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SportLots.com Has Been Very, Very Good To Me!!!!

Being a player collector is hard work.  Being a player collector of players that are no longer active may be ever harder.

Luckily, I enjoy the challenge!!!

When it comes to obtaining cards for my player collections, I have been able to secure cards in a vast number of ways.  Trades, baseball card shows, baseball card stores, and through Ebay auctions have been tools I have used to build my collections.

But the #1 way I have been able to build these up is through www.sportlots.com.  This website has offered me a very affordable, organized, and easy way to find the cards I crave.  While Ebay may be fancier with its hi-res images and powerful buying tools, I find most of the singles on Ebay to be over-priced.  Sportlots.com offers a different and somewhat tougher shopping experience but the result is saving quite a bit of money while also finding cards in a more organized manner.

Here is my latest purchase from 3 different sellers on the site.


In this stack of 51 cards, I have been able to take some big bites into my current player collections.  We have Eddies, Darryls, Palmers, Madduxs, and of course Dawsons!!

As a result of this purchase, I’ve got a bit of organizing to do as well as some player checklists to update.

If you haven’t checked out their site, I suggest logging onto www.sportlots.com to see the shopping experience that they offer.  It’s not for everyone, but it certainly works for this player collector!!!

**Hat-tip tp Brad from Rickey Henderson Collectibles for advising me to check out this site as I was building my now completed Rickey Henderson collection.  Thanks Brad!!!

Man, Those Ebay Sellers Are A Crafty Bunch!!!

Typically when a player reaches a historic milestone in sports, you can see a significant increase in the eBay auctions for items of that person. I thought it would be interesting to track how Randy Johnson’s 300th win has increased his auction counts over the last few days since his 300th career victory.

I saved the term ‘Randy Johnson 300’ as a favorite in my eBay account, and tracked how many overall auction listings contained these 3 keywords.  On Thursday, there were 53.  Friday led to 92.  Saturday was 118.  And today there are 134 auctions with that phrase in the title.

What’s interesting and crafty about this, is that the auctions have very little to do with ‘The Big Unit’s’ 300th win.  The sellers are just trying to jump on to any momentum his victory gives to their auctions for non-related 300 win stuff.  A majority of what is out there are just random auctions for cards, figurines, shirts, jerseys, and baseball memorabilia.  On Friday a few tickets, both used and unused, from the 300th win game popped up.  And by Saturday more tickets and a few newspapers from the San Francisco area found their way too.  Still though, the majority of the stuff tagged with ‘300’ are just the same old auctions that sellers have been re-listing for months now.

I would be very interested to know if the number of actual bids increased for these non-‘300’ win items since Thursday’s historic game…


Attention Player Collectors, This One’s For You!!!

I patrol eBay quite a bit.  If I had my way, I would spend quite a bit too.  I guess both good and bad things come from being a ‘disciplined’ collector.  It’s very rare that I will buy a single card due to the inflated ‘Buy It Now’ pricing and ridicolous shipping fees people will ask for just to ship 1 baseball card.  Instead I focus on sellers that offer value, whether it is combined shipping discounts or large lots of the cards I like.

If you’re a player collector, like me, you’re going to want to check out this ebay store – dan-o-78.  Although not for everyone, this seller has some very large lots of the players we love.  Guys from the 1980’s and 90’s that dominated the game.  And although the prices for these lots have high starting prices, the breakdown of these lots is just a penny or two per card.

Do you need 700 Roger Clemens cards – if so click here.  Is Tom Glavine your favorite pitcher?  If so, you’re going to love this.  If the Twins are  your favorite team, you’re in luck as he has a great Kirby Puckett lot for sale as well a smaller one of Rod Carew too.  Do you only collect Hall of Fame players?  Why not grab Brooks Robinson, Steve Carlton, Jim Palmer, or Tom Seaver and stock up on these baseball legends at very affordable prices?

In my opinion, eBay lots are the way to go for the player collector and I think that these are some of the best deals I have seen in quite some time.  There are a few lots I have my eyes on, and if times were different and money was no issue, I would be submitting bids on quite a few of these great lots!!!

Happy Shopping!!!

I Really, Really Want to Bid On This!!!!

I don’t know what to do.  With one click of my mouse I could increase the size of my Andre Dawson collection with a single purchase.  I have been waiting for an auction like this to come along for quite some time and now I don’t know if I should act on it or hold off.

What a predicament I’m in, huh????



I would never suggest that the powerful Ebay has been challenged by another marketplace e-commerce website, but www.checkoutmycards.com offers a pretty unique shopping experience for the baseball card hobbyist.   The gimmick is that they house all of the cards in their facility so when shipped they all come from the same place, causing the consumer to save quite a bit on shipping costs.

I found this website while surfing ‘the blogs’ one day.  I believe it was Matt from Heart Breaking Cards Of Staggering Geniuswho first introduced me to the site while doing a video break of his 1st purchase with them.  Quickly after watching the video, I jumped over to their site and found it to be pretty easy to navigate.  The big bonus in my opinion is that the image you are seeing is the card you are buying.  No stock images, no stealing pictures from another seller.  What you see is what you get….

So I made my first purchase.  I bought 22 cards from 7 different sellers.  If I had done this on Ebay, the shipping and handling fees would have combined to be $25 or more.   But, with this new site, I paid a little more than $8 which is not bad at all.

You will be seeing quite a few posts in the coming days as I highlight my purchases from this site.  There will be plenty of Andre Dawson and Dave Winfield posts as well as a few surprises too…

Stay tuned.  And check out www.checkoutmycards.com for yourself!!!!

Baseball Card Show Review

As many of you know, I attended my first baseball card show in over 15 years.  Having little expectations about what I was going to find, I was very eager to get there to see how this kind of event has changed along with the hobby.

The show was being held at the local(40 minutes from my house) Jai-Alai stadium.  As I approached the room that the show was going to be in, I quickly noticed differences from the shows I used to attend and this one.  Gone were the long lines of people waiting to get in, gone were the kids ripping open pack after pack of the cards they just bought, and gone were the extra family members just hanging around while their brother, father, or sisters were inside looking at the cards.

The show had 13 dealers and I quickly walked through to check out which tables I would want to visit again and which I would bypass.  Of the 13, 10 had enough cases of cards to draw my eyes while the other 3 were geared more towards oddball memorabilia and figurines.

As I started to get more into the actual display cases, the number of game used and autograph cards was pretty overwhelming.  If you are searching for some of these modern day issues, you could spend a few hours going through the vast assortments that I witnessed.  I asked around for Dawson, Billy Williams, and Fergie Jenkins but nobody had any.

Luckily I found 2 dealers that primarily dealt in older cards.  1 dealer had at least 5-6 tables and was extremely organized.  The other guy’s selection and layout looked kind of dirty.  I quickly looked at what he had, but I was not feeling too comfortable with the condition of his stuff so I stayed with the ‘6-table guy’.  I found quite a bit that I liked, but nothing was priced.  When inquiring about a few cards, he jumped right into his Beckett and started quoting prices.  I was not happy with this and did not want to pay full Beckett price for anything so I just grabbed the 1 card that had been escaping me for a while and moved on.

Of everything I saw, the most attractive offers for my liking were the large 3200 count boxes of cards with signs that read ‘5 for $1.00′ or ’25 cents each’.  I was able to pick up a few cards that will be added to my player collections so that was a nice ‘find’.

All in all, the show was decent.  I would not rush back to see 1 specific dealer again but wouldn’t object to going next month either.  I had my son with me and if any of you have a 2-year old, you know that their attention span is very short so he didn’t really allow me to dig in too deep when I found some boxes that struck my interest.

The good news is that on the way out I saw a flyer for another show in Boca Raton in October.  It’s nice to see that I have another option out there and I will certainly make efforts to get out there next month.

I am going to scan everything I bought tonight and should be able to share it with you all tomorrow and in the coming days!!

So until the next show approaches, I’m heading back to Ebay!!

Billy Williams Collection +1

Last night I bought this really sweet 1974 Topps Cubs team card.  This takes my Billy Williams collection now to 13 cards.  For me this was a great ‘find’ as the card is not listed in the price guide.  I found it accidentally and will definitely add ‘team card’ to my growing list of search terms on Ebay.  I think that these types of cards look great and will only enhance my collection.

If anyone knows of a checklist type website out there that may provide all cards issued for specific players please pass it on as it would be a powerful tool to use for this type of collection.

1974 Topps Cubs team card

1974 Topps Cubs team card

How sweet is this card?  Billy is in row #2 in the first position.