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TTM Success: Jeff Reardon!!!

It took just 8 days for Jeff Reardon to return all 4 cards I sent him – and they are signed perfectly!!

Reardon lives roughly 40 miles North of me.  It’s nice to see how quickly these cards came back.

Jeff Reardon enjoyed a solid 16-year career in the big leagues and was a big-time closer for more than a decade.  While playing for 7 teams, he collected 367 saves and compiled a record of 73-77.  Back when 30 saves was something to brag about, Reardon was surpassing that goal regularly.  In total he had 7 seasons of 30 or more saves, with 3 of them reaching the 40-mark.

Jeff Reardon has a neat signature.  I have never seen a ‘J’ like that before and if you examine it closely it kind of looks like a ‘J’ and a ‘G’ are written on top of each other…

Thanks for the great autographs Mr. Reardon!!!

11 More TTM Requests Are In The Mail!!!

I told you I was serious…

It took me a little time to get organized, but now that I am, I will be going on another autograph through the mail request spree!!!

For this round, I am hitting up a few guys for a second time but also going after many new ones too.

I just got home from dropping these off at the post office:

The players:  Steve Avery, Fernando Valenzuela, Kelly Gruber, Jeff Kent, Don Mattingly, Bill Russell, Lee Smith, Don Zimmer, Bobby Thomson, Ron Cey, and Jeff Reardon.

And like always, I will share each and every success and failure with you as they are returned back to me.

And if all goes according to plan, I should be able to put together another round of mail after I attend a baseball card show this weekend and scoop up some more cards.

Wish me luck!!!!

‘Now That’s A Book I’d Read’ – Book #2 – ‘Both Sides Of The Fence’

This book is the 2nd book in this new feature at ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

Title – ‘Both Sides Of The Fence ‘

Synopsis – The most heated rivalry in all of professional sports – The New York Yankees and The Boston Red Sox.  Dating back to the early 1900’s the games and rivalry established between these two franchises is legendary.  And with the rivalry comes stories of laughter mixed with tears as well as the thrill of victory and the heartbreak of defeat.

Jacket  Content – In the rivalry of the Yankees and Red Sox, there is a bold line separating the two teams.  The fans from ‘Beantown’ are as loyal as they come even though their overall team success is not on par with their counterparts.  And the Yankees team, armed with 26 World Championships, are the more decorated team and act as such.

This book will share the stories of the players that called both Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium home during their careers.  We will dig in deep to dissect the sport’s oldest and strongest rivalry by listening to the stories of the men that played for both teams.  In this book you will hear funny recounts of fan interaction, horror stories of players that have left one team to join their biggest enemy, and tales of the ultimate satisfaction – beating their arch nemesis(and former teams). 

207 players have done this.  Here are the stories of the most accomplished and famous men of that group.


1 – Don Baylor : Yankees(1983-85) Red Sox(1986-87)

2 – Wade Boggs : Yankees(1993-97) Red Sox(1982-92)

3 – Jose Canseco : Yankees(2000) Red Sox(1995-96)

4 – Roger Clemens : Yankees(1999-07) Red Sox(1984-96)

5 – David Cone : Yankees(1995-00) Red Sox(2001)

6 – Johnny Damon : Yankees(2006-present) Red Sox(2002-05)

7 – Rickey Henderson : Yankees(1985-89) Red Sox(2002)

8 – Mike Lowell : Yankees(1998) Red Sox(2006-present)

9 – Sparky Lyle : Yankees(1972-78) Red Sox(1967-71)

10 –  John Olerud : Yankees(2004) Red Sox (2005)

11 – Jeff Reardon : Yankeed(1994) Red Sox (1990-92)

12 – George Herman ‘ Babe’ Ruth : Yankees(1920-34) Red Sox(1914-19)

13 – Lee Smith : Yankees(1993) Red Sox(1988-90)

14 – JT Snow : Yankees(1992) Red Sox(2006)

15 – Luis Tiant : Yankees(1979-80) Red Sox(1971-18)

16 – David Wells : Yankees(1997-03) Red Sox(2005-06)


19 More Autograph TTM Requests Are In The Mail!!

19 more envelopes are in the mail stream.  I’ve got these going out to Spring Training ballparks, television studios, homes, and Major League Ballparks too.

This group is an eleclectic bunch, hopefully some fresh autographs will be headed back my way shortly!!!

The guys : Jamie Moyer, Steve Trout, Matt Treanor(correct team this time), Bill Lee, BJ Surhoff, Steve Lyons, Todd Hundley, Vance Law, Paul Molitor, Tom Herr, Jeff Reardon, Dave Dravecky, Darren Daulton, Mike Bielecki, Jody Davis, Dan Plesac, Paul Assenmacher, Larry Bowa, and Mitch Williams.