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TTM Success: ‘Billy The Marlin’

TTM Success: ‘Billy The Marlin’

As you can imagine, there is a lot of baseball watched in my house. 

And when tuned into the game, whichever two teams are playing, when I ask my son who his favorite baseball player is, his answer is the same each and every time – Billy.  Not Billy Ripken.  Not Billy Williams.  It’s ‘Billy The Marlin’.

So when I found this card, I hid it away until the season started.  And when my most recent round of TTM requests went in the mail, so did the card.  Now it is back.  15 days later, we now own a signed card by my 3 1/2 year old son’s favorite player – ‘Billy’!!!

Thank you Billy!!!!

‘Now That’s A Book I’d Read’ – Book #5 – ‘Rule #1 : Mascots Cannot Talk’

This book is the 5th book in this new feature at ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

Title – ‘Rule #1 : Mascots Cannot Talk’

Synopsis – It is a written rule that while in  costume team mascots are not allowed to speak.  We have pulled the tape off of their mouths to hear their hilarious stories first-hand.

Jacket  Content – For 3-4 hours during each home game the team mascot is the most active employee in the stadium.  A paid entertainer, the job’s philosophy is simple – Make them laugh at all costs.  And do it without speaking 1 word.

In essence, the team mascot is a mime.  A person dressed in character playing a role that is designed to bring out emotions from the people watching.  And in most cases that emotion is humor.

We have spoken to dozens of current and former mascots for this story.  We’ve taken the tape off of their mouths and let them share their sides of this famously, fun job.

With a ton of laughs, some resulting in tears, this book shares their stories.  From wearing 40-pound costumes in 90 degree heat, to humiliating celebrities in the name of fun, and to cheering up ill children at hospitals, the people that do these jobs have shared their experiences with all of us.

Finally, the mascot gets to talk!!!!


1 – Ace – Toronto Blue Jays

2 – Bernie Brewer – Milwaukee Brewers

3 – Billy The Marlin – Florida Marlins

4 – The Bird – Baltimore Orioles

5 – Captain Jolly Roger – Pittsburgh Pirates

6 – Baxter the Bobcat – Arizona Diamondbacks

7 – Dinger – Colorado Rockies

8 – Freebird – St. Louis Cardinals

9 – Gapper – Cincinnati Reds

10 – Homer – Atlanta Braves

11 – Junction Jack – Houston Astros

12 – Lefty & Right – Boston Red Sox

13 – Lou Seal – San Francisco Giants

14 – Mariner Moose – Seattle Mariners

15 – Mr. Met – New York Mets

16 – Paws – Detroit Tigers

17 – Phillie Phanatic – Philadelphia Phillies

18 – Raymond – Tampa Rays

19 – Screech – Washington Nationals

20 – Slider – Cleveland Indians

21 – Sluggerrr – Kansas City Royals

22 – Southpaw – Chicago White Sox

23 – Swinger – Oakland A’s

24 – Friar – San Diego Padres

25 – TC Bear – Minnesota Twins


The Ultimate Mascot Card – The San Diego Chicken!!

I had a bunch of these cards when I was a kid.  I thought that this card was pretty cool and it is the FIRST card that I have seen since my return to the hobby that actually brought me back to my childhood.  Not a Dawson or a Winfield or a Henderson.  It was a chicken!!!

That was the fun of collecting back in the 80’s.  You weren’t concerned about the 50 cents you plunked down to get one more pack, you just couldn’t wait to see what was inside.  This is not the case for collectors today, and this may be a big part of what’s wrong with today’s version of my favorite hobby.  If you spend $150 on a box of cards and pull out a ‘chicken’ you would probably be pissed that it may have taken the place of a game-used card or certified autograph card.

The San Diego Chicken card – when the hobby was good!!!