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Help Support The Fergie Jenkins Foundation

Help Support The Fergie Jenkins Foundation

In an effort to raise funds for the various charities that they supports, the Fergie Jenkins Foundation will be holding monthly online auctions in which they will be auctioning off baseball memorabilia and autographed items as well as items from other sports.

June 2012 marks the first round of their auctions and you can bid on items like a Clayton Kershaw signed baseball, a Jim Rice signed photo, a Marcus Allen signed football, and a 1994 Rawlings World Series game ball.

All of these items, and more, can be found at http://www.fergiejenkins.ca/site/auction.

Go have a peek.  It is for a worthy cause.

I bet you’ll find something that catches your eye!!!

Mystery Box Headed To The Fergie Jenkins Foundation!!!

Mystery Box Headed To The Fergie Jenkins Foundation!!!

You may recall that I posted a note about an upcoming signing that the Fergie Jenkins Foundation is hosting in May.  If not, you can check out the details here.

Well, not only am I happy to promote anything that Fergie is involved with, but I am also wanting to participate.

So, on the way to work this morning I am dropping off this 10x6x6 cardboard box.

What are the contents???

You’re going to have to wait like everyone else to see – But I can promise you that I will show off the goods as soon as they get back home!!!

Thanks for reading.

The Hall Of Fame Class Of 1991 – As Told By Autographed Baseballs….

The Hall Of Fame Class Of 1991 – As Told By Autographed Baseballs….

Last night while watching the Marlins game and working on the blog, I quickly counted my autographed baseballs.  Standing proudly at 58 signed balls, I also counted 31 Hall of Famers.

And then I started to focus in on the HOFers a bit more…

And then I saw this…

The Hall of Fame Class of 1991!!!  Pretty sweet, huh???

I never looked at my balls, LOL, this way.  But it was kind of neat to see that I could make this claim.  Who knows, maybe I have a few HOF classes in my bunch.  I’ll have to check it out…

Thanks for reading!!!

Signing Results: Hall of Famer & Cy Young Award Winner, Mr. Fergie Jenkins

Signing Results:  Hall of Famer & Cy Young Award Winner, Mr. Fergie Jenkins

I had been wanting to hook up with the Fergie Jenkins foundation for a chance to add another signed piece by Fergies to my collection.

Well, I finally got of my butt and sent a ball in.

And in just a few short weeks, my baseball was returned to me – signed beautifully!!!

Check it out:

I already own a signed ball by Fergie with a Hall of Fame inscription so I wanted to honor his amazing season of 1971 in which he won the NL Cy Young award.

I think I did a great job in choosing this.  And now that I have added another ball to my signed collection of baseballs (this is number 54), I am ready to go after a few more Fergies!!

I have a few ideas but am also open to suggestions.  If you have any ideas, let me hear them!!

A special ‘Thank You’ goes out to the great people of the Fergie Jenkins Foundation that treated me and my baseball with priority and kindness!!  Thanks.