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Baseball Card Show Purchase #9 – Hanley Ramirez X 9

Baseball Card Show Purchase #9 – Hanley Ramirez X 9

One of the few goals that I did accomplish at this show was adding a few more Hanley Ramirez cards to my collection.

And while I may not have ‘scored’ as many new Hanley cards as I did at May’s card show, I think that I got more rookie cards this time around.

Have a look at the haul:

If my estimation is correct, 5 of the 9 cards you are seeing can be classified as a rookie card.  I’m very excited about this!!!

Did you happen to see the two home runs he crushed against the Phillies on Saturday afternoon??  His swing appears to be back!!!

Ryan Pitches Over Some Great Fish!

Ryan Pitches Over Some Great Fish!

I got a few bites when I recently asked the readers of my blog to donate any Miami Marlins cards from the 2012 Topps Heritage set a few weeks back.

And the cards that Ryan, of Ryan’s Pitch, sent over really helped me get closer to completing the base part of the set.

Ryan offered up four cards from my ‘Need List’:

That is a nice chunk of cards to knock out.

But, Ryan was not done…

There were a few more Marlins goodies included.

He gave me the Blue-bordered Hanley Ramirez card from the same set, two Gypsy Queen mini cards for the Marlins team set I am working on from that release, and a pretty sweet Orange-border card of Mike Stanton from the 2011 Topps set.

Have a look:

And then, he also threw in a Josh Johnson game-used jersey card from the 2007 Upper Deck Apparel Artifacts set.

Here it is:

And then came the BOOM!!!!

A Blue-Bordered Andre Dawson Gypsy Queen card from this year’s set!

And she is a B-E-A-U-T-Y!!!!

Thanks again Ryan.  I am already working on a way to re-pay the kindness!!

Stop by and check out Ryan’s Pitch – you’re gonna like it!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #7 – Hanley Ramirez X 43

Baseball Card Show Purchase #7 – Hanley Ramirez X 43

I had no intention of doing this, but looking back now, I am really happy that I did.

One of the dealers has his bargain bins sorted by team.  This makes it great for the team collector, but very rough on everyone else.

I took the positive approach and dug into the Florida Marlins section of his boxes.

I pulled out one card of Hanley Ramirez and was surprised to find it in a bin in which the cards were just a dime for each card.  And then I found another.  And another.  And another.

Pretty soon, I had a nice stack of Hanley Ramirez cards in front of me, and I was very surprised by how many were part of this box of relatively cheap cards.

Well, I bought them all.  All 43 of them.  And after sorting through them when I got home I realized that I grabbed a few doubles, but I can deal with that.

I really like Hanley.  And I am very, very impressed with how well he has transitioned to third base.  He is off to a solid start on defense this year, and there has been no talk in the media about his switch to the hot corner since Opening Day.

It Starts With One!!!

It Starts With One!!!

It all starts with one.

Everything starts with one.

What the hell am I talking about???

Well, it could be anything.

But this time, it is Heritage – 2012 Topps Heritage to be exact.

And for me, it starts with one.

One card that will get my Miami Marlins team set started.

One of my loyal readers, ‘Q’, sent me one.

And this one will get my gears going.

This one will make me build a checklist.

This one will send me on my way.

The One:

Thank You Quentin.  I am on my way!!!

If You Haven’t Been Paying Attention, Hanley Ramirez Is On FIRE!!!!

If You Haven’t Been Paying Attention, Hanley Ramirez Is On FIRE!!!!

It is so fun to watch Hanley when he is healthy.  He looks as if he is playing the game with a lot less stress than in prior seasons, and as a loyal Miami Marlins fan, I am so happy to see him contributing towards wins in the team’s record.

In the last three games, all wins, Hanley has gone bananas.

The numbers are unreal – 6 hits in his last 12 at-bats with 3 runs scored, 3 home runs, 8 RBI, and best of all just 3 runners left on base!!!

Go Get ‘Em Hanley!!!

And GO FISH!!!!

Thank You, Hanley!!!!

Thank You, Hanley!!!!

For the second time in back-to-back games, Hanley Ramirez provided the difference that led to two victories for the Miami Marlins.

On Sunday, it was a single with the bases loaded that gave the Marlins a 5-4 win in eleven innings.

And then last night, it was a 3-run home run in the eight that gave the Marlins a 5-2 lead that they would keep for the remainder of the game.

Thank You, Hanley!!!!

Keep it up!!!


Hanley Ramirez & Jose Reyes Share A Bottle Of Hair Dye

Hanley Ramirez & Jose Reyes Share A Bottle Of Hair Dye

These two are doing everything right.  And this latest sign of solidarity hopefully locks up what could be the most talented and productive left side of the infield in the big leagues.

Cheers to good health and great hair!!!!

Hanley Ramirez Saying ‘All The Right Things’ As Marlins Open Camp…

Hanley Ramirez Saying ‘All The Right Things’ As Marlins Open Camp…

JUPITER, Fla. (AP) — Hanley Ramirez trotted onto a practice field near first base, walked past second  base, slowed as he reached his familiar shortstop position – and kept going.

He might not be thrilled about his new role, but Ramirez is now a third  baseman.

The former All-Star shortstop assumed the position for the Miami Marlins for the first time Tuesday, fielding practice grounders and sending  the strongest signal yet that he’s willing to make the change.

When Ramirez came off the field, he was asked if he’s OK with the switch.

“I never said I’m not going to do it,” he responded. “I’m positive mentally.  I feel great.”

The Marlins wanted to move Ramirez to third to make room for All-Star  shortstop Jose Reyes, who signed a $106 million, six-year deal in December. Last week, new manager Ozzie Guillen said he didn’t think Ramirez had embraced the move.

As pitchers and catchers reported for the start of spring training, Ramirez’s  workout with a couple of other players was so informal team officials missed it,  including Guillen and president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest.

“How’d he do? Did he catch any?” Beinfest said with a smile.

Several grounders scooted past Ramirez, and his long lobs to first base  included at least one wild toss. But no one’s keeping score yet, and his mere  presence at third eased concerns he might balk at the move.

Marlins officials had repeatedly expressed confidence Ramirez would warm to  the switch.

“You just don’t go sign Jose Reyes unless you’re completely comfortable  Hanley’s going to play third base and play it well,” Beinfest said. “So I don’t  think there’s any concern there.”

Ramirez said his only previous experience at third was for a handful of games  in the 2006 winter league. He began the transition by taking grounders during  the offseason in his native Dominican Republic, working with Baltimore Orioles third baseman Wilson  Betemit, and said the new position doesn’t feel strange.

“I feel like it’s more easy for me right now because you don’t have to be  moving a lot,” Ramirez said. “You’re close to the foul line.”

Ramirez said his mood was cheery because his surgically repaired left  shoulder feels strong. He was cleared for full activity last week by Dr. James  Andrews, although as a precaution, the Marlins will discourage Ramirez from  diving or sliding headfirst during spring training.

Shoulder trouble forced Ramirez to miss the final two months of last season,  and he said he played in pain much of the season, which explained his curtailed  productivity. The 2009 NL batting champion hit only .243 with 10 homers and 45  RBIs in 92 games – a career low in every category.

Ramirez anticipates a big comeback.

“I know what kind of player I am,” he said. “And I know what kind of player  I’m going to be this year.”

An offseason spending spree transformed the Marlins into potential contenders  for the NL East title. Guillen said the team was built around Ramirez, who  eagerly anticipates batting third behind Reyes and speedy Emilio  Bonifacio.

“If we stay healthy the whole year it’s going to be a monster year, with Jose  leading off, Bonifacio and me,” Ramirez said. “What a combination.”

Does that mean Ramirez can become an All-Star third baseman?

“Why not?” he said.

Beinfest said there’s every reason to anticipate that Ramirez will thrive at  third – and even hold his own defensively. Why?

“Because he’s Hanley Ramirez, and he’s super talented,” Beinfest said. “I  think he can just about play anywhere on the field. There are only so many  talents like him. He’ll be fine. He’ll be able to do it whether it’s a slow  roller or going to his backhand. He’s got the arm, he’s got all the things he  needs to do to be successful over there.”

Hanley Ramirez Is Ready To ‘Do Work’

Hanley Ramirez Is Ready To ‘Do Work’