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With 49 Strikeouts In The Phillies/Diamondbacks Series, The Contest Winner Is…

With 49 Strikeouts In The Phillies/Diamondbacks Series, The Contest Winner Is…


Congratulations Nathan, you correctly guessed 49!!!

And now, these cards are yours:

Thanks to everyone that played.

And please stay tuned – I am working on a special treat that will be announced in the coming days.


The Players & Their Picks – Track The Strikeouts Contest!!!!

The Players & Their Picks – Track The Strikeouts Contest!!!!

Thanks to all that participated.  I truly believe that this will be a fun one too!

The Phillies and the Diamondbacks square off in the first of three games tonight, so stay tuned to those boxscores to see who gets the early lead in this 3-game contest.

Here is a list of the player and their picks:

Player # Of K’s
sirrahh 19
hiflew 20
Justin 31
Night Owl 32
Hackenbush 33
Doug 35
cardfreak 36
Jeff L 39
Shane K 40
Jason S 42
Darren 43
Chris 44
rob 45
Jeff 46
zebbers 47
Nathan 49
McGee-Fan51 51
Diamond King 52
Ron Churchwell 56
James Haynes 57

And don’t forget, the player that comes the closest to the total number of strikeouts, without going over,  from this 3-game series will win this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

Now that, my dear friends, is a very healthy stack of baseball cards!!!

Good Luck to you all!  The winner will be announced Wednesday evening once Game 3 is in the books.


CONTEST TIME: Track The Strikeouts!!!!

CONTEST TIME:  Track The Strikeouts!!!!

Ok Gang, time to run another contest at ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

This contest will take us all to the wonderful state of Arizona, where the Diamondbacks will be hosting the Philadelphia Phillies for a 3-game set on April 23, 24, and 25.

The two teams feature some of the best arms in the National League, and I am predicting that there will be a lot of K’s during that set.

So, on to the contest!!!

To be entered into this contest, simply predict the total number of strikeouts that you think will occur during this 3-game series.  The player that comes the closest to the actual number of strikeouts, without going over, will win.  And a number is selected it cannot be used again, so pick wisely.

And now for the prize:  130+ cards from the 2011 Topps baseball set!!!

We’ve got Gold:

We’ve got Silver:

We’ve got commemorative cards:

And we’ve got base:

You want the prize?  Then make your selection!!!

I will take all entries up until 11:59 PM on Saturday night, so make your picks now!!!

Good Luck.

Bring On The Phillies!!!

Bring On The Phillies!!!

OK, maybe this is not the best approach, but why not go into Philadelphia with a team that is full of confidence in their ability to win?

The Marlins are coming off of a series in which they won 2 out of 3 games from the Braves, and the team’s offense is clicking.  In fact, they’re winning games and scoring runs without the aid of Hanley Ramirez and Mike Stanton.  If those two guys can turn it on, maybe, just maybe ‘The Fish’ can continue their winning ways…

My fingers are crossed, but the opposition is real tough.  And while we’re not facing Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee during this road trip, the challenge of Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels is not a cake-walk either…

My fingers are crossed.  GO FISH!!!