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Jim Palmer 2003 Donruss Signature ‘Century Notations’ Authentic Signature Card

Jim Palmer 2003 Donruss Signature ‘Century Notations’ Authentic Signature Card

It has been more than six months since I added a Jim Palmer certified autograph baseball card into my collection.  And back in April when I showed it off, it was the first certified Palmer auto that I had picked up.

Well, you can call this one the second!!

The card comes from the 2003 Donruss Signature set and it features a sweet ’76 Cy’ inscription.  I love the team-themed colors of the card.  And Donruss picked a great image of Palmer to use as well.

The card is serial numbered as 63/100!

Now I just need to find the cards with the ’73 Cy’ and ’75 Cy’ for my collection.

Time to go shopping!!!!

UncleMoe Sends Over Some Great Cards!!!

UncleMoe Sends Over Some Great Cards!!!

One of the most loyal trade partners that I have had the pleasure of trading with over the years is UncleMoe.

We have an understanding – he gets my Diamondbacks and I get his Marlins.  The deal was never etched into stone, it has naturally progressed.  In addition to that, if I uncover any of the players that he collects while at my monthly card show, I grab them for him.  And he always returns the favor with cards of the guys that I collect.

It has been this way for the last few years, and is as close to having a ‘trading partner’ like I had when I was a kid.

The last package of cards from UncleMoe was again, AWESOME!!!

This time around, he sent me some new Marlins cards for my team collection, and some modern cards of the legends that I collect.

On to the bounty!!!

2 Gary Carter cards that I was missing:

A full page’s worth of Marlins:

And two very sweet Eddie Murray and Jim Palmer cards that I did not have:

Thank you Moe!!!  These are great additions to my collection.

Finally, My First Certified Autograph Of Jim Palmer!!!

Finally, My First Certified Autograph Of Jim Palmer!!!

I declared my intent to become a ‘Jim Palmer Super Collector’ in the middle of January.  And since that formal announcement, I have added some great Jim Palmer baseball goodies to my collection that honors his fantastic career.

And now, I can finally smile and show off my first Jim Palmer certified autographed baseball card.

Have a look:

Palmer is far from cheap.  Certainly not the most expensive, but definitely not the cheapest either…

After bidding on a handful, but not yet ready to take a double-digit plunge, I scored this one.

Not too bad for $9.99.

And that sweet Blue autograph really pops too!!!