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With This Jose Reyes 2013 Topps ’72 Mini, I Have Finally Completed My Miami Marlins Base Team Set!!!

With This Jose Reyes 2013 Topps ’72 Mini, I Have Finally Completed My Miami Marlins Base Team Set!!!

Yes, it took me a lot longer than I had expected, but I finally did it.

With this 1972 mini card of Jose Reyes, I have officially collected all of the non-parallel, non-relic, and non-autograph cards of the Miami Marlins from the 2013 Topps Series 1 release.


For some reason, this card of Reyes eluded me, big time!!  I was never able to pull one from a pack, and none ever became a possible trade option either.  I finally found one on Ebay for just $0.99 with FREE Shipping so I scooped it up.

So, now that I have the base team set, the 1972 mini set, and the ‘Chasing The Dream’ subset all completed, it is time to start hunting down some of the colored parallel versions from the regular set.  And maybe I can sneak in a relic or auto along the way too…

Let’s Shop!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #6 – Lot Of 3 Miami Marlins Jose Reyes Cards

Baseball Card Show Purchase #6  – Lot Of 3 Miami Marlins Jose Reyes Cards

He’s no longer a Miami Marlin…

He’s no longer my shortstop…

He’s no longer batting 3rd for my team…

But, I still needed a few Jose Reyes cards that feature him as a Marlin.  And I was able to find three.

Have a look:


I have almost all of the base cards of Reyes from 2012 that show him wearing a Marlins uniform. 

It was nice to find a few inserts to help me round out that collection.


Photo Essay – The Jose Reyes Project

Photo Essay – The Jose Reyes Project




Miami Marlins Shortstop Jose Reyes Will Cut His Hair Friday On MLB Network

Miami Marlins Shortstop Jose Reyes Will Cut His Hair Friday On MLB Network

by Joe Capozzi

It might be hard to envision Jose Reyes without his long hair. But you’ll have a chance to get a good look at Reyes with short hair.

In fact, you can watch Jose’s hair as it’s going, going, gone! Reyes will get his haircut Friday on MLB Network, according to a tweet from one of his representatives.

“It’s official: Jose Reyes will cut off his trademark long hair Friday on the MLB Network. More details to follow,” Reyes’ agent, Chris Leible, said tonight on Twitter (@chrisleible).

Reyes’ dreads became his trademark with the Mets. But he knew he’d have to cut his hair once he signed his six-year, $105-million contract in December.

His new employer, the Miami Marlins, has team rules prohibiting long hair.

“If I have to cut it off, no problem,’ Reyes told Marlins beat writers in December. “It’s not gonna affect me the way I play the game.”

An MLB Network spokesman confirmed that Reyes will be on the show Friday.

Welcome To Miami Jose Reyes!!!!

Welcome To Miami Jose Reyes!!!!

Well That Was Quick! Let The Hanley Ramirez Chatter Begin…

Well That Was Quick!  Let The Hanley Ramirez Chatter Begin…

From By Enrique Rojas, ESPNDeportesLosAngeles.com

DALLAS — Hanley Ramirez has informed the Miami Marlins that he does not want to move from shortstop to third base, a source told ESPNDeportesLosAngeles.com on Tuesday.

Heath Bell says he took less money to sign a four-year deal with the Marlins. Bell thinks Albert Pujols will make a decision by next week and says Hanley Ramirez would switch to try to win a championship.

“Hanley doesn’t want to play third base and the Marlins were informed of that,” the source said. “Rather than ask for a trade, what he has done is to inform (the team) that he does not want to play another position other than shortstop.”

Meanwhile, Andy Mota, Ramirez’s agent, said to ESPNDeportesLosAngeles.com about the situation: “no comment.”

Ramirez, a three-time All-Star and a .306 hitter in six full seasons, would have to move positions with the acquisition of Jose Reyes, who agreed to a six-year, $106 million deal with the Marlins on Sunday.

The only public comment that Ramirez has made since Reyes’ deal was through his Twitter account on Tuesday afternoon.

He wrote: “What I can do now is work hard and be prepared for next season because that’s all that I can control, I love you all !!!!”

Ramirez is under contract with Miami for the next three years. The Marlins owe Ramirez $47 million until 2014, thanks to a six-year, $70 million extension he signed in May 2008.


New Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen said that he would understand if Ramirez feels neglected because of Reyes’ deal. He spoke with Ramirez before the signing and plans to call him soon to talk more about it.

“He must understand what is best for the club and he will be a better player having those two guys in front of him in the lineup,” Guillen said at the winter meetings about Reyes and Emilio Bonifacio.

“The last thing we would do is slap the guy and say ‘you have to move’, that is not the way,” Guillen said. “I think the boy will have the opportunity to be an All-Star third baseman. We have the opportunity to have two All-Stars in these positions, ” Guillen said.

So, The Guy I Jeered Is Now My ‘Lead-Off’ Hitter….

So, The Guy I Jeered Is Now My ‘Lead-Off’ Hitter….

Today has been a day full of mixed emotions.

On one hand, I am thrilled that the Miami Marlins are working to put a supremely talented team on the field in 2012.

On the other hand, the personnel that they are choosing are a bit hard for a guy like me to digest.

Actually, it is one guy – Mr. Jose Reyes!!

You see, the last time that Reyes’ name was mentioned on this blog, I was hardly complimentary towards him…  You can read that story here.

So, while I will be the first one to admit that Jose Reyes is immensely talented, I am a bit skeptical of him as well.  I have not seen that he has shown traits of a leader.  I have not seen that he will put the team’s goals before his personal ones.  I have not seen that he will play when not at 100% and stand alongside his teammates when times are tough.

Thankfully, MY LOVE for MY TEAM is stronger than my liking of any one player.  I wish Jose Reyes a lot of success; I think that a player with his skill level can help a team like this in numerous ways.

So, it is with just a slight twinge that I now shout ‘WELCOME TO MIAMI, JOSE REYES’!!!!!


Jose Reyes Is A Douche. And A Batting Champion…

Jose Reyes Is A Douche.  And A Batting Champion…

Look, I am a loyal Florida Marlins fan (one of very few).  With being a Marlins fan, there is a certain distaste that you have for the New York Mets.  I think that I do a pretty good job of keeping my emotions and my sensibility in check, but Jose Reyes reminds me of everything that is wrong with baseball.

Congratulations Jose, you are a batting champion.  And you won the award during a contract season – coincidence?  I think not…

While I fully understand and acknowledge that it takes an enormous amount of skill to compile a .337 batting average, the way in which he secured his batting title simply turns my stomach.

Enjoy the award Jose – most likely it is your last.  Or at least your last until the final season of your next contract…

Ted Williams must be rolling over in his grave…