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HUGE TTM SUCCESS!!!! A Wade Boggs Signed Baseball Bat For My Collection!!! Gotta See This!!!

HUGE TTM SUCCESS!!!!  A Wade Boggs Signed Baseball Bat For My Collection!!!  Gotta See This!!!

For the better part of a year, I have been seeing successful, and beautiful, autographs being signed by Hall of Famer Wade Boggs through the mail.

I even got in on the action – sending and receiving some signed cards from Mr. Boggs in 2012.

As a kid living in South Florida during my childhood, I had no ‘home team’ to cheer for – so I got to pick any team and player to call ‘mine’.

I chose Andre Dawson, Dale Murphy, and Wade Boggs.

So, anytime I can bring a baseball card or piece of memorabilia or autograph into my collection from one of these players, I will usually try to do my best to make it happen.

And lately, I have been seeing people sending and receiving a lot of premium items from Mr. Boggs.  From helmets to specialty baseballs to oversized photos – and they all look G-R-E-A-T.

So, I took a gamble.  I sent him a baseball bat!!!

And wouldn’t you know it – in 13 days the bat was returned to me – and it was signed perfectly!!!!

Have a look:

Boggs Bat 1

What?  You want a closer look?  OK.  Try this:

Boggs Bat 2

Closer??  Ok, I think that I can do that:

Boggs Bat 3

Signed perfectly – and with the inscriptions that I asked for too!!!  Mr Boggs signed the bat perfectly centered on the barrel of the bat with ‘HOF 05’ and ‘5x Batting Champ’ inscriptions!!!

Thank you so much, Mr. Boggs!!!!  This bat is a fantastic addition to my collection and I cannot think of a more fitting item to have in my collection that reminds me of the great, elite player that you were!!!

Another Fantastic TTM Return From Wade Boggs!!! Y-E-S!!!!

Another Fantastic TTM Return From Wade Boggs!!!  Y-E-S!!!!

He did it again, and I smiling from ear to ear.

In three attempts, I am 3/3 with mailing cards to Wade Boggs with the intent of adding some new autographs to my collection.

Some cards were sent with a small donation, and some were free.  And they all came back with beautiful signatures!!!

Have a look at the latest haul:

Awesome stuff, right??  Two more fantastic autographs for my collection – I am loving it!!!

Thank you Mr. Boggs.  You are the best!!!

Another Wade Boggs TTM SUCCESS – YES!!!!

Another Wade Boggs TTM SUCCESS – YES!!!!

He did it again.

Well, I guess that I did it again as well.

I kind of ran a little test – you may recall that roughly three weeks ago I received a TTM return from HAll of Famer Wade Boggs.  If you didn’t read that story, you can here.

Well, soon after, I thought I would try a test.  You see, I had been seeing that Boggs had been signing for both fees and no fees.

So, I put two envelopes in the mail, each with two cards and a very nice letter.  In one envelope there was no donation.  And in the other, I slipped in a $10 bill.

And what do you know???

The return envelope that had my letter, two baseball cards, AND a $10 bill was returned to me with two more Wade Boggs autographs!!!

Have a look:

I would say that this was $10 that was very well spent.

And if the others come back, I will certainly show them off as well…

Thank you Mr. Boggs!!!

TTM SUCCESS: Hall Of Famer Wade Boggs!!!

TTM SUCCESS: Hall Of Famer Wade Boggs!!!

Wow, I am very excited about this return.

I had been seeing positive TTM results from Wade Boggs for more than a month straight.  He’s been signing up a storm lately – both for fees and for free as well.  And he is signing all kinds of stuff too – from cards to balls to photos – and they all are coming out great!!!

So, I wanted in on the action and I sent two cards to Mr. Boggs about three weeks ago.

And wouldn’t you know it, he signed both for me – FOR FREE!!!

Here they are:

Pretty nice, huh???

I am very excited to add these to my collection.  And I may have to try for a few more too.  It seems like with a very small amount of cash, he will add the ‘HOF 05’ inscription.

I am going to test it out – Stay tuned!!!

And ‘Thank You Mr. Boggs’!!!!!

YES – I Have Finally Added A Signed Wade Boggs Baseball To My Collection!!!

YES – I Have Finally Added A Signed Wade Boggs Baseball To My Collection!!!

Ever since meeting Wade Boggs back in April of this year, I have wanted to add a signed ball to my collection.

And while I want to the event fully prepared to have him sign a ball (and bat) for me, that did not work out as I anticipated.

Still, I have the memories.  And Boggs was one of my favorites as a kid, so it was a thrill that will last a long time for this fan!!

Anyway, I have been shopping for Boggs stuff for a while now.  And I even want as far as searching his future signing events in hope of finding a cheap enough event to send stuff in for.  Sadly, as with most former Yankees players, they can charge a bunch and sell out tickets quickly so that avenue was closed to me.

But Ebay?  Yes, Ebay is a collector’s friend.

And if you are patient enough, you too can bring home an item like this for a very, very affordable rate.

So, I did.  And I could not be more pleased!!!

A fantastic addition to my signed baseball collection.


Me & Hall Of Famer Wade Boggs!!!

Me & Hall Of Famer Wade Boggs!!!

Tonight was a great night for your host of ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

I met one of my childhood baseball idols – Hall of Famer, and one of the best hitters of his generation, Wade Boggs.

Boggs was doing a signing very close to where I live.  It was hosted by the same place that brought Reggie Jackson in last month.  If you missed that story, you can revisit it here.

I found out the Boggs signing a few weeks ago, so I had plenty of time to prepare.  So, I went armed with some pretty cool stuff (bat, mini helmet, some cards).  Unfortunately, he was only signing the promotional photo that the sponsor had provided – but I cannot be upset about that at all – It was a thrill to get to talk to and meet Mr. Boggs and I am just happy to have had the chance.

The line was pretty steady and was probably 50-60 deep while I was there.  He was extremely personable and when I told him that he was the reason that I learned how to read a box score as a young kid, he told me that he learned to do it at just four years old.  I told him that I was around 7 or 8 when I learned how, and that it was a lot of fun to track his success on a daily basis.

Here signed this photo for me:

We shook hands.

We took a picture together:

And I was on my way home.

Thank you Mr. Boggs!!!  I am one very happy fan.

And I also hooked up with my buddy Alfredo tonight too – it has been too long my friend, we’ll have to do it again soon.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great night!

‘On The Road With psugator02’ – January 25, 2012 – Ozzie Smith & Lou Brock

‘On The Road With psugator02’ – January 25, 2012 – Ozzie Smith & Lou Brock

random Palm Beach County hotel

4:15-7:15 p.m.

Wednesday, January 25

They’re at a new hotel and it was obvious right away that it wouldn’t be long before things got dicey. My graphing partner and I decided that we would have to isolate ourselves because hanging with the other three people in the lobby just wasn’t a good idea. We made the right decision.

Lou Brock: 1/1 (SS of ROMLB) in blue ink. I had nothing better to do at the time so I figured I would try to break him down so I started talking to him about something that is very dear to his heart and it actually worked lol. I’ve been told that he wouldn’t have done a photo. A 2-on-1 situation and Lou really had nothing else to do but sign. LOL

Ozzie Smith: 1/2 jersey in sick silver paint with ‘The Wizard’ inscription.

Other: Saw Brian Jordan and Dave LaPointe but didn’t need them. … Never saw Bruce Sutter. … Was told that Whitey Herzog won’t be at this camp but will be here for spring training.