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‘On The Road With Psugator02′ – NBA Finals Post Game 6 – June 12, 2011

‘On The Road With Psugator02′ – NBA Finals Post Game 6 – June 12, 2011

Mavs at Heat
American Airlines Arena
Miami, Fla.
Sunday, June 12

Thought I might get lucky so I drove down for postgame. Totals were mildly disappointing.

Near valet

Xavier Nady/Cliff Floyd/Phillip Buchanon: Didn’t need
Rondell White: 1/1 (white sheet) in blue Sharpie
Isiah Thomas: 1/1 (white sheet) in blue Sharpie
Michael Irvin: 1/1 (Cowboys’ mini) in blue Sharpie with “HOF” inscription. He signed for me and then said, “That’s it for the autographs.”

Saw some unbelievably hot women.

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Canes’

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Canes’

30 of my 35 years have been in South Florida.  And while I wish that the state would embrace its other sports teams, it goes without saying that Florida, and specifically South Florida is ‘football country’.  And while I don’t care for the NFL at all, I do have a fondness for college football – and in typical ’30-YOC’ fashion, my preference is for the college football from my youth that is most special to me.

My team of choice is the Miami Hurricanes – you would be hard-pressed to find a more winning program over the last 35 years.  And even though the team has not been winning for the better part of a decade now, there is still a tremendous following and amount of loyalty for those that are dedicated to ‘The U”.

With all of that being said, here are my ‘Top Ten Canes’

Honorable Mention:  Russell Maryland, Vinny Testeverde, Johnathan Vilma, Dan Morgan, Edgerrin James, Santana Moss, Clinton Portis, Jerome Brown, Jim Kelly, Bubba Franks, Steve Walsh, Bernie Kosar, and Duane ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

10 – Gino Torretta – A very fierce competitor.  His numbers for that era are very impressive!

9 – Sean Taylor – Whoa – Mr. Intensity.  Taylor was a beast on the field.  His ability to hit you hard while also having the speed to cover from sideline to sideline made him elite.  RIP.

8 – Willis McGahee – Man, our hopes for a National Title went down when Willis got injured against Ohio State.  I always wonder what would have happened had he not made that run…  Probably another ring…

7 – Michael Irvin – A player that was definitely before his time.  Irvin in college epitomized what today’s athlete is all about.  But he backed it up with his incredible play on the field – not too many others can do that!

6 – Reggie Wayne – Clutch!  Wayne holds all of the major Canes’ receiving records.  His ability to stack up yards after the catch(YAC) makes him stand heads and shoulders above all other Hurricanes players.

5 – Andre Johnson –  A physical nightmare to defend, Johnson was a problem for every defense that lined up against him.  And he surprised a lot of teams with his amazing speed – just ask Florida State.  LOL

4 – Warren Sapp – Man, he was a great lineman for the squad.  And while he did not look like it, he was extremely agile and quick.  Sapp was a great run defender and excellent pass rusher.

3 – Ray Lewis – The Man.  Lewis’ desire to win was infectious.  And he led by example each and every time he took the field.  He could easily be #1 on this list!!

2 – Ken Dorsey – I am not a quarterback guy.  But Ken Dorsey is the exception.  The king of cool, Dorsey captained some extremely talented offensive squads while at ‘The U’.  And with all of the talent and ego that he played with, there was no doubt who the leader was – #11.

1 – Ed Reed – There is nothing that Ed Reed could not do on a football field.  Need to stop the run, no problem.  Need an interception, okay.  Need to intimidate the hell out of the opposition, consider it done.  Ed Reed was a game-changer on the field.  The only other player that I have seen that dominated games by himself was Desmond Howard.

And there it is, my ‘Top Ten Canes’.

I hope you enjoyed the list – and whether you agree with me or are against my selections, let me know about it.  And for those of you that cheer for the Seminoles, I am sorry.  🙂

Oh, and next week I have a good one for you – ‘Top Ten Vintage Baseball Logos’.

Stay tuned and enjoy!!  Thanks.

It’s All About ‘The U’!!!!

As I sit here and watch the University of Miami battle Florida State in their opening game of the 2009 college football season, I feel nostalgic.

You see, right now it can get no better for either team.  They’re both undefeated, with a handful of games ahead of them.  Tonight they battle their in-state rivals and their biggest foes.  It gets no bigger or better that Miami vs Florida State.  My mind drifts to all of the close games decided by field goals(or less).  My mind drifts to all of those close contests over the years that have built this rivalry into what it is today.

I am a Canes fan.  A very proud Canes fan.  And while I don’t hate the Seminoles(not like I do the Gators or Buckeyes), I desperately want this team to do well and make ‘The U’ a football powerhouse again.

I miss the old days…. 

Give me Ed Reed and Andre Johnson and Reggie Wayne and Bernie Kosar.  I’ll take Ken Dorsey and Bubba Franks and Ray Lewis and and Santana Moss and Jerome Brown.  Hurricane football is about passion, and it’s about dedication to the team.  I remember watching Michael Irvin and Vinny Testaverde and Clinton Portis and Devin Hester.  And since I am in a mood to do a ton of name dropping, don’t let me forget about Willis McGahee or Jeremy Shockey or Dan Morgan and Jim Kelly and Frank Gore.

I was born in Miami.  My heart pumps Orange and Green.  I am a Cane.  And I live for games like tonight!!!


Go Canes!!!