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Bob Uecker 2001 Topps Archives – FAIL!!!

Bob Uecker 2001 Topps Archives – FAIL!!!

You all know that I love this set.

But this card is horrible.  It actually looks like a downgrade in this collector’s eyes.

I guess that it was bound to happen, right??  I mean, Topps was so ‘on’ with this set – great design, excellent photo choices, and well though out player choices.

This one must have snuck by the editor during a very late  night…

Sorry, Mr. Uecker.

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Iconic Films From The 1980s’

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Iconic Films From The 1980s’

I have been doing these ‘TopTen’ lists for a few weeks now and am really enjoying them.  Hopefully you are as well…

I am a movie guy.  During the offseason, I will try to crush two to three movies a week.  And thanks to the vault of films stashed in my NetFlix account, watching movies has never been easier.

But I only like certain movies – and what you will see below is that my taste in films during the 1980s was far from mature.  But hey, I was barely into my teens so cut me a little slack.

With that being said, you won’t find Terms of Endearment or Gandi or Chariots of Fire in my ‘Top Ten Iconic Films From The 1980s’.  What you will find are the films that I can still watch today that are guaranteed to make me react and recall the great memories I have of watching them during my youth.

And away we go…

Honorable Mention – ET, Top Gun, Footloose, Caddy Shack, Ghost Busters, Batman, Major League, Teen Wolf, and Rain Man.

10 – Revenge Of The Nerds – So many memorable parts.  And the laughs start from minute 1 and just keep going!

9 – Police Academy – Wow.  While the sequels got progressively worse, the original is outstanding.  The characters were so solid, and I cannot recall a single friend that wasn’t trying to sound like that guy who does all of the noises.  LOL!!

8 – Beverly Hills Cop –  Axel Foley was the man!  We all imitated his laugh too… And Bronson Pinchot stole the show!  Serge!!

7 – Stand By Me – Easily the best drama from my youth.  A very memorable story – all of us had friends like these guys when we were growing up.  Leeches!!

6 – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Another classic with super-strong characters.  And a little cameo by Charlie Sheen too – Winning!  My favorite scene is when Ferris is programming his keyboard to cough.

5 – Breakfast Club – More classic lines than possibly any movie from that time.  They covered each stereotypical high school kid very well.  And Vice-Principal Bender was hilarious!!  I’m crackin’ skulls!!

4 – Back To The Future – Hello McFly!!!  I loved this film.  Classic characters.  Classic cards.  Classic scenes.  My favorite?  Has to be when Marty meets his future uncle as a baby and tells him to get used to the bars of his crib.  LOL every time!!

3 – The Karate Kid – The movie that inspired millions, including me, to take up karate.  Everyone wanted Daniel to win.  And with the help of Mr. Miyagi, and a gorgeous Elizabeth Shue, Daniel was the victor!

2 – Die Hard – I cannot recall another film prior that blended comedy and action so perfectly.  Bruce Willis was fantastic in this film – and it is one of the only film franchises whose sequels are not disappointments when compared to the original.  Yippee Ka Yeah!!!

1 – Coming To America – I have never enjoyed a comedic film more than this movie.  Eddie Murphy proved his talent during every scene of this film – and each was brilliant.  From Sexual Chocolate to working at McDowell’s to the barber shop – the laughs never stop!!

Wow, what a great trip down memory lane!!  I think I am going to go see what I have on DVD that I can watch tonight…

Stay tuned next Sunday night as I present to you me ‘Top Ten Wrestlers From The 1990s’.

Thanks for reading!!

TTM Success: Hall Of Famer, Monte Irvin!!!

TTM Success:  Hall Of Famer, Monte Irvin!!!

When you respect the game, and love the history of it, you always try to absorb more.  Learn more.  Embrace it more.

I feel very strongly about the sport of baseball – one word to describe my feelings would be passion.

And as passionate I am about watching tomorrow’s Marlins game, I am equally passionate about learning as much as I can of the sports’ amazing history.

One of the payers I have always heard of, but not really researched is Monte Irvin.  A Negro-League player turned Major League player, Irvin was an immensely talented offensive player that provided a slew of skills.  From contact hitting to run production to launching home runs to having a very sharp batter’s eye, Monte Irvin could do it all!!

Voted into the National Baseball Hall Of Fame in 1973, Monte Irvin is one of the oldest living Hall of Famer, and I am thrilled to have this newly signed baseball in my collection.

Thank you, Mr, Irvin!!!

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Sports Films’

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Sports Films’

We all love movies.  Some of us prefer comedies, some prefer drama, and others prefer action.  But something tells me that the all members of the ’30-YOC’ faithful love sports movies.

So with that, I present to you my next ‘Top Ten’ list – ‘Top Ten Sports Films’.

And away we go….

10.  Raging Bull – Deniro and Pesci are fantastic in this film.  Black & White just adds to the drama.

9.  The Rookie.  Typical Disney film, with a great ending.  Dennis Quaid pulls of a nice acting job on this one – very believable.

8.  Field Of Dreams.  While not too high on my list, this film offers one of the most recognizable catch phrases is sports film history.  “If you build it, he will come”.

7.  Dodgeball.  I had to throw a comedy into the mix and Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller were hilarious from start to finish in this one. 

6.  Hoosiers.  A classic film – my favorite Gene Hackman film of all-time.  If this is on and I am flipping channels, I stop here every time.

5.  Million Dollar Baby.  Clint Eastwood, enough said.  Hilary Swank, enough said.  Morgan Freeman, enough said.  Wow, what a cast!!

4.  Remember The Titans.  Another great job by Disney.  Denzel Washington pulls off a great job as a very believable head football coach.

3.  Major League.  A very funny cast – Charlie Sheen, Corbin Bernsen, Tom Berenger, Wesley Snipes, and a handful of great secondary players.  So funny…  Winning!

2.  Rocky III.  Oh man, with memorable performances from both Mr. T & Hulk Hogan in this one, this film was so close to the top spot.  Easily my favorite Rocky film of all-time – by a wide margin!!

1.  White Men Can’t Jump.  Woody & Wesley are a perfect match in this comedy/sports film.  With a ton of hoops action and a handful of memorable scenes between these two actors/athletes, this film still holds up today – almost 20 years after its release.  Oh, and Rosie Perez was so hot in this film!!!

And there you have it.  Another ’30-YOC Top Ten’ list in the books.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Next week’s preview??  How about ‘Top Ten Wrestlers From The 1980’s’.

Stay tuned.  And enjoy!!!

Don’t Count Out Chris Coghlan Just Yet…

Don’t Count Out Chris Coghlan Just Yet…

Down here in Marlins’ country, the name most mentioned when discussing the team and its future is that of a guy stuck in the team’s minor league trenches – Mike Stanton!

And while conversation continues to swirl about who the Marlins will demote to make room for the phenom that is tearing up the minor leagues, amazingly the 2009 ROY Coghlan was mentioned numerous times.  Mired in a season-long slump, Coghlan continued to get playing time while his batting average stayed around the .200-mark.

And then, about 6-7 days ago, something happened.  And while I cannot put a finger on it, Chris Coghlan has been HOT ever since…

Over the course of the last 6 games, Chris Coghlan has been hitting everything in sight.  On a hot streak, he has gone 14-for-23 while also raising is overall batting average 32 points in the process.  And he’s not just slapping singles either.  Of his 14 hits, he has 4 doubles, a triple, and a home run too.  He has also scored 6 runs during this stretch helping the Marlins go 3-3 during that time.

Keep it up Chris!  We need you to be the ignition for the team’s offense!!!

Chris Coghlan = Your National League Rookie Of The Year!!!

I am thrilled to read and now publish this headline!!!

During the 2009 baseball season, I was able to watch the growth of Chris Coghlan.  Upon entry into the big leagues, he was converted from an infielder to an outfielder.  And while learning on the job, he rarely looked uncomfortable.

But comfortable is exactly what we saw each time Coghlan took to the plate.  As the season progressed, it was expected that he would record a hit and reach base safely at least once per game.  Soon that expectation bloomed to multiple times per game, and more often than not Coghlan responded.  While he does not have the speed of some of the league’s better leadoff hitters, his ability to make contact and get on base was among the league’s best – and not just compared to the rookie class of ’09.

On the year Coghlan collected 162 hits in 128 games en route to a .321 batting average.  He also amassed 84 runs scored, 9 home runs, 47 RBI, 8 stolen bases and he struck out just 77 times in 565 plate appearances!!!

Coghlan becomes the 3rd Florida Marlins player to win the ROY.  In 2003, it was Dontrelle Willis and in 2006 it was Hanley Ramirez.  No offense to Dontrelle, but I hope Coghlan’s path follows what Hanley has done.  If it does, the Marlins will have a great 1-2-3 punch in their line-up in 2010!!!

Congratulations Chris!!!

Happy Birthday Bob Uecker!!!

Yep, Bob Uecker turns 74 today!!!

Not too often is a player remembered or more famous for what they did off of the playing field than what they accomplished on it.  But for Uecker, that is exactly the case.  After leaving the game of baseball with just 6 seasons under his belt, Bob Uecker became better known as a comedian/actor.

Who could ever forget his role in the Miller Lite commercials that dominated the air waves in the 80’s and 90’s.  And then you have Mr. Belvedere in which ‘Uecker’ starred for 5 seasons.  You certainly cannot forget the countless appearances Uecker made during late night television as he hung out with Johnny Carson.  And you have to remember him as the radio announcer in the Major League Trilogy…

One of my favorite Uecker commercials… 

Happy Birthday Mr. Uecker!!!