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Marlins/Giants/Rockies Recap Of The Last Three Days

You may recall that a few das ago I posted a story on this site tagged ‘The Next 3 Days Are The Most Important Days For 2009 Florida Marlins!!!’

And now here we sit three days later.

The Marlins did their part…

The Giants did their part…

And The Rockies did their part too…

You see the Marlins went to St. Louis to face the mighty Cardinals.  It was a test of the Marlins to see if they could compete with the league’s best teams and they won the series 2-1.  The Marlins have won 6 of their last 10 games, but the Phillies have been doing even better going 7-3.  With a full 7 game lead over the Marlins, the Phillies have been clicking on all cylinders and look to have the NL East locked up.  Still, the Phils and Marlins will battle 6 more times in the next 3 weeks so anything can happen, but it is very unlikely that the Phillies will fall apart at this point.

In the series between the Rockies and Giants, both teams did exactly what was needed.  The Rockies lost and the Giants won.  And even though the Rockies still hold a 3 1/2 game lead of San Fran and a 4 1/2 game lead over ‘The Fish’ both teams have been playing better than the leader and the gap has started to close.  It looks like the race for the NL Wild Card will carry on for a few more weeks, and the Marlins are right in the thick of it!!!

So where do the three teams go from here??  The Marlins are set for a 4-game series against the lowly Reds.  The Giants prepare to travel to LA to take on the first place Dodgers.  And the Rockies have a few days of ‘easy’ games against the last place Diamondbacks.

It’s still anyone’s game.  And ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ will be there to cover all of it!!!

Marlins Cardinals Baseball

Stay tuned.  And GO FISH!!!

The Next 3 Days Are The Most Important Days For 2009 Florida Marlins!!!

 The next 3 days will either make or break the Marlins chances of making it into the playoffs.  The Marlins have been playing very good baseball lately.  With an 8-4 record so far this month, the team is firing on all cylinders.  That kind of winning will need to continue if they want to challenge for the National League East division lead or the wild card.

Monday, then Tuesday, and then Wednesday.  We should know a lot more after these days pass….

And there are 2 reasons for this.

Reason #1:  The Marlins are on the road to take on the St. Louis Cardinals.  The cards are one of the best teams in baseball and they are the team that is closest to clinching a playoff spot.  Armed with one of the best pitching staffs in all of baseball, the Cardinals have 2 of the top candidates for the Cy Young award in their rotation as well as one of the best bullpens in the majors.  Their offensive line-up is solid and contains a great blend of contact hitting, power hitting, and speed.

If the Marlins can escape St. Louis with a winning record in that series, they will have done a great job!!!

Reason #2:  The Rockies and Giants are battling each other in a 3-game series.  These 2 teams are the Marlins’ competition for the NL’s wild card spot.  While the Rockies have been on fire as of late, and the Giants have been losing, this match-up will do quite a lot in the wild card standings for all 3 teams and the one that performs the best over these 3 days may end up as the team that eventually clinches the wild card.

 Marlins Mets Baseball

This is what it’s all about.  There are roughly 20 games left in the regular season, but the next 3 may be the most telling…

Stay tuned for a full recap on Thursday. 

Go FISH!!!

Ball Game Tonight!!!

My buddy called me last night with an offer I just couldn’t refuse-

2 FREE tickets to Monday night’s Marlins game and a FREE parking pass!!!

So, I will be on my way to Landshark Stadium in a few hours to enjoy a contest between my beloved Florida Marlins and the Atlanta Braves.  We’re battling for playoff position, specifically for the Wild Card spot, so I am hopeful that my team can pull out a victory.

This is also a neat event.  The pitchers tonight are Marlins’ ace Josh Johnson and Braves’ hurler Tim Hudson.  These guys share a common story – both had Tommy John surgery and missed extensive time.  Josh Johnson has become an All-star and Cy Young award candidate since his return to the sport and tonight marks Hudson’s first game back in the big leagues since his operation.  I wish ‘Huddy’ well, just not well enough to defeat ‘The Fish’!!! 

Mets Marlins Baseball

I cannot think of a better way to spend a Monday night.  GO FISH!!!

20 Questions With Cody Ross Of The Florida Marlins

You will recall that a few weeks ago I went to an autograph signing for Cody Ross of the Florida Marlins.  Cody has become a very popular player on the team, and I am sure that it is due to his on the field heroics and his obvious enjoyment of playing the game of baseball. 

In less than 2 weeks, Cody returned my interview request back to me and the result is very entertaining.


’20 Questions With Cody Ross’

30-Year Old Cardboard: Your first major league hit – what was the date and who was it against?

Cody  Ross: Bartolo Colon, July 2003


30-YOC: What coach in the major leagues has had the biggest impact on your career?

CR: Bo Porter


30-YOC: Your favorite ballpark in the majors is…

CR: Chase Field(AZ)

 chase field

30-YOC: Your least favorite ballpark to visit in the majors is…

CR: I like them all

30-YOC: In the bottom of the ninth, down by 1 run with 2 out, who do you not want to face on the pitching mound?

CR: Mariano Rivera


30-YOC: In the bottom of the ninth, down by 1 run with 2 out, who would you love to face on the pitching mound?

CR: n/a

30-YOC: What is the better feeling: A game winning home run or a run-saving catch?

CR: Game winning home run!!

cody 1

30-YOC: What is it like to see Andre Dawson walking around the stadium all of the time?

CR: surreal

dawson marlins

30-YOC: Name 1 player playing today that you would love to have as a teammate.


CR: Manny Ramirez


30-YOC: Name 1 player from the 1980’s you would love to have had as a teammate.

CR: Nolan Ryan

Ryan 85

30-YOC: Name 1 pitcher from the 1980’s you would love to take a few swings against.

CR: Nolan Ryan

Ryan 83

30-YOC: Your favorite teammate on the Marlins’ roster is?

CR: Uggla, Hermida

uggla hermida

30-YOC: The funniest guy in the Marlins’ locker room is…

CR: Andy Fox

andy fox

30-YOC: The guy most worthy of Hall of Fame induction that is not a member is…

CR: Andre Dawson / Pete Rose

dawson rose

30-YOC: Do you have memorabilia from your career?  If so, what is your favorite piece?

CR: I have a lot of personalized jersey from a lot of good players and Hall of Famers.

30-YOC: Who is the biggest celebrity you have met that is a Marlins fan?

CR: I’ve met a lot but probably the most well known is Regis Philbin.


30-YOC: If you’re on a 5-hour flight, what is the one album you can listen to for the whole trip?

CR: Coldplay or George Straight

george straight

30-YOC: If this movie is on TV, I am watching it…

CR: Goodwill Hunting

goodwill hunting

30-YOC: In ‘The Cody Ross Movie’, who would you want to play you?

CR:  Matthew McConaughey


 30-YOC: If you weren’t a professional baseball player, you would be a…

CR: Rodeo Clown

rodeo clown

And there you have it.  A ton of fun with Cody Ross!!!  He has been a huge spark for the Marlins team this year and is definitely a big reason as to why they have been so competitive all year long.

Thanks Cody!!!  Go Fish!!!

Groudbreaking Pics From The Future Home Of The Florida Marlins

This event was open to the public and I am kind of kicking myself for not making more of an effort to try to attend.  This is the first ‘real’ step when it comes to the construction of the Marlins’ new home.  Just 32 months from now construction will be done and we will be able to enjoy baseball during the 2012 season in this state-of-the-art baseball stadium.

Here are a few pics from today’s groundbreaking ceremony:






I heard on the local sports radio station, 790 The Ticket, that Charlie Hough and Benito Santiago were on hand to throw out and catch the first ‘official’ pitch today.  I am dying to find a picture of that and when I do I will share it with all of you.