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Does Carlos Zambrano’s Demotion To The Bullpen Help My Fantasy Team???

Does Carlos Zambrano’s Demotion To The Bullpen Help My Fantasy Team???

Yes, I believe it does!!!

While I don’t classify myself as a ‘Fantasy Geek’, I do enjoy the game and have been playing for the last 10 years or so.  My preferred method is the rotiserrie style, and this year I joined a Yahoo League that was being hosted by ‘Andre Dawson For The Hall of Fame’ creator, Charley.

When selecting a team, I usually try to stock up on starting pitchers.  This year was no different as my starters include:  Roy Halladay, Josh Johnson, Johan Santana, Josh Beckett, Mark Buehrle, JA Happ, and the newly demoted Carlos Zambrano.  Pretty stacked, right??  You have probably guessed that I am doing pretty well in the pitching categories with this line-up of hurlers.  And you’re right.  Going into today, I am in first place!!

But what do I do with Zambrano?  Based on his new role, he should become eligible to be used as both a starter and a reliever.  I am seeing him dropped in leagues across Yahoo Sports at a faster rate than a player who gets put on the DL.

I know what I want to do, but I was wondering what you thought….

My gut tells me to keep him and use him as a reserve.  He’ll get me some decent K’s, but I may have to deal with his high ERA too.  But it is not very often that you can have a reliever that may be able to get you 12-15 wins too…

Give me your opinion.  Keep him or dump him.

Having Fun With Baseball’s 25 Highest Paid Players…

I thought it would be entertaining to take a look at baseball’s top 25 paid players for the 2008 season and link their salaries to one stat of theirs to illustrate how much each of these guys got paid to do just one thing over the course of the whole year…

The results are pretty funny, and a little disturbing too!!! 

Rank Player Salary Team Fun Facts
1 Alex Rodriguez $28,000,000.00 NY Yankees $800,000 per home run
2 Jason Giambi $23,428,571.00 NY Yankees $207,332 per hit
3 Derek Jeter $21,600,000.00 NY Yankees $245,454 per run scored
4 Manny Ramirez $18,929,923.00 Boston Red Sox $156,445 per RBI
5 Carlos Beltran $18,622,809.00 NY Mets $749,912 per stolen base
6 Ichiro Suzuki $17,102,149.00 Seattle Mariners $2,443,164 per triple
7 Johan Santana $16,984,216.00 NY Mets $1,061,513 per win
8 Todd Helton $16,600,000.00 Colorado Rockies $200,000 per game played
9 Torii Hunter $16,500,000.00 LA Angels $445,945 per double
10 Bobby Abreau $16,000,000.00 NY Yankees $219,178 for every walk drawn
11 Carlos Delgado $16,000,000.00 NY Mets $2,000,000 for every sacrifice
12 Andy Pettitte $16,000,000.00 NY Yankees $484,848 for every game started
13 Carlos Zambrano $16,000,000.00 Chicago Cubs $123,076 per strikeout
14 Mike Hampton $15,975,184.00 Atlanta Braves $355,004 for every run allowed
15 Magglio Ordonez $15,768,174.00 Detroit Tigers $315,363 each time he was caught stealing
16 Rafael Furcal $15,730,195.00 LA Angels $191,831 for each base he reached
17 Jim Thome $15,666,666.00 Chicago White Sox $31,146 per at bat
18 Vlad Guerrero $15,500,000.00 Los Angeles Angels $193,750 per outfield assist
19 Tim Hudson $15,500,000.00 Atlanta Braves $5,166,666 per wild pitch
20 Richie Sexson $15,500,000.00 Seattle Mariners $267,241 per double play turned
21 Jason Schmidt $15,217,401.00 LA Dodgers $15,217,401 for doing nothing
22 Randy Johnson $15,100,546.00 Arizona Diamondbacks $7,550,273 per complete game
23 Aramis Ramirez $15,000,000.00 Chicago Cubs $1,363,636 each time hit by a pitch
24 Mariano Rivera $15,000,000.00 NY Yankees $211,267 per inning pitched
25 Miguel Tejada $14,811,414.00 Houston Astros $1,346,492 per error committed


Make no mistake about it, nobody deserves to be paid what these guys get paid.  Especially in a time when the country is in a recession and more and more Americans are unemployed.  But, none of us would turn these contracts down either so you cannot really fault the players…

Needless to say, these guys are really making a ton of cash for playing a kid’s game and I applaud them for the hard work(most of the time) and their dedication to their sport!!  Now back up that Wells Fargo truck!!!!