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Giancarlo Stanton 2014 Topps – Purple Border Parallel

Giancarlo Stanton 2014 Topps – Purple Border Parallel

And you can now add the Toys-R-Us parallel to my list.  I have added yet another 2014 Topps Series 1 card of Giancarlo Stanton to my collection.

Yessir, Yessir, Yessir!!!


Giancarlo Stanton 2014 Topps Tribute – Base

Giancarlo Stanton 2014 Topps Tribute – Base

Since the base part of the new 2014 Topps Tribute set consists of just two Miami Marlins players, I have no desire to add the cards to my team set project.

Especially since both of the included players are guys that I am actively collecting individually as well.

So, this card of Giancarlo Stanton will make its way into my player collection, and I will focus my attention now on grabbing the base card of Jose Fernandez for that PC.



And who knows, if the opportunity presents itself for a few of the serial-numbered, colored parallels to land my way, I will scoop them up to.

Tribute is a fantastic looking product, and I am very happy with the photo selection that Topps made for this card of my right-fielder.

Thank you, Topps.

Lot Of 2 Giancarlo Stanton 2012 Bowman Cards – Gold Border & California State Version

Lot Of 2 Giancarlo Stanton 2012 Bowman Cards – Gold Border & California State Version

Oh yeah!  How about a nice 2-for-1 lunchtime special for you on this wonderful Friday afternoon??


Both of these cards come from the 2012 Bowman base set.  On the left is the ‘State’ variation of Stanton’s base card and on the right is the Gold-border parallel of his base card.

While the Gold is not a great complement to the Marlins color scheme, I have to say that the Gold looks nice with the Bowman design. As for the California state flag behind Stanton on the card on the left, it is a nice idea, but most of the ‘feature’ parts of the flag that are worth showing off are covered up.

Two great additions to my blossoming collection of Stanton cards!!

2011 Topps ‘Diamond Duos’ w/Giancarlo Stanton & Logan Morrison

2011 Topps ‘Diamond Duos’ w/Giancarlo Stanton & Logan Morrison

I love these ‘pairings’ cards and I was a little disappointed to not see them appear in the 2014 Topps flagship set.

So, I will simply go back and grab the ones I want.

And this one takes me back a few seasons when the Marlins were loaded with the young talent of Giancarlo Stanton and Logan Morrison.

Have a look:


Called ‘Diamond Duos’ this set is sharp and the colors look great.

Man, I miss those ‘old’ Marlins uniforms.

Hey LoMo, best of luck with Seattle in 2014.

Logan Morrison 2011 Topps Series 2 – Diamond Anniversary Edition

Logan Morrison 2011 Topps Series 2 – Diamond Anniversary Edition

This card was sent to my by reader Jarred, and I am extremely grateful!!!  Jarred did not know it, but I was seeking a little inspiration and push on a collecting goal of mine.

This card, and Jarred’s offering, gave me that inspiration!!!


I like this card a lot, but it was not the one that I was truly seeking.

However, is does remind me of the card I do want, and I am now more drive to go and get it!!!

The card I am seeking is from the 2011 Topps Lineage set – and it offers a similar ‘Diamond’ experience.  I am actually after the full set of cards from this brand, and I have been very lax in my efforts to collect it.

I have the 3-card Marlins base set.  But my collection stops there.  I still need the ‘Diamond’, ‘Platinum’, and 1975 Minis to call the set complete.

Jarred, Thanks for the inspiration.  I am now eager and ready to get back on track!!!

A Package From Drew Inspires An Impromptu ‘Fab Five’ List

A Package From Drew Inspires An Impromptu ‘Fab Five’ List

I recently completed a trade with Drew, of the blog Drew’s Cards.  I sent him a stack of 2012 Topps Archives Yankees and he sent me a stack of Marlins cards in return.

As a matter of fact, he sent me so many Marlins cards that there are just too many to scan.

Here is the proof:

I told you.

So , what I decided to do was put together a quick ‘Fab Five Cards From Drew’ to break down all of the cards into the five that I like the most.

So, starting with number five, here we go:

5 – 2010 Topps Legendary Lineage featuring Mark Teixeira & Logan Morrison

4 – Gary Sheffield 1998 Pinnacle Inside – I am a sucker for cards that feature batting donuts in the photo

3 – Hanley Ramirez 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Sticky Fingers’ – I miss the guy, what can I say???

2 – Brad Penny 2004 Upper Deck Vintage ‘2003 World Series Highlights’

1 – Javier Vazquez 2011 Topps Black border variant – The Black border with the dark background is SWEET!!!

There you have it, another ‘Fab Five’ in the books.

Thank you Drew.  I look forward to more trades in the near future!!!


PREMIERING TONIGHT – The Franchise, Starring The Miami Marlins

PREMIERING TONIGHT – The Franchise, Starring The Miami Marlins

I have not looked forward to the debut of a television show like this for a very long time.

You better believe that I will be glued to the TV tonight at 10:00PM.

Here is a preview:

I cannot wait!!!



I’ve Got Tix!!!!

I’ve Got Tix!!!!

It took me a lot longer than I wanted, but due to some prior plans, birthday parties, and a family vacation, I have been unable to make the trip to the new Marlins Park.

Well, that all changes now.

I have finally scored two tickets to a game at Marlins Park, and they are for next Saturday evening against the Washington Nationals!!!

And I cannot wait.

Sure, I want to check out my team and cheer them on as they battle the first-place Nationals.  But, I am just as excited to see the new ballpark.  I have heard great things, and I have been wanting to check it out for myself.

My wife is eager to check out the new ballpark too, and we’re going to bring her camera and zoom lens so I can capture as much of the stadium and game action as possible.

Next Sunday, you can expect lots and lots of pictures!!!


Reader Gerad Sends Over Three Cards For My 2012 Topps Heritage Miami Marlins Team Set!!!

Reader Gerad Sends Over Three Cards For My 2012 Topps Heritage Miami Marlins Team Set!!!

The readers of this blog continue to amaze me with their generosity.

This time around, it was loyal reader Gerad that offered up a fe treats.

3 to be exact – and all are needs for the 2012 Topps Heritage team set I am building of the Miami Marlins.

Check them out:

1st – NL Home Run League Leaders card featuring Giancarlo Stanton among some other names you may know…

2nd – Matt Dominguez rookie card

3 – Jose Reyes

I will have to check the official checklist, but I believe that this means that I have completed the base part of the set.

Now, on to the short prints – and there are a lot of Marlins SP’s to go after!!!

Thank you again, Gerad.  I will have some ‘Cards’ for you soon.


Scooped This Up At Wal-Mart Last Night On A Quick Errand Run…

Scooped This Up At Wal-Mart Last Night On A Quick Errand Run…

I had to make a quick trip to Wal-Mart list night to grab some stuff for a party at my son’s school this afternoon.

And as quick as I had to make that trip, I was able to squeeze in a few minutes to scan the baseball card area located near register #21.

I saw a lot of new stuff, and  a lot of stuff marked with clearance tags too – mostly 2011 baseball and some basketball stuff.

And then I saw this:

Somehow, it ended up in my shopping cart.  So, I just paid for it and brought it home with the rest of the items I needed to get.

The set is a 17-card set, and it features some players that are not included in the 2012 Series 1 Marlins team set.

I really want to rip it open and check them out.  But something is telling me to keep it sealed…

Decisions, decisions….