseball’s Best set works very well with Bo’s uniform.

My question is this – Was Bo Jackson one of baseball’s best during the 1990 baseball season?

The answer is – As a fan favorite, absolutely.  As a player ranked amongst his peers, not so much.  Most of his numbers are quite pedestrian – .272 batting average, 110 hits, 15 steals.  But the one number that does stand out is his home run tally – 28!!!

28 of Bo’s 110 hits in 1990 landed beyond the outfield fence – good for a 25.4% clip.  I would have to think that this stat indeed made Bo one of baseball’s best sluggers in 1990!!!

Bo Jackson 1991 Upper Deck – Front & Back – Which Is Cooler??

Bo Jackson 1991 Upper Deck – Front & Back

For some strange reason over the last few weeks I have seen some stellar baseball card backs.  And I am not seeking them out either…

Way back in 1989, when Upper Deck debuted, they introduced us to a new era in sports photography on baseball cards.  And they also gave us two for the price of one – an image on the front of the card, and one on the back as well.

But for some strange reason, they sometimes put the better photo on the back.

Come take a look…



Now come on, how many times do you see an All-Star talent that is supposed to be shagging fly balls practicing his pitching motion?  Counting this card…  ONE TIME!!!

Love it!!

Bo Jackson 1991 Topps

Bo Jackson 1991 Topps

Here comes Bo!!!  And if I was the third baseman of the opposing team, I would look out!!!

This guy was known for knocking football’s greatest defenders on their butts time after time.

Imagine the kind of damage he could do without pads or obstruction…

No Thanks!!!