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Among The ‘Normal’ Guys I Will Be Watching During The 2014 Season, Here Are A Few More I Will Be Paying Attention To As Well…

Among The ‘Normal’ Guys I Will Be Watching During The 2014 Season, Here Are A Few More I Will Be Paying Attention To As Well…

We are right around 36 hours away from the official start to the 2014 baseball season.  You better believe that I will be starting my day by listening to some games on my IPhone and then ending my night watching my Marlins host the Colorado Rockies.

It is going to be a great season.

In addition to the standard crop of guys that I will be watching as the season progresses, here are a few more guys that I am going to be paying attention to.  Each of them offers a great level of skill and enthusiasm to the game, and I am eager to see how their seasons unfold.

Jose Reyes


Mark Teixeira


Joe Nathan


Tim Lincecum

San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Tim Lincecum pitches against the New York Mets during the first inning of their MLB National League baseball game at CitiField in New York

Gio Gonzalez


Billy Hamilton


David Price


And of course, Derek Jeter


Have I paid attention to these guys prior to this season?  Of course I have.  But, I believe that each of these guys will have some level of impact on the game this year – both minor and major.  It may be huge headlines, and it may be record-breaking performances, but I think that you will be hearing the names of these players a lot in 2014 – and I am ready!

I cannot wait to watch it all unfold!!

Is there anyone you think is ready to make a huge impact this season?  Are you paying special attention to someone new this year?

Let’s go!

With This Jose Reyes 2013 Topps ’72 Mini, I Have Finally Completed My Miami Marlins Base Team Set!!!

With This Jose Reyes 2013 Topps ’72 Mini, I Have Finally Completed My Miami Marlins Base Team Set!!!

Yes, it took me a lot longer than I had expected, but I finally did it.

With this 1972 mini card of Jose Reyes, I have officially collected all of the non-parallel, non-relic, and non-autograph cards of the Miami Marlins from the 2013 Topps Series 1 release.


For some reason, this card of Reyes eluded me, big time!!  I was never able to pull one from a pack, and none ever became a possible trade option either.  I finally found one on Ebay for just $0.99 with FREE Shipping so I scooped it up.

So, now that I have the base team set, the 1972 mini set, and the ‘Chasing The Dream’ subset all completed, it is time to start hunting down some of the colored parallel versions from the regular set.  And maybe I can sneak in a relic or auto along the way too…

Let’s Shop!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #6 – Lot Of 3 Miami Marlins Jose Reyes Cards

Baseball Card Show Purchase #6  – Lot Of 3 Miami Marlins Jose Reyes Cards

He’s no longer a Miami Marlin…

He’s no longer my shortstop…

He’s no longer batting 3rd for my team…

But, I still needed a few Jose Reyes cards that feature him as a Marlin.  And I was able to find three.

Have a look:


I have almost all of the base cards of Reyes from 2012 that show him wearing a Marlins uniform. 

It was nice to find a few inserts to help me round out that collection.


This Matt Dominguez 2012 Topps Finest Baseball Card Completes My 2012 Finest Miami Marlins Team Set!!!

This Matt Dominguez 2012 Topps Finest Baseball Card Completes My 2012 Finest Miami Marlins Team Set!!!

It is always nice when a fellow blogger lends a hand to his peers.  And in this case, I was the recipient of such generosity.

A few weeks back, I saw that one of my blogging pals Adam has ripped open some 2012 Topps Finest packs.  I needed just one card to complete my Marlins team set, and he pulled it.

The card was the Matt Dominguez rookie card.  And although Dominguez is no longer on the Marlins (spoiler alert), I wanted the card to complete my set.

So, I asked.  And I was obliged.

And now, I have the card.  Check it out:

And here is a look at the completed 4-card set:

The cards are great looking, and I like the dark backgrounds.  It’s too bad that 3 of the 4 players featured are no longer Marlins players, but that is just par for the course when you are a Marlins fan.

Thank you for the card Adam, it is greatly appreciated.  And for everyone else, hop over to Adam’s blog – he is a great trade partner and a serious team and player collector!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #4 – 2012 Topps Finest Baseball Cards Of Stanton, Reyes, and Ramirez

Baseball Card Show Purchase #4 – 2012 Topps Finest Baseball Cards Of Stanton, Reyes, and Ramirez

Since the last show I attended, the 2012 Topps Finest brand has hit the retail shelves.  There is one seller at the show that specializes in latest releases in baseball cards so I knew that he would have them.

The best part is that he organizes by team so it is very easy to shop with him.

When I got to his table, I jumped into the ‘Marlins’ section and pulled these three cards:

And now I am on my way to working on this team set.

Time to find a checklist…

PREMIERING TONIGHT – The Franchise, Starring The Miami Marlins

PREMIERING TONIGHT – The Franchise, Starring The Miami Marlins

I have not looked forward to the debut of a television show like this for a very long time.

You better believe that I will be glued to the TV tonight at 10:00PM.

Here is a preview:

I cannot wait!!!



I’ve Got Tix!!!!

I’ve Got Tix!!!!

It took me a lot longer than I wanted, but due to some prior plans, birthday parties, and a family vacation, I have been unable to make the trip to the new Marlins Park.

Well, that all changes now.

I have finally scored two tickets to a game at Marlins Park, and they are for next Saturday evening against the Washington Nationals!!!

And I cannot wait.

Sure, I want to check out my team and cheer them on as they battle the first-place Nationals.  But, I am just as excited to see the new ballpark.  I have heard great things, and I have been wanting to check it out for myself.

My wife is eager to check out the new ballpark too, and we’re going to bring her camera and zoom lens so I can capture as much of the stadium and game action as possible.

Next Sunday, you can expect lots and lots of pictures!!!


A Trade Post On ’30-YOC’??? Yes, A Trade Post On ’30-YOC’!!!!

A Trade Post On ’30-YOC’???  Yes, A Trade Post On ’30-YOC’!!!!

Well, well, well, look at who has completed a trade…

It has been a long time since I was able to officially call a baseball card transaction a trade, but I believe that I am correct with the naming for this exchange of cards.

Let’s get right down to it…

After tearing though a blaster of 2012 Topps Archives, a few readers of the blog showed some interest in some of the cards I pulled.

One of those readers was Doug, of the blog ‘Baseball Cards And Life’.  He saw two cards that appealed to him.  And he has good taste!!  Check out what I sent him:

Pretty nice stuff huh?

Yeah well, Doug sent be back some pretty sweet stuff too…  Four cards as a matter of fact, and they all share a very common theme.

Have a peek:

Oh yeah, Miami Marlins.  And they look great!!

Thank you, Doug.  That was a lot of fun!  I am on my way to collecting the team set from this issue.

Anyone else want to work out a trade??  Let me know.

‘Uncle Moe’ Sends Over A Marlins-Themed Stack Of Baseball Cards

‘Uncle Moe’ Sends Over A Marlins-Themed Stack Of Baseball Cards

I believe that ‘Uncle Moe’ and I have a unwitten rule.  He gets my Diamondbacks and I get his Marlins – it is that simple.

I am certain that there are other relationships out there is the card-blogging arena that exist as well.  Heck, I have a few other myself.

But none has been as long-standing as the one I have with the man that they call ‘Moe’.

This time around, he hit me with a bit of a surprise too.  Sure, there were plenty of Marlins to enjoy, but he also sent over a pair of cards that feature a certain Hall of Famer that I really like as well.

So, enough of the chit-chat, let’s see the spoils!!!

Pair of Dennis Eckersley 2012 Topps inserts:

Josh Johnson 2011 Topps Diamond Stars:

Anibal Sanchez 2012 Topps Archives – a perfect complement to the Hanley, Reyes, Heath Bell, and Josh Johnson cards that I already owned:

4 cards from the 2012 Topps – 1 from series 1, and 3 from series 2:

Carlos Zambrano 2012 Topps Series 2 – Red Border:

Hanley Ramirez 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen – Gold Border:

Jose Reyes 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Sliding Stars’:

Some pretty sweet stuff in there, huh??

Yeah, I am really digging these cards.

Of the lot, my favorite is the Jose Reyes card. While a obviuos air-brush job (Reyes cut his hair prior to suiting up for the Fish), I like the theme of the subset.  The ‘Eck’ Mound Dominance card is pretty fantastic as well!!!

Thank you Moe!  And if you’re reading this, take a few minutes to see what he is doing on his blog, it is a great, and fun, read.  Click here.


Reader Gerad Sends Over Three Cards For My 2012 Topps Heritage Miami Marlins Team Set!!!

Reader Gerad Sends Over Three Cards For My 2012 Topps Heritage Miami Marlins Team Set!!!

The readers of this blog continue to amaze me with their generosity.

This time around, it was loyal reader Gerad that offered up a fe treats.

3 to be exact – and all are needs for the 2012 Topps Heritage team set I am building of the Miami Marlins.

Check them out:

1st – NL Home Run League Leaders card featuring Giancarlo Stanton among some other names you may know…

2nd – Matt Dominguez rookie card

3 – Jose Reyes

I will have to check the official checklist, but I believe that this means that I have completed the base part of the set.

Now, on to the short prints – and there are a lot of Marlins SP’s to go after!!!

Thank you again, Gerad.  I will have some ‘Cards’ for you soon.