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Wade Boggs 1996 Topps

Wade Boggs 1996 Topps

There it is, one of my favorite left-handed swings in baseball history.

Watching Wade Boggs approach the plate and go to work was so much fun to behold. He was an absolute master of hitting.



What I really like about this baseball card is that Wade is sporting his road uniform while playing for the Yankees, but he is in his old home – Fenway Park.

Boggs spent the first 11 seasons of his 16-year career as a member of the Boston Red Sox.  I’m sure that it had to be a little odd when he returned to Fenway and had to head towards the ‘Visiting Clubhouse’.

In ’96, Boggs hit .311 for the Yankees as he connected for 156 hits in 501 at-bats.

Wade Boggs 1996 Pinnacle

Wade Boggs 1996 Pinnacle

It was not often that you saw Wade Boggs uncomfortable or out of position while at the plate.

But, this card of him in his Yankees uniform from the 1996 Pinnacle baseball card set appears to have caught him in an uncomfortable spot.

Maybe he is simply stretching himself too far to get to the ball.  Or maybe he knows he is in the midst of swinging at a pitch that he should have let go by.

Whatever it is, it looks like his is not comfortable with this swing.

See for yourselves:



Still, he was a master at the plate!

Wade Boggs 1988 Glossy All-Star

Wade Boggs 1988 Glossy All-Star

Many of the ‘new’ cards that I have picked up for my vintage player collections are the additional cards issued by the card companies of the time that were not base set essentials.

While not limited in production or distribution, most were also not simply just found in their flagship set packs.

Like this 1989 Topps Glossy All-Star card of Red Sox legend, Wade Boggs.



The only way to but this card of Mr. Boggs was to find it sitting in the first window of a 1989 Topps baseball card rack pack.

As a kid, I had many of these cards, if not the whole set.  Now, I am actively seeking out the ones of my favorites from that era.

Boggs = DONE!

Happy Birthday Vince Coleman!!!

Happy Birthday Vince Coleman!!!

Vince Coleman turns 53 years old today.

Vince Coleman had one of the most impressive rookie seasons I witnessed during my youth.

In 1985, as a rookie of the St. Louis Cardinals, Coleman debuted with a bang and the entire sport took notice.  Notching 170 hits, while scoring 107 runs, Coleman was the ideal lead-off hitter for the Cards’ star-studded line-up.  Oh yeah, he also stole 110 bases in his rookie year too – simply amazing.  Coleman’s season was impressive enough to earn him the Rookie of the Year award in a unanimous vote!!!

While Coleman continued to have amazing success during his days with the Cardinals, he was never able to replicate that excitement he brought to the base paths once he moved on to other teams.  Still a threat, he still collected between 20-50 swipes per season after he left ‘The Arch’.

Happy Birthday to Vince Coleman!!!


Wade Boggs 1998 Fleer Ultra = My First Wade Boggs Tampa Bay Rays Card!!

Wade Boggs 1998 Fleer Ultra = My First Wade Boggs Tampa Bay Rays Card!!

Wade Boggs completed his 18-year Hall of Fame baseball career playing his final two seasons with the Tampa Bay Rays.

During his age 40 & 41 seasons, Boggs was still a valuable piece to the team, and a key leader.

In his two seasons with Tampa, Boggs connected for 210 hits in 213 games played.  He hit .289 for as a member of the Rays, and had an on-base percentage of .360.

This is Boggs’ 1998 Fleer Ultra baseball card, and my first that depicts him as a member of the Tampa Bay Rays.








Wade Boggs 1995 Bazooka Baseball Card

Wade Boggs 1995 Bazooka Baseball Card

As a collector that solely focused on Wade Boggs cards that were issued during his early playing days, I had no cards of him in my collection that featured him in his Yankees or Rays uniform.

Until now that is…

Within my first bulk purchase of cards from Sportlots that was geared towards bulking up on my expanding vintage player collections, I made sure that I grabbed a few cards of Boggs from his time with both the Yankees and Rays.  In the coming weeks and months ahead, I will showcase them on the blog.

Here is a card of him from the 1995 Bazooka baseball card set:



I like it!  I love cards that feature a player waiting in the on-deck circle, and while this is not exactly that, it is pretty close.  You can see the intensity in his demeanor – my guess is that he got a hit the next time he got to the plate.

Baseball Card Show Review.

Baseball Card Show Review.

While not under normal conditions, I attended a baseball card show this past weekend.  Prior to this show, I had become a ‘regular attendee’ of the Friday evening show, but with a Little League game on my calendar for my 8-year old’s team, going on Friday night was not an option.

So, I developed an aggressive plan to get to the show early on Saturday with the goal of being able to leave and get to my 6-year old’s Little League game at 11AM on Saturday morning.

Well, the plan went off without a hitch.  My early start was successful and I was able to spend 70 minutes at the card show – Hat-Tip to the organizers of the show for being nice enough to allow me early entry.

As for the cards, I did fairly well.  I spent a majority of my time working with my vintage dealer as I dug into his 1975 Topps boxes and hauled away a very impressive stack of cards for my set build.  Other than that, I did a little bit of casual shopping and picked up some other things that will fill my collection nicely.

I’ll show of my purchases throughout the remainder of the day so you can see how I did.

Come back often, and ‘Thanks for reading’!

Happy Monday.