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1968 Topps Game – Roberto Clemente

1968 Topps Game – Roberto Clemente

One of the most dynamic Latin baseball players of all-time, Roberto Clemente was a pioneer for putting Latino players on par with the rest of the baseball world.

And Clemente was the star of the show!!

A 12-time All-star boasting enviable offensive and defensive skills, there was nothing that Clemente could not do on a baseball diamond.  The owner of 3,000 career hits, 240 home runs, and 11 Gold Glove trophies, Clemente was one of the brightest stars in the National League for the better part of 18 years.

Clemente competed in two World Series championships, winning titles in both 1960 and 1971.  In ’71 he was the World Series MVP largely due to his .414 batting average, 2 home runs, and 4 RBI.

Progress: 22/33

1983 Topps Dave Winfield

1983 Topps Dave Winfield

I have been pretty open about my love for the 1983 Topps issue.  This set is by far my favorite issue from that decade.  The beautiful photography with the small cameo close-up really works well and Topps should be proud of their work on this product.

The Winfield card is no exception.  What I like most about this card is that you really get a sense as to how big Winfield is in this picture.  Way too often, I am seeing pictures of him with most of his body cut away or at the very least action shots that don’t include the full photo. 

This card is great, and Dave Winfield is great!!!