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Wade Boggs 2006 Upper Deck SP ‘Baseball Chronology’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Wade Boggs 2006 Upper Deck SP ‘Baseball Chronology’ Game-Used Jersey Card

I have a very small stack of relic cards from this set issued by Upper Deck in 2006.

And each one of them works!!!

While a little busy, none of the graphics over-power the card or the picture of the player being featured.  Personally, I really like the frame that surrounds the swatch of Boggs’ jersey too – I admit it is a little much, but it gives the relic a sense of royalty too!

Here is the card:

The card honors Boggs as being the first player to collect more than 200 hits and 100 walks in four consecutive seasons.

A fantastic addition to my Wade Boggs collection!!!

Wade Boggs 2010 Panini Century Collection ‘Blast From The Past’ Game Used Relic Card – FAIL!

Wade Boggs 2010 Panini Century Collection ‘Blast From The Past’ Game Used Relic Card – FAIL!

I have to believe that I am done with Panini.  Not matter how many times I keep going back to them, my very low expectations just are not getting met.

This is the latest card to not come close:

Pretty rotten, huh?

Yeah, I am really not liking this one too much.  I will have to learn to not take the bait on these going forward – there is a very good reason that these sell for so low.

Here’s to hoping that Dawson and Jenkins are not in next year’s release…

Dave Winfield 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen

Dave Winfield 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen

I find most of the Gypsy Queen cards from the 2011 release appealing to look at.  Overall, the set captured a very nice vintage feel while featuring some great players from prior generations.

But is it just me or does Dave Winfield look like he is golfing in his Padres uniform on this card?

Don’t get me wrong, I like the card and I am happy to have it in my collection, but it is a little odd…

Dave Winfield 2001 Upper Deck ‘Legends Of New York’

Dave Winfield 2001 Upper Deck ‘Legends Of New York’

So, not only was Upper Deck a ground-breaking company when it came to baseball card design, but they were pretty good at creating themes for baseball card subsets too.

This one here is the latest example that I can show off to you:

Issued in part of their ‘Legends of New York’ set, this card features Dave Winfield from his playing days with the Bronx Bombers.

I like the theme of the card very much – but there is so much more that Upper Deck could have done with the ‘Legends of New York’ theme.

Thought – PASS

Result – FAIR

Dave Winfield 2002 Fleer ‘Fall Classic’

Dave Winfield 2002 Fleer ‘Fall Classic’

I normally prefer my Dave Winfield baseball cards that feature him wearing either a San Diego Padres or New York Yankees uniform.  Understandably, Winfield’s greatest seasons came with those two franchises, and his Hall of Fame resume is loaded with impressive feats while wearing both of those uniforms.

But when it comes to winning, and specifically the World Series, there is only one team uniform that Winfield can be displayed in.

That team?

The Toronto Blue Jays!  In 1992, Winfield was a World Series champion while playing for the Jays.

So this card is very fitting!!!

Dave Winfield 2001 Topps Archives

Dave Winfield 2001 Topps Archives

I love the whole thought of the ‘Archives’ brand that Topps issued in the early part of the century. 

The thought was a simple one – take popular card designs from prior issues and re-issue them with new photographs and better quality cardstock, images, and glossy finish.

And if Dave Winfield is lucky enough to be chosen as a player to feature in the set, myself and other collectors are going to be thrilled.

And lucky for us, he made the cut 2001.

Here’s the card:

Why Topps, Why?  Cleveland Indians???  Come on now…  Give me Padres.  Give me Yankees.  You can even give me the Blue Jays.  But the Indians…  Get real!!!

Wade Boggs 2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Game-Used Jersey Card

Wade Boggs 2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Game-Used Jersey Card

Just like the Gary Carter card that I showed off a few weeks ago from the same set, this card of Wade Boggs looks just like money!!!

And just like you, I love money and I love this card too!

I just wish that a certain former Expos and Cubs player was featured in this set…

Baseball Card Show Purchase #2 – Dave Winfield 2002 Topps American Pie – ‘American Sluggers’

Dave Winfield 2002 Topps American Pie – ‘American Sluggers’

Far from stellar, the American Pie series issued by Topps in the early 2000’s don’t really do a whole lot for me.  In fact, I would probably rate them as mediocre as best.

But when flipping through the bargain bins, it was Winfield’s stare that halted my progress.

Not wanting to upset one of my favorite 5-Tool players, I quickly adding this card to the stack of goodies I was preparing to buy.

Dave Winfield 2006 Fleer “Greats Of The Game”

Dave Winfield 2006 Fleer “Greats Of The Game”

WHOA!!!  Not too many players from the 1980’s can pull of a pose like this?  It takes a real slugger to be able to haul three Black bats on his shoulder and offer up a scowl like Winfield is in this shot.

Think about it.  What other sluggers from that era would strike fear into a pitcher like ‘Big Dave’ is here?  Canseco?  Dawson?  Eric Davis?  Not too many more guys than that…


As for the card, I love this set!  And while I do love seeing Winfield in his old San Diego Padres uniform, I enjoy him in his Yankees uniform too.  Fleer made the right choice with this one!!!

Wade Boggs 2006 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Wade Boggs 2006 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’ Game-Used Jersey Card

As you all know by now, I love the cards from the 2006 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’ set.  I have already put together the Chicago Cubs team set as well as the Cincinnati Reds too.

And along the way, I have even scooped up a few relic cards from this set.  And now I have a new addition from that set to introduce to you and add to my collection at the same time – Wade Boggs!!

The card, as expected, looks fantastic.  Fleer did a solid job in incorporating the team colors into this set’s design – and the end result is a beautiful baseball card.

And I have so say that mounting a piece of Wade Boggs’ jersey on top of a picture of Fenway Park’s Green Monster is genius – Sheer Genius!!

Great Job, Fleer.  An instant classic for my collection!!!