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Did You Know…

The only player in major league history to have more than 700 at-bats during his rookie season is Juan Samuel.  As a member of the Philadelphia Phillies in 1984, Samuel approached the plate 701 times.

Juan Samuel

Tim Raines 1987 Fleer ‘Superstar Special’ w/Juan Samuel

Tim Raines 1987 Fleer ‘Superstar Special’ w/Juan Samuel

Man, just look at those great uniforms of the mid-1980’s.  Classic stuff right there!!!

This card comes from the 1987 Fleer baseball card subset titled ‘Superstar Special’.  Fleer did a great job with this series as they often got multiple players on a single card that normally would not be pictured together.  I have to guess that most of the images came from Spring Training or All-Star games when the scene on the field was a lot more laid back than during regular season and post-season play.

This card features two of the fastest players in the game back then – Tim Raines & Juan Samuel.  Tagged as ‘Doubles and Triples’ the card pays homage to the way that these two superstars ran the bases for their teams. 

My 1985 Topps Record Breakers Subset Is Complete!!!

My 1985 Topps Record Breakers Subset Is Complete!!!

Hey, another subset is down.  And I couldn’t be happier.  Collecting subsets issued from the 1980’s has been a blast for me.  And when referring to the ‘Record Breakers’ subsets issued during that time, it has brought back some incredible memories as well.

As a kid, the first set I ever collected was the 792-card 1985 Topps set.  So, while collecting subsets from this specific issue, it has also brought back some great memories of my first experience as a set-builder.

Just look at the group of players honored by this incredible subset of cards:

This subset is littered with Hall of Famers, All-stars, MVPs, ROYs, and so much more.

It was a ton of fun going back to 1985 and I cannot wait to jump right into my next subset from the 1980s!!!

Stay tuned.

1991 Upper Deck Baseball – Pack Break #7

I bring you the seventh of eight packs of 1991 Upper Deck baseball cards that I ripped through this morning…

Notable – Darryl Strawberry, Terry Pendleton, Juan Samuel, John Franco 

Pick Of The Pack – Wade Boggs getting down at the hot corner!

Juan Samuel Autograph TTM Success!!!

Juan Samuel signed these 2 cards for me in 30 days.

Samuel strung together quite a few successful seasons in the mid-80’s for the Phillies.  Juan displayed many qualities of a great offensive player.  In his best statistical season of 1987, Samuel had 178 hits, 28 of which were home runs.  He also collected 100 RBI and 35 stolen bases.

Samuel is currently a coach for the Baltimore Orioles.  I saw him last week at Spring Training and had nothing to sign.  Had I known I would have been going to the games when I sent these cards out I probably would have held onto them and try to get him to sign for me in person.  Either way, I am happy to add these to my collection.

Thanks, Mr. Samuel!!! 


18 Autograph TTM Requests Have Been Shipped – Spring Training Style!!!

 That’s right I said 18.  18 envelops are in the mail and they’re going to Spring Training!!!  I have selected 18 more players to seek autographs from.  A select few are of current players but the remainder are of veterans that have now become coaches.

I’ve read often enough that Spring Training is a great time to start going for autographs so I am going to test that theory.  This will not be the only bunch to hit the mail stream this month but I can guarantee that most of these envelopes will be to the stadium prior to the players and coaches getting there.

The guys – Ken Oberkfell, Tony LaRussa, Ozzie Guillen, Hal McRae, Terry Pendleton, Matt Williams, Alan Trammell, Juan Samuel, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, Gerald Perry, Tony Pena, Jose Oquendo, Fred McGriff, Roy Halladay, Joe Girardi, Mariano Duncan, and Will Clark.

Wish me luck!!!