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‘On The Road With psugator02’ – March 26

Friday, March 26

Glendale, Ariz.

Like an idiot, I misread the schedule, thinking that the D’Backs were at the Sox while they actually played host to the Sox. But I made the most of it, trying to graph those White Sox players who stayed behind in addition to the Dodgers, who were on the backfields.

White Sox

Mark Buehrle: Didn’t make the trip to Tucson. Was in the clubhouse getting treatment but never made it to the practice fields
Bobby Jenks: Didn’t make the trip but I never saw him
Omar Vizquel: 0/1….wouldn’t stop on his way back to the clubhouse despite there being only five graphers
Alex Rios: 0/1…wouldn’t stop on his way back to the clubhouse despite there being only five graphers
Chris Chambliss: 2/2……he wasn’t this cool in ’93 when I got him in St. Pete
Ken Williams: 0/1


Chad Billingsley: 1/1 (’08 Ginter)
Clayton Kershaw: 0/1, 0/1….signed a lot but got mobbed and I kept missing him…but a good dude
Joe Torre: 1/1 (SS, ROMLB)…he got mobbed. to get his attention I yelled, “Can you sign one for a Cardinals’ fan?” at least three times

Andre Ethier: 2/2 (’08 Ginter, ’09 Ginter)
Manny Ramirez: 0/1…yeah right…but he did wave at me, which was neat
Don Mattingly: 0/1….he smiled at me

12:30-4:30 p.m.
Reds at Mariners
Peoria, Ariz.

Stadium is so inacessible that I doubt I’ll be returning. However, I loved the price of the tickets — no need to buy box seats when you can get a lawn seat for $6 and still sit behind home plate — and the strawberry smoothie from Maui-Wowi. On a tangent, I used to work at a Maui-Wowi in Deerfield Beach, Fla. I liked the work attire so much — it’s a loud Hawaiian shirt — that I often wear it to ballgames. It was funny when I ordered my smoothie because the two employees behind the counter looked at me as if I was their manager. On to the totals:

Chad Cordero: 4/4 (’07 Ginters)….got him in the bullpen about 15 minutes before the game. Has to be one of the friendliest players in all of MLB. Told him that he was a dominant closer and that I hope he makes it all the way back.
Erik Bedard: 1/1 (’08 Ginter)….Got him in the fifth inning as he exited the field for the clubhouse. Seems to sign a lot but has an AWFUL graph and I really can’t understand why
Eric Byrnes: 1/1 (’08 Ginter)…the only starter to sign leaving the field after the game..but his graph is scribble, too
Ichiro: Thought hanging out with angelsfan might bring me good luck. She had made a killer Ichiro sign written in Japanese that I was sure would get him to stop. But to no avail though he did point at the sign once in the stadium and then again as he drove away
Ken Griffey: 0/1 had his head down as he drove away. I’ve never even seen him acknowledge fans
Cliff Lee: 0/1

And the surprise of the day:

Jay Buhner: 1/2 (SI)….I grew up going to Yankees’ spring-training games — back when they were still in Fort Lauderdale — so getting to meet Buhner was a bit of a thrill for me. And the graph came out great, too

Glendale, Ariz.
5:30-6:15 p.m.

Left Peoria as soon as the game ended and made my way back to Glendale, thinking that some White Sox players may be returning from their game in Tucson. I didn’t see any White Sox players nor did I see any fans waiting for graphs so I drove over to the Dodgers’ side and was surprised to find out that there were some coaches and players still inside.

Blake DeWitt: 1/1 (’09 Ginter)
James Loney: 1/1 (’08 Ginter)
Rick Honeycutt: 0/1…I’m sure I could’ve gotten him but I didn’t know it was him until he had driven by
Joe Torre: 0/1..There were nine graphers remaining when he left at 6:15. It wouldn’t have been difficult to sign for everyone, but he chose to sign only for the three women who remained. And even then he signed the three baseballs in black Sharpie. I don’t think my theatrics from this morning helped my cause. Had I not made such a fool of myself earlier he may have stopped. Some images — 6’5, grey hair, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a Brewers’ cap — don’t leave a person no matter how many graphs they sign LOL

Other: Apparently I just missed Maury Wills, who signed a few minutes before I arrived to the surprise of the locals. I guess he’s become difficult. … George Brett made the trip to Glendale and actually signed, but of course I was at a different game. Can’t win ’em all

If you would like to contact Mark, he can be reached at psugator02@yahoo.com.

‘On The Road With psugator02′ – March 24 & 25, 2010

‘On The Road With psugator02′ – March 24 & 25, 2010

Wednesday, March 24

L.A. Dodgers at Oakland A’s
Phoenix, AZ

After some problems with the rental car I was forced to take the city bus from the airport so I didn’t make it to the game until 7:30 p.m. Met up with angelsfan, who has to be the prettiest grapher on this board, and a friend from South Florida. The Dodgers brought the entire starting lineup, which was a shock to me considering that’s not something that usually happens in the Grapefruit League. Most of the Dodgers’ starters were pulled halfway through the game, which is when we decided to leave our seats for the bus. Shocked at how accommodating the players were:

James Loney: 1/2 (Ginter)…said he didn’t have time to sign the second
Casey Blake: 1/1 (Ginter), 1/1 with help (Ginter)..signed but didn’t seem too happy about it
Matt Kemp: 1/1 (Ginter)….wanted to ask him about Rhiana but I didn’t LOL
Hiroki Kuroda: Actually jogged around the fans waiting by the bus so he wouldn’t have to sign
Andre Ethier: 1/1 (Ginter)
Rafael Furcal: 1/1 (Ginter)
Joe Torre: 0/1…said there were too many people even though I only counted six. seemed to be in a bad mood

Other: Mattingly and the entire coaching staff wouldn’t even acknowledge fans

and the surprise of the night:

Tommy Lasorda: 1/1 (SS, ROMLB)…he only signed three. was with a handler who kept saying that “Tommy can’t sign anymore. Get him tomorrow at Camelback.” Well once the handler got in the car to pick up Tommy I shouted, “Hey Tommy, would you mind signing?” And he motioned for a friend and I to come over. I”ll just say this: Lasorda looked like death and I mean that in the nicest way. He had trouble walking and appeared to be out of it at least in the 5 minutes I interacted with him. Whatever is wrong, I wish him the best.

Next up on Thursday: Rangers at Angels (day) and A’s at Giants (night)


Thursday, March 25

Texas Rangers at LA Angels

Got there at about 10:15 and Weaver, Wood and Santana were already on the backfields and the Rangers’ team bus had already arrived. Had to graph the stadium before the game started and I’m never a big fan of that. But all in all I did pretty well.

Josh Hamilton: 1/1 (11×14 in blue Sharpie) on the LF berm, 1/1 (8×10 in black Sharpie) on the berm, 2/2 (Ginters) after the game….also took a pic with…this dude is awesome. he actually parked in the public lot if you can believe that…..you can really see that after all he’s been through he really understand what’s important and that’s being cool to the fans
Nelson Cruz: 2/2 (8x10s) in public lot after game, 2/2 (Ginters) in public lot after game
Ron Washington: 1/1 (Senior League Baseball card)….We reminisced about the Senior Baseball League, which had a team only a few minutes from where I live. Wished him luck in 2010 and he said,”Thanks, babe.”
Chris Davis: 2/2 (Ginters) before game, 1/1 (Ginter) after game in public lot
Hideki Matsui: 0/1 just missed him as he signed about 20 in the sixth inning while leaving the field for the clubhouse
Tori Hunter: 1/1 (Ginter) in the boldest black Sharpie I have ever seen, 1/1 (’08 Ginter state card)…this dude is great..always smiling, chatting with fans and taking pictures
David Murphy: 2/2 (Ginters)

and the surprise of the day…………

Vlad Guerrero: 1/1 (’08 Ginter)…I purposely left my SI at home because I’ve never seen or heard of him signing. And then when I saw him doing SPs all I had left was the Ginter. But no regrets as I need him to complete the set. I told him that I don’t know anyone who can sport a goatee the way he does, but I’m not sure he understood me. I was finally at the right place at the right time

Oakland A’s at San Francisco Giants
5:30-11 p.m.

Mike Gallego: 2/2 (cards) before the game by the dugout….reminisced about the days the Yankees used to train in Fort Lauderdale. a GREAT dude…didn’t realize how short he is LOL
Travis Buck: 1/1 (Turkey Red) before the game by the dugout…..I don’t even collect Turkey Reds but this card looks great
Kevin Kouzmanoff: 1/1 (Ginter)…..he explained why players aren’t allowed to sign once the National Anthem begins….neat guy
Mark Gardner: 0/1..he would’ve done it but I didn’t recognize him until it was too late
Jonathan Sanchez: 2/2 (8x10s), 1/1 (8×10) with help….refused to inscribe his no-hitter, though he did for someone else…you should’ve seen the woman he was with..WOW
Bruce Bochy: 1/1 (card)…he stopped his car to sign for the dozen or so graphers left
Shawon Dunston: 1/1 (card)…he didn’t want to sign, saying, “It’s no longer my time.”
Mark DeRosa: 1/1 (card)
Roberto Kelly: 1/1 (card)
Bengie Molina: 1/1 (Ginter)…last player to leave the stadium
Buster Posey: 0/1 …didn’t think he was worth a ball so I gave him a whitesheet, which he refused to sign
Pablo Sandoval: 1/1 (SS, ROMLB)….asked him for the “Kung Fu Panda” inscription but he refused
Tim Flannery: 0/1 …wouldn’t even stop

and the biggest disappointment of the night ….

Dave Righetti: 0/1 ….last person to leave the stadium and the only reason I even attended the game. Asked him as he exited the clubhouse if he could sign and he said, “No” and then put his head down. Walked over to his car but he just drove past me