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Cody Ross Inks 1-Year Deal With The Boston Red Sox

Cody Ross Inks 1-Year Deal With The Boston Red Sox

SAN FRANCISCO (AP)—Cody Ross agreed to sign with the Boston Red Sox, giving them an experienced hitter with postseason success on his resume to help replace J.D. Drew in right field. Foxsports.com and ESPN.com reported the contract is for one year and $3 million. Ross told The Associated Press in a text message late Monday that the deal won’t be finalized until he takes a physical. The 31-year-old Ross batted .240 with 14 home runs and 52 RBIs for the San Francisco Giants last season while playing at least 22 games at every outfield position. Ross was the 2010 NL championship series MVP for the Giants and helped them win the World Series that year after they picked him up off waivers in August. He expressed his thanks on Twitter to San Francisco fans and wrote: “Looking fwd to meeting the (hash)redsoxnation fans!!” The right-handed hitting Ross and newly acquired Ryan Sweeney provide the Red Sox with a righty-lefty tandem to fill right field. Drew is a free agent after completing a $70 million five-year contract. He played only 81 games last year, batting .222 with four homers and 22 RBIs in an injury-plagued season. Ross and Sweeney also give Boston insurance in left field as Carl Crawford recovers from surgery on his left wrist. Crawford might not be ready for opening day. With the Red Sox, Ross would join a team in transition after manager Terry Francona was let go and replaced by Bobby Valentine. Boston went 7-20 in September last year, missing the playoffs with a record collapse. Now, Valentine’s roster is taking shape. Late last month, the Red Sox landed a new man for the back of the bullpen when they acquired All-Star closer Andrew Bailey and Sweeney from the Oakland Athletics for outfielder Josh Reddick, infield prospect Miles Head and minor league pitcher Raul Alcantara. Reddick spent much of last season filling in for Drew and occasionally Crawford. Bailey gives the Red Sox a reliable ninth-inning reliever to replace Jonathan Papelbon, who signed a $50 million, four-year contract as a free agent with the Philadelphia Phillies in November. Last January, Ross avoided salary arbitration and signed a $6.3 million, one-year contract with San Francisco. It was a hefty raise for the former kid rodeo clown, who earned $4.45 million in 2010 and joined the Giants on a waiver claim from Florida on Aug. 22 that year. Ross then became one of the Giants’ most reliable players—and a fan favorite—down the stretch and during an improbable title run. The franchise won its first championship since 1954 and first since moving West in 1958. He hit three of his five postseason home runs during the NLCS against Philadelphia, and the Giants won in six games against the favored Phillies as Ross received MVP honors. He drove in 10 runs during the 2010 postseason, two in San Francisco’s five-game World Series win over the Texas Rangers. But Ross—son of a team roper and steer wrestler—never found a steady groove in 2011 and the Giants failed to return to the playoffs.

A Handful Of Cody Ross Cards For My Little Guy!!!

A Handful Of Cody Ross Cards For My Little Guy!!!

Back in Aust of 2009, I took my family to an autograph appearance that featured one of my favorite Florida Marlins – Cody Ross.

With my wife, and two young sons in tow, we had a great time, got some great autographs, and saw the birth of my 2 1/2 year old son’s love for baseball form right before our eyes.  Cody was great with all of the fans that he encountered but the impact he had on my young son was remarkable.  I don’t know if it was the high-fives that they shared, or the autographs that we brought home, but that meeting has left Cody as his favorite baseball player.

When I talk Andre, he talks Cody!!

It was a baseball-filled weekend as I took him to his fist big league game the very next day.  The whole time we looked for and watched Cody both in the field and at the plate.  He has now been to 4 Marlins games, and each time he tunes in to see one specific player.

Now, 18 months later, the love that he has for Cody Ross has not faded one bit.  So I took that as a sign – a sign to start a collection of cards for him.

And here is the start:

Plenty more to come for this collection!!!

How am I going to explain the uniform change to a 4-year old???  Oh, man…

Who Is The Guy That Told You About Cody Ross? Oh Wait, That Was Me…

Who Is The Guy That Told You About Cody Ross?  Oh Wait, That Was Me…

I don’t often like to toot my own horn, but please allow me a moment to climb up onto my soap-box.

Cody Ross captured the hearts of many Marlins fans(oxy-moron?).  His style of play and extremely positive attitude quickly earned him the role of a fan-favorite in Miami.  When at bat, or after making a sensational play in the outfield, it was not rare to hear chants of “Cody, Cody, Cody” by the hundreds of fans in attendance.

Allow me to digress a little…

Again, it was ME that told you all about this wonderfully talented baseball player, and all-around nice guy:

I have said it before, and I will say it again – Cody Ross plays the sport the way that it is meant to be played.  His is a very hard worker, yet always keeps a large smile on his face.

The San Francisco Giants got a great deal when adding them to their roster a few months back, and to be honest my heart was a bit broken by his sudden departure from the Marlins.

Today, I cheer for Cody.  He is just another player that leaves my ‘home’ team.  And isn’t kind of odd that once a player leaves the Marlins, they go off to do some pretty incredible things(Juan Pierre, Josh Beckett, Miguel Cabrera, and now Cody).

I know one thing for sure, I will probably be tuned in to the Giants quite a bit more next season.

Congratulations on a fantastic season Cody.  Don’t forget about us in Florida!!!

So Happy For Cody Ross!!!

If you took a poll in my house, Cody Ross would be the favorite player. 

I know, I know, I am an Andre Dawson guy, tried and true, but my 4-year old loves Cody and my wife likes him as well.

We met Cody during the 2009 baseball season and he was so friendly and outgoing towards us.  And when we told him that my son’s very first Marlins’ basbeall game would be the next afternoon, he gave my son a huge ‘High Five’ and my little guy has been hooked on him since.

So now, when I am watching a game on TV, if it catches his attention he asks where Cody is.  He wants to see Cody.  He wants to ‘High Five’ Cody again.

As a matter of fact, in my son’s room on his corkboard are pictures of our family, his classmates, trips we have taken, and 1 autographed baseball card – of Cody Ross!!!

Cody – We are so thrilled to see how well you are playing and helping the Giants win in the playoffs.  And while I am not cheering for any specific team to walk away with the World Series championship this year, I am hoping that you reach that goal.

Best of luck Cody!!!  ‘High Five’!!!!

20 Questions With Cody Ross Of The Florida Marlins

You will recall that a few weeks ago I went to an autograph signing for Cody Ross of the Florida Marlins.  Cody has become a very popular player on the team, and I am sure that it is due to his on the field heroics and his obvious enjoyment of playing the game of baseball. 

In less than 2 weeks, Cody returned my interview request back to me and the result is very entertaining.


’20 Questions With Cody Ross’

30-Year Old Cardboard: Your first major league hit – what was the date and who was it against?

Cody  Ross: Bartolo Colon, July 2003


30-YOC: What coach in the major leagues has had the biggest impact on your career?

CR: Bo Porter


30-YOC: Your favorite ballpark in the majors is…

CR: Chase Field(AZ)

 chase field

30-YOC: Your least favorite ballpark to visit in the majors is…

CR: I like them all

30-YOC: In the bottom of the ninth, down by 1 run with 2 out, who do you not want to face on the pitching mound?

CR: Mariano Rivera


30-YOC: In the bottom of the ninth, down by 1 run with 2 out, who would you love to face on the pitching mound?

CR: n/a

30-YOC: What is the better feeling: A game winning home run or a run-saving catch?

CR: Game winning home run!!

cody 1

30-YOC: What is it like to see Andre Dawson walking around the stadium all of the time?

CR: surreal

dawson marlins

30-YOC: Name 1 player playing today that you would love to have as a teammate.


CR: Manny Ramirez


30-YOC: Name 1 player from the 1980’s you would love to have had as a teammate.

CR: Nolan Ryan

Ryan 85

30-YOC: Name 1 pitcher from the 1980’s you would love to take a few swings against.

CR: Nolan Ryan

Ryan 83

30-YOC: Your favorite teammate on the Marlins’ roster is?

CR: Uggla, Hermida

uggla hermida

30-YOC: The funniest guy in the Marlins’ locker room is…

CR: Andy Fox

andy fox

30-YOC: The guy most worthy of Hall of Fame induction that is not a member is…

CR: Andre Dawson / Pete Rose

dawson rose

30-YOC: Do you have memorabilia from your career?  If so, what is your favorite piece?

CR: I have a lot of personalized jersey from a lot of good players and Hall of Famers.

30-YOC: Who is the biggest celebrity you have met that is a Marlins fan?

CR: I’ve met a lot but probably the most well known is Regis Philbin.


30-YOC: If you’re on a 5-hour flight, what is the one album you can listen to for the whole trip?

CR: Coldplay or George Straight

george straight

30-YOC: If this movie is on TV, I am watching it…

CR: Goodwill Hunting

goodwill hunting

30-YOC: In ‘The Cody Ross Movie’, who would you want to play you?

CR:  Matthew McConaughey


 30-YOC: If you weren’t a professional baseball player, you would be a…

CR: Rodeo Clown

rodeo clown

And there you have it.  A ton of fun with Cody Ross!!!  He has been a huge spark for the Marlins team this year and is definitely a big reason as to why they have been so competitive all year long.

Thanks Cody!!!  Go Fish!!!

Results: Cody Ross Autograph Signing

What a great event!!  The crowd was well-managed.  The fans were friendly.  And most importantly, Cody Ross seemed happy to be there!!!

I am terrible at estimating the size of a crowd, but if I had to select a number I would guess that there were roughly 150 fans in attendance.  Cody arrived promptly at 11AM and the signing began.  I would guess that we were somewhere in the middle of the line and we arrived 20 prior to the 11AM start time.  We were allowed to enter the Dunkin’ Donuts store in small groups and Cody did a good job of keeping the line moving while also taking a few seconds to greet each person that he met.

When it was our turn, me, my wife, and our two sons entered the store and Cody greeted us with a warm smile.  I introduced him to the boys and my soon-to-be 3-year old gave him a ‘high-five’ and a ‘Hi Cody’.  I also gave him the package I prepared for him.  He signed a few cards for us and we were on our way.

The signing ended promptly at Noon, and with the ultimate show of class, Cody exited the store and immediately went to the line of people that did not make it inside and he signed and took pictures for all of them.  A true class act!!!!

Here are some pictures:




And now onto the autographs we picked up:

Cody Ross Autos

Sidenote – when I presented the cards I wanted Cody to sign he immediately said that the 2008 A&G was his favorite.  I’m glad that I threw a couple of those in the package for him…

Thanks again Cody!!  This was a great experience for the 3 of us!!!

Cody Ross Autograph Signing Tomorrow!!!

I’ve been preparing for this day for 2 weeks now.  Cody Ross, who is easily the most fun guy on the team to cheer for, is doing a public signing for free at a Dunkin’ Donuts around the corner from my house.  I’ve racked my brain and I believe that the last non-team event I went to like this was for Alonzo Mourning and Tim Hardaway back during their glory days with the Miami Heat.  So, yes it has been a while!!!

It will be a very busy day tomorrow.  First is the signing, followed by a birthday party for one of my son’s classmates.  Then it’s back to the house for a family party for my youngest son’s first birthday!!!  I guess my point is that it may take some time, but I will certainly do my best to get pictures from the signing on the site for you to enjoy.

On top of getting to meet Cody and get a few autographs and hopefully a picture of him with me and my boys, I have eluded to giving him some kind of gift.  Here is the scoop – I am dying to get an interview with Cody for this blog.  My exhausting attempts with the Marlins have been a wild goose chase which has led me nowhere.  The interview is all typed up and ready to go.  It’s in a ’20 Questions’ format and I have done my best to allow for short answers.  I don’t expect Cody to sit there and let me fire my questions away at him during the signing, so I have put together a little package for him.

The contents: 


 80% of the cards I have of Cody were not for me, but for him.  I know he has young children as well and they would probably get a kick out of seeing ‘Daddy’ on so many baseball cards at 1 time.


The interview along with a self-addressed-stamped-envelope so he can answer it at his leisure and return it to me easily. 


And all of this is now wrapped up and ready to hand over in a nice and neat package.

Hopefully this works out well.  I tried to make the interview a fun process for him and something that he would enjoy answering.

Stay tuned to ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ as I will be bringing you pictures from the Cody Ross autograph signing as well as an interview with the man himself(hopefully)!!!!

Ask And You Shall Receive!!!

Shocked.  Stunned.  I cannot believe the volume of cards that have come my way!!!

A little over a week ago I did not own a single card of Cody Ross.  Well, today that story is certainly in the past as I am the proud owner of 38 cards and I believe that there are more on the way too.


This is going to work out perfectly as I hope to grab a few autographs from Cody this weekend.  And I also have a little surprise in store for him and these cards will certainly aid my efforts.

Thanks to everyone for their ‘donations’.  I am extremely grateful!!!

Take Your Pick – Cody Ross or Alex Rodriguez???

I would never say or think that the careers of Cody Ross and Alex Rodriguez are comparable.  Cody Ross has finally found his groove in the majors but it took his fourth attempt with a big league club before he was able to latch on and become an everyday player.  On the other hand Alex Rodriguez has had an enviable career which has not been matched by many in baseball’s long history.

But for this one year, the 2009 baseball season, these guys have almost identical numbers.  So for this one season, who would you rather have on your roster?  The guy making $2.5 million dollars that smiles from ear-to-ear each and every time he runs onto the field?  Or the guy making over$25 million dollars who is clearly not himself this season, most likely due to his off-season hip surgery?

Let’s take a closer look at their 2009 stats. 


 A-Rod is batting .258 with a .387 on base percentage.  He has hit 20 home runs, driven in 62 runs, scored 49 runs, and collected 74 hits in 79 games. 


Cody Ross is hitting .260 with a .318 on base percentage.  He has hit 20 home runs, driven in 61 runs, scored 57 times, and has collected 101 hits in 106 games.

Pretty similar huh???  I know that A-Rod missed several weeks during the early part of the season.  And I know that it’s unfair to compare one player’s best season to another guy’s worst season.  But it’s fun too!!

On Saturday I found myself at an early dinner for my wife’s grandmother’s birthday.  The Yankees/Red Sox game was on and I was able to enjoy the first 5 innings.  A-Rod doesn’t look happy or healthy.  And even with his game-winning heroics from the night before fresh in my memory you would think that a player that carried his team to victory less than 24 hours prior would be a little more relaxed and happy to be at the ballpark.  On the flip-side, I also watched a ton of the 3-game set between the Phillies and Marlins too.  And I have to say that Cody Ross is pure joy to watch – I just wish he got more national attention.  In this 3-game series, Ross went 6-for-14 while collecting 2 home runs, 4 RBI, and scoring 3 times.

So I ask you.  For this 2009 baseball season, who would you rather have on your squad: Alex Rodriguez or Cody Ross??

Attn Readers: Donate Your Cody Ross Cards Here!!!

 Yes, I have broken down and am now accepting donations.

You may recall that 1 of my main objectives from the baseball card show that I attended this past weekend was to scoop up as many Cody Ross cards as I was able to find.  And I did just that.  I grabbed each and every one that I saw and when all was said and done I ended up with ZERO cards.

Cody will be doing an appearance around the corner from my house in less than two weeks.  I will be there and hope he will sign a few cards for me and my sons. 

That’s where you come in.  I want as many cards of him as I can get – The more the merrier!!!  So if you have any Cody Ross cards sitting around that you don’t need please send them on over.  And for each of you that helps me out, you will be rewarded.  🙂


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