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Doug Dascenzo Autograph TTM Success!!!

You may not know Doug Dascenzo.  But if you are a Cubs fan,  you definitely know him!!!   It took Doug 122 days to return these two cards back to me but for a guy like him I consider it to be worth the wait.

Let me try to paint a picture for those of you who don’t remember Dascenzo as a major league player.  Doug is Lenny Dykstra without the personality.  He is Steve Tasker of the Buffalo Bills.  Doug is the guy diving after each and every loose ball.  He’s the one that would put his body on the line for each play of the game as if that was going to be the play to decide who wins and who goes home a loser.  Doug was the ‘dirty’ guy; his uniform was clean only when it was first put on.

Doug Dascenzo’s numbers are not worth mentioning.  He was not a stellar player, and he will not be tagged as one of the greatest Cubs players of all-time.  But if you ask anyone that cheered for the Cubs during the late 1980’s and into the 1990’s about him I guarantee a smile will cross their face.  Doug Dascenzo was a hard working player that played the game with joy and energy.

I am thrilled to add these autographs to my collection!!  Thank you Mr. Dascenzo!!!

Dascenzo TTM

15 TTM Autograph Attempts Are Out In The Mail…

Now that my Spring Training attempts at TTM are over, I wanted to jump right into the regular season.  I probably won’t send out a lot to active players but there are a ton of veterans still hanging out around the league disguised as coaches, announcers, and managers.  You better believe I am going to go after them with some gusto.  I’ve also got a nice stack of former Cubs that I want to try to get autographs from as well.

So here is my first attempt for some ‘regular season’ autographs.

The guys – Tom Browning, Damon Berryhill, Scott Sanderson, Ken Holtzman, Don Zimmer, Greg Gagne, Dan Gladden, Doug Dascenzo, Cris Carpenter, Terry Steinbach, Billy Hatcher, Jim Presley, Tommy Hutton, Cookie Rojas, and Dave Martinez.

As always, I will be sure to post my successes with you as they roll in.  And pics too of course!!!