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Florida Marlins 2010 Topps Heritage Team Set

Florida Marlins 2010 Topps Heritage Team Set

Of all of the prior Topps Heritage releases, I think that my favorite one thus far is the product from 2010 that replicated the 1961 Topps design.

The ’61 set means a lot to me as it features the card design that gave me (us) the Billy Williams and Ron Santo rookie cards.

And I also really dig the ‘Topps All-Star Rookie’ trophy that accompanies the card of Chris Coghlan.

Here is the full 9-card Marlins team set from that issue:



The card’s design allows for the large photo to take center stage.  And while all of the cards feature staged, posed photography, the unique poses of Cody Ross and Dan Uggla add just enough personality to the set to force a smile.

This is a sharp one!

2003 Fleer Platinum Florida Marlins Team Set

2003 Fleer Platinum Florida Marlins Team Set

I did not realize it, but Fleer did it again in 2003.

Did what, you ask?

They duplicated another card design, or came close to doing so.

Doesn’t this card design kind of remind you of the 1988 Fleer League Leaders oddball set design???



You bet it does!

And I am OK with that.

The set is nice, and I like all of the action pictures – especially the ones that show the Marlins doing their ‘Rickey Henderson Poses’ – Luis Castillo, Juan Encarnacion, and Juan Pierre.

Oh, and check out that insert card of Mike Lowell – a small piece of art!

2010 Topps ‘Opening Day’ Florida Marlins Team Set

2010 Topps ‘Opening Day’ Florida Marlins Team Set

The 2010 Florida Marlins are one of my favorite modern teams.  The team was stacked with young talent, and if they had been given enough time to gel, I think that they could have been a team that could contend.

On ‘Opening Day’ of 2010, the season did not get off to the start that we had all hoped for.  The team lost to the Mets 7-1, and the only players that appeared to have truly been ready for ‘Opening Day’ were Hanley Ramirez and Gaby Sanchez, who both collected 2 hits on the day.

This is the 6-card team set from the 2010 Topps ‘Opening Day’ set.


I like the combination of players included in this set, though the inclusion of Nick Johnson is a bit odd…  The hype around adding Nick Johnson to the team was for a possible postseason push.  That didn’t quite work out as he ended up just playing in 35 games for the Marlins and was on the Yankees in 2010 when ‘Opening Day’ arrived.  

It’s so odd that Topps included him when they could have opted for Gaby Sanchez, Anibal Sanchez, or Ricky Nolasco…

Still, the other five cards are pretty nice – and I really like the 2010 design!

2003 Topps Total Florida Marlins Team Set

2003 Topps Total Florida Marlins Team Set

I had never heard of the Topps Total set of cards until I ran across this Marlins team set from 2003 while shopping on Ebay for more team sets.

The set is nice, and it has a few standout features.

Check it out:


This is a pretty nice set, and I like that it features a larger team set than what other sets offer.

For me the standouts are: The Black and Teal frame, the set size, the action imagery, and the Red & White Topps Total logo.

I need to learn more about this brand – maybe there are a few more Marlins team sets that I can grab…

1999 Upper Deck MVP Florida Marlins Team Set

1999 Upper Deck MVP Florida Marlins Team Set

When it comes to team sets, I would love for them to include all of the players on a team’s active roster.  But, that is not something we can expect.  Plus that would make set building and team collecting an already harder task than what it already is.

So, instead, I just go with the flow.  I collect what I can find and I enjoy the process.

But, every once in a while, a team set raises my pulse a bit; takes my breath away, I guess that you could say,

This is one of those sets:

1999 UD MVP

This is the Florida Marlins team set from the 1999 Upper Deck MVP set.  The Marlins set is just seven cards deep but features exceptional photography and nice full-size images.

I love the cards, and I love the action that Upper Deck has shared with us!!

The Cliff Floyd card is superb.   The Derrek Lee card is excellent.  And the Preston Wilson card gives us a very unique angle.

A great addition to my Marlins team set collection!

2001 Fleer Ultra Florida Marlins Team Set

2001 Fleer Ultra Florida Marlins Team Set

Since its inauguration, I have always liked the Fleer Ultra brand of baseball cards.

While I have never read it, I imagine that the Ultra design was created to battle Upper Deck and their supreme photography and ultra-glossy cardstock.

And you know what, they succeeded.  The Ultra brand looks fantastic, and I have always thought that I was looking at and handling miniature pictures.

Here is the 2001 Fleer Ultra Florida Marlins team set:


Among the cards, my favorite is the Preston Wilson card – what a great image to feature on a baseball card!!!


2010 Topps National Chicle Florida Marlins Team Set

2010 Topps National Chicle Florida Marlins Team Set

I don’t know much at all about the ‘National Chicle’ brand of baseball cards that Topps issued a few years back…

It appears to have been a 1-year experiment that began and ended in 2010.

From what I can see, I like the cards.  They offer a nice vintage look and feel.  The cardstock is certainly not reminiscent of modern cards as well and that helps the vintage-vibe that the set has going.

I was able to score the Marlins team set for $1.00 and so I thought that for five cards, I could afford to drop twenty cents on each card.

So, I did.  And here is the set:


I like it.  Of the five, my favorite is the one of Chris Coghlan.  And no, it is not because he is the last remaining member of the team…


1999 Skybox Premium Florida Marlins Team Set

1999 Skybox Premium Florida Marlins Team Set

I am really digging these Skybox sets from 1999.  This is the second one that I have picked up, with the first being the Skybox Thunder team set, and they both look great.

The cards feature a full-size photo with no border.  And the font that Skybox chose for the player name is really, really classy!

Have a look at the set.


The Teal of the Marlins’ uniforms really stands out on these cards.  And the Gold accents employed with the Skybox logo and player name look great.

My only complaint about the set – Just six cards.

2001 Fleer Triple Crown Florida Marlins Team Set

2001 Fleer Triple Crown Florida Marlins Team Set

I tell you what, I had never seen this issue of cards before, but they are NICE!!!

Issued in 2001 by Fleer, under the name of ‘Triple Crown’, the set offers up some fantastic action photography.

And even while the team set is just 8 cards deep, I like all of the action that was captured for this release.

Have a look at the full set:

And yes, that is catcher Mike Redmond making an appearance.  He’s the new skipper of the Miami version of the team…


2003 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

2003 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

The 2003 Topps Florida Marlins team set is a unique one.  And I believe that it has to do with the Royal Blue border of the card.  That and the player cameo that is cut in the shape of an infield diamond, and you have a card that reminds me quite a bit of the 1983 and 1984 Topps sets.

Have a look at the completed team set:

The 2003 team means a lot to me.  Yes, they won the World Series.  But, they also had a great group of personalities in both their veteran and rookie players.  From Lowell to Dontrelle to Beckett to JP to Penny to D-Lee – that team was so much fun to watch!!