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My 1988 Fleer ‘Superstar Specials’ Subset Is Complete!!!

My 1988 Fleer ‘Superstar Specials’ Subset Is Complete!!!

Finally, after showing this set off to you for the last few months, I am done!!

The set was fun to put together, and it also reminded me of how some players in a breakout season can be paired with the sport’s greatest stars on any particular night.

Anyways, enough small talk – Time to show off the completed set!!!

And there it is!!

And just in case you were worried, I have already selected my next subset to build – and I will drop a hint or two next Monday.

Stay tuned.  And thanks for reading ’30-Year Old Cardboard’!!!

New Subset To Collect…

New Subset To Collect…

Yessir – the time has come.  Time for ’30-YOC’ to piece together another fun subset from the 1980’s.

And to mix it up a little this time, I am not going to just come out and tell you which one it is.

But, being a giving person, I will give you a hint that should absolutely steer you in the right direction.

And here it is:

Starting next week, I will build this set for you to enjoy – 1 card at a time!!