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Celebrity First Pitch – Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Here is possibly the tallest ‘First Pitch’ ever thrown out at a baseball game.  None other than Los Angeles Lakers Hall of Famer, the great Kareem Abdul -Jabbar. 

I’ve always admired Kareem as a player, and I have to admit that seeing him in the movie “Airplane” made me an even bigger fan of his!!!  ‘My name is Roger Murdoch, I’m an airplane pilot.’

Celebrity First Pitch – Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher is one of the classiest guys you will find in the NBA.  A true ‘workhorse’, Fisher has been a solid contributor over the span of his career and he has helped lead the Los Angeles Lakers to 4 NBA championship titles.

It’s only fitting that he has had the chance to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Los Angeles Dodgers game!!!

Celebrity First Pitch – Pau Gasol

Fresh off of his 2009 NBA championship, Pau Gasol of the Los Angeles Lakers headed over to Dodger Stadium to throw out the first pitch in front of the very excited home team and fans!!!

I can only imagine that during those awkward seconds before Gasol makes his way to the mound that they are showing highlights of him and the Lakers’ championship win on the big screen.  Otherwise his pose, stare, and smile are a little creepy…

A-Rod Shows His Humorous Side…

It’s not very often that you find Alex Rodriguez doing something in a public forum that is out of his character.  To be perfectly honest, I am really surprised that he would be in a commercial like this and I’m even more amazed that he didn’t demand the lead role that went to Kobe Bryant.

Leave it up to A-Rod to get involved with something where he is alongside sport’s greatest athletes.  There is no way that he would have done this if the cast included Bam Margera, Trot Nixon, and Kaz Matsui…