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BLASTER BREAKS!!! 2 Retail Blasters Of 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Cards – Come Check Them Out!!!

BLASTER BREAKS!!!  2 Retail Blasters Of 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Cards – Come Check Them Out!!!

Yes, I went to a card show on Friday.  And yes, I spent some cash at the show.  And yes, I will show you the entire haul all day long on Monday.

But, I could not resist picking up some more 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen cards.  So, while at Wal-Mart today doing the grocery shopping, I threw two retail blasters in the cart with our other items.

And as soon as we got home and put the groceries away, I tore into the GQ!!!

And now it is time to show off the cards.

So, here is everything that I pulled from Box #1:

Pack 1 – Kershaw is a hot card, and I like the King Felix no-hitter card too!


Pack 2 – Fisk is sweet, and the Profar is cool.  But this pack is about Bryce Harper!!!


Pack 3 – Another nice card of Felix Hernandez!


Pack 4 – JETER!!!


Pack 5 – Loving the Perez and Abbott cards.  And the Machado insert and Verlander minis are very nice too.


Pack 6 – Rickey Henderson insert and DAAARRYYYLL!!!  And a Cody Ross card for my son!


Pack 7 – Black-border mini LJ Hoes rookie card


Pack 8 – 3 Yankees!


And now, on to Box #2!!!!

Pack 1 – Another SWEET Bryce Harper insert!!


Pack 2 – Great card of Yadi!  Sweet mini McCutchen.  And ANDRE DAWSON!!!


Pack 3 – A Star-Filled pack!!  Reggie, Pettitte, Longoria, Strasburg, Shelby Miller rookie card, and a Matt Kemp mini – WOW!!!


Pack 4 – Nice Jeter insert, Sweet Machado rookie card, and a blue-framed Cole Hamels card


Pack 5 – Ehhhhh….




Pack 7 – Great Brooks Robinson and Roy Halladay cards, and a mini Green Mike Olt rookie card numbered to 99!!


Pack 8 – Jackie Robinson and a Tulo mini


Whew…  That was a lot of scanning!!!

I am a big fan of this release and overall I am pretty happy with my pulls.  I would have like to nab a Fergie Jenkins or Jim Palmer card, plus a few Marlins, but I am hopeful that I can work a few trades to bring some of them into my collection in the coming week or two.

I hope you enjoyed viewing the results of my box break!  Hopefully we can do this again some time soon.

Have a great night!!!

PACK BREAK – 2 Rack Packs Of 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Cards. Come See The Haul!!!

PACK BREAK – 2 Rack Packs Of 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Cards.  Come See The Haul!!!

Last night I had to run out and grab a few things at Wal-Mart.  I had just been there over the weekend, but you know how that goes – sometimes you just forget some things…

Anyways, during the weekend, they did not have any of the new 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen baseball cards on the shelf.

But, since I knew that the product’s release was imminent, I tried again.  And this time I found the cards – Rack Packs!!!

For those of you that do now know, each rack pack contains 3 packs of cards, with each pack containing six cards.  There is also a bonus pack that holds three White frame exclusive cards.

And now, after that long introduction, let me show you my haul!!!

Rack Pack 1 – Base Cards

2013 GQ PACK 1A

2013 GQ PACK 1B

Rack Pack 1 – Inserts

2013 GQ PACK 1C

Rack Pack 1 – Minis

2013 GQ PACK 1D

Rack Pack 1 – White frame exclusives

2013 GQ PACK 1E

Rack Pack 2 – Base

2013 GQ PACK 2A

2013 GQ PACK 2B

Rack Pack 2 – Inserts & Short Prints

2013 GQ PACK 2C

Rack Pack 2 – Minis

2013 GQ PACK 2D

Rack Pack 2 – White frame exclusives

2013 GQ PACK 2E

Not a bad way to start my Gypsy Queen collecting!!!

Overall, I love this set.  It was great to pull cards of Andre Dawson, Hank Aaron, Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, John Smoltz, Ozzie Smith, Nolan Ryan, and others.  It was also really cool to pull a Dylan Bundy rookie card as well!! 

It is now time to start seeking out the retail blasters…

Thanks for reading.  Have a great day!

Here Is Your 2013 Topps ‘Opening Day’ Preview

Here Is Your 2013 Topps ‘Opening Day’ Preview

This story is courtesy of http://www.cardboardconnection.com

2013 Topps Opening Day Baseball isn’t about the hits. It’s not about finding the white whale of your collection — unless it’s an autograph from the Philly Phanatic, Mr. Met or Mariner Moose.

Targeted at young collectors and those just looking for a fun, cheap break, 2013 Topps Opening Day has a straightforward base set and lots of inserts. While there are a few autographs, they’re not the release’s main focus. It’s more of an old-fashioned experience for those not interested in high-end baseball cards.

The 2013 Topps Opening Day Baseball base set has 220 cards. This includes 75 players who aren’t in 2013 Topps Series 1 Baseball. The design is very similar to the flagship set, although it will be instantly recognizable with the Opening Day logo. Opening Day Edition parallels come with a blue border. They are also numbered to 2013. The entire base set has four different one-of-one Press Plates as well.

Every pack includes one insert. Mascots return for another season with a 25-card set. Key moments from the 2012 season are captured in Superstar Celebration. Opening Day Stars is done in 3D. Play Hard showcases 25 players who show hustle and hard work on the field. Finally, Ballpark Fun is all about the excitement that can be found at the stadium.

Although not a major part of the release, there are signatures to be found in 2013 Topps Opening Day Baseball. Opening Day Autographs has a  ten-card checklist that includes David Wright and Hanley Ramirez. Other announced signers include Ike Davis, Boone Logan and Josh Vitters.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the set are five Mascot Autographs. Yes, they’re mascots. They don’t hit home runs. The don’t toss no-hitters. Heck, they are usually on the losing end of base races against three-year-old kids. For a lot of fans growing up, mascots are among the highlights of trips to the ballpark. Much like thousands of kids run around Disneyland everyday looking for signatures from Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, these cards should be seen as something fun for young collectors (and the young-at-heart). Mascot Autographs come from the Philly Phanatic (Phillies), Mariner Moose (Mariners), Mr. Met, Fredbird (Cardinals), Mr. Met (Mets) and Rangers Captain (Rangers).

2013 Topps Opening Day Baseball boxes have 36 packs of seven cards. They should cost about a dollar a pack.

Estimated Release Date: 2/6/13 Product Configuration: 36 packs per box, 7 cards per pack Price Point: Low-End Baseball Card

A few samples:


2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Preview – It Looks AWESOME!!!

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Preview – It Looks AWESOME!!!

From Sports Card Magazine, written by Dano Laurel

Topps Gypsy Queen is returning for its third year and is sure to be better than ever. Fans of this set will love that Topps is keeping a lot of what worked in previous years and is adding something a little extra to give it that extra push. Just like past years, every hobby box is going to contain two autograph cards, two relic cards and one 10-card mini box.The big difference is this year Topps is introducing bat barrel and mini button cards from the top players of the year.

The 350-card base set will feature veterans, rookies and reitred players. Also this year will be 50 short-printed cards from the first 300 cards in the set. Additionally, there will be base card variations that will be from any of the total 350 cards.  If it sounds confusing, it was to a lot of collectors in the 2012 set as well.  Here’s hoping they fixed the images that are going to be variations in 2013′s set.

2013 GQ McCutchen base card

One of the draws to Gypsy Queen is the mini cards in this set. With 2013, base mini-cards will be one per pack and can also be one of three colors of parallels; Black (#/99),Green (#/99), and Sepia-tone (#/50).  Inserted into each hobby-box of Gypsy Queen is also a 10-card mini box that will contain mini-box variations that can only be found inside. Just like regular-sized cards, mini will also have printing plates, (hobby-only), wood minis (#/5), and leather texture (1/1).

2013 GQ Babe Ruth mini

2013 GQ will feature a handful of parallel cards that include:

  • Hometown Currency-Relic cards featuring a U.S. State Quarter or foreign currency from where the player was born. These will be numbered to five.  This is a new addition to the ’13 Gypsy Queen.
  • Framed Parallel- Back for a third installment, the framed parallels will have a blue paper frame sequentially numbered, or a silver frame that will be numbered one of one. This is also a new addition. With the last two years, retail may see another version of this.
  • Printing plates-These hobby-only printing plates will features four different colors of actual printing plates used to make the set.

’13 Hometown Currency

The  inserts in Gypsy Queen give collectors more to hunt down while putting together a master set, but they do it in a way that is unique to this set.  Back for another installment is “Glove Stories”, these inserts highlight a spectacular moment in glove work. New to 2013 is “Collisions at the Plate”, these will feature several of the most spectacular and memorable home-plate collisions.  Also new will be “Gypsy Kings”, not to be confused with the band, these will be a fantastic opportunity for collectors to be featured in the years’ set. The Topps’ Facebook page, collectors can enter to tell them why they deserve to be a Gypsy King or Queen. Topps will pick a winner and feature them in the upcoming set.  Pretty, pretty, pretty neat.

Other insert cards will include:

  • No-Hitters- These will feature a selection of current and retired pitchers that have thrown a no-hitter.
  • Dealing Aces- The top pitchers in baseball will be featured in all four suits: Heart, Club, Spade, and Diamond.
  • Sliding stars
  • Insert card Printing plates

Dealing Aces-Diamond

One of the amazing aspects of sets like Allen&Ginter’s and Gypsy Queen are the framed mini-relics.  2013 GQ will be no different as it will contain game-used bat and game-worn jersey cards in regular size and mini-relic versions.  The difference to next year’s set will be  a black parallel relic card that will be numbered to 25, and numbered to 10 in the mini-version.

Also include relics will be an original art patch cards will be hand-painted Gypsy Queen-style portraits that will feature a game-used patch. These masterpieces will be numbered to one copy each and hobby only.  Mini autographed relic books will join the club and will feature one panel with a relic and the other with an autographed sticker. These new designs will be numbered to five.  Start looking for a way to display these gems.

’13 Mini Relic Black Parallel

With two autographs per box, Gypsy Queen allows for a deeper checklist. Is that always a good thing? No, but with GQ you will a wider scope. These autos will be from veterans, rookies and retired stars. Autographed relic cards are back and will be standard-size featuring a game-used relic. All of these will be numbered to 25 or less. Dual auto’d relic cards will have two autos and two relic swatches- also be numbered to 25 or less. It gets better- triple auto’d/relic cards will feature three auto’d stickers and three relic swatches. The triple auto/relic cards will be numbered to 10 or less.  And to top off the autos will be autographed minis. These will be signed ON-CARD and numbered to only ten copies. The amazing part of these is these will be exclusive to the mini-box, so hopefully that means the mini-boxes will be sealed.  We’ll find out-

David Freese auto/relic

Two spectacular inserts completely new to 2013 will be bat barrel inserts and mini button cards.  Bat Barrel cards will feature the name plate from the barrel of the bat and will be numbered to one of one each. Mini button cards will be relic cards featuring a button from the player’s jersey. They will be exclusive to the mini-box and be numbered to only 3 copies each.

Topps seems to be a little more open with the fact that most of  the autos will be stickers. Collectors will know what to expect going into the product and have less to complain about.  But with on-card autos on minis there should be a lot more redeeming qualities.

**Special thanks to 30-YOC reader Matt for sending me the link to this story.