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Did You Know…

Mike Boddicker was traded for both a 50 Home Run hitter and a future 300 strikeout pitcher – in the same trade.  Boddicker was dealt from the Baltimore Orioles to the Boston Red Sox for Brady Anderson and Curt Schilling on July 29, 1988.  Anderson would later hit 50 homers for the O’s in 1996 and Schilling would post strikeout totals of 319 in 1997 and 300 in 1998 for Philadelphia.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

Busting Open A Pack Of 1990 Donruss – Pack 4

I received 4 packs of 1990 Donruss in the contest I won on the Autographed Cards blog.

Here are the results from Pack #4

Fred McGriff, Dennis Rasmussen, Mike Brumley, Charlie, Hough, Bart Giamatti, Mike Boddicker, Todd Frowirth, Pau Sorrento, Rick Honeycutt,  Marty Clary, Dave Righetti, Neal Heaton, Dan Galdden, Trevor Wilson, and Jerry Reuss.