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Baseball Card Show Purchase #2 – (4) 2008 Hall of Fame Goudeys

I like Goudey.  I like the flash back to the past.  It reminds me of the cards from the 1950’s that I used to drool over as a kid and admittedly still do today.

I snatched up these 4 cards for $1.00.  I may have been able to buy them cheaper if I had tried a little harder, but I couldn’t say no to Rollie, Reggie, Jim, and Johnny!!!

A few quick notes about each guy:

Rollie Fingers – I heard he signs TTM for a $10 fee.  Something tells me that this card would look great signed.

Reggie Jackson – The king of COOL!!  ‘Nuff said….

Jim Palmer – My second favorite pitcher from the 1970’s – right behind Fergie Jenkins.  He had an amazing string from 1973-76 – check it out!!!

Johnny Bench – My favorite catcher of all-time.  I really started to appreciate Bench when I was learning about Billy Williams and his career with the Cubs.  Bench won the MVP 2-times, beating Williams each time.  Had it not been for Bench, Williams could have been a 2-time MVP and 1st ballot Hall of Famer.  Don’t worry Johnny, we’re not mad at you!!!

Goudey 4

Great Finds!!!

2008 Goudey Florida Marlins Team Set

Ok, so I am a year late in this.  I just paid $1 for this 5-card Florida Marlins team set the other day and even though 1 of the players is no longer with the club, the set still impresses me.

I love the vintage look that this set offers, and these cards are begging for autographs.  So, I will pull the Josh Willingham card and possibly send it to him c/o the Nationals.  The other 4 are coming to Spring Training with me as I try to obtain a few more autographs of my favorite group of guys.

Of the 4, the Miller and Uggla cards really remind me of cards you would see issued 50-60 years ago. 


2008 Goudey Andre Dawson 2-Card Set

You may recall that Mario from Wax Heaven sent me an Andre Dawson 2008 Goudey mini.  I had been shopping for that card for quite some time but found them to be a little on the ‘pricey’ side for such a recent issue.  But with his generosity, I all of a sudden had 1/2 of the 2-card set I was intending to collect.

Naturally this gift caused me to obsess over getting the base card and now that mission is accomplished. 

I got this card in the mail last night…


 I love the card!!!  The design is incredible and I especially like the fact that this card labels Dawson as ‘Sport Royalty’.  In my opinion all that is missing is ‘The Hawk’s’ crown and septor!!!

A nice and easy 2-card set is now complete.  I have to admit that these 2 cards look great together. 


And of course, a big shout-out goes to Mario for kick starting my lazy butt into gear as I had been drooling over this set for a few months but had yet to pull the trigger to get it done.  Thanks Mario!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #5 – HOF for TTM

 This is going to be a ton of fun!!!  Most of these guys are known to be great signers for autograph collectors so I home I am lucky with this.

I cannot express enough how much fun it was pulling these cards out of countless boxes at the show.  The more I see these cards, the more I am liking them.  At this point, I would have to say that the Goudey design is my favorite!!!

Warren Spahn, Tony Perez, Bob Feller, Sparky Anderson, Duke Snider, Al Kaline, Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter, Stan Musial, Bobby Doerr, and Bucky Dent – SWEET!!!!



Gifts From Wax Heaven

Mario from Wax Heaven  recently sent over 2 cards that I received in the mail this afternoon.  No matter who the donor is, I am always very surprised and grateful that people think of me when they see a specific card.  On top of that, offering the cards to me for no fee or trade really lets me know that I belong to a great baseball card collecting community.

On to the good stuff…

1.  1983 Topps Fergie Jenkins – Super Veteran


Although I already owned this card as part of my player collection, this gift from Mario has inspired me to add a new subset to my collection.  I want to get all of the 1983 Super Veteran cards.  I am not sure how I can obtain a list of all of the players that were in this set, but starting with Fergie Jenkins is a great first step.  If anyone knows how I can obtain a checklist of this subset, please pass that information along as it would be greatly appreciated!!

2.  2008 Goudey Andre Dawson – mini


I love this card.   I love everything about this card.  First, it’s Andre.  Second, the design screams vintage which happens to be my favorite kind of card to shop for and admire.  I have had this card as well as the base version on my ‘mental want list’ for some time now and now thanks to Mario 1/2 of that task is complete.  I’ll have to find the base card to finish this little 2-card set off.

At this time, I would normally plug the person’s blog that sent these cards to me.  But, to be honest, I have to imagine at this point that all of the people that have found my blog are readers of Wax Heaven.  Hell, it’s likely that several of my readers found me by checking out his page first.  Either way, reading Wax Heaven has become part of my daily routine.  Checking emails, looking at the box scores from last night’s games, and reading Wax Heaven is a great way to start the day!!

Thanks again, Mario!!!