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14 More Autograph TTM Requests Are In The Mail!!!

Another round of letters are going into the mail tomorrow.  I just sealed these up and am ready to get them into the postal stream. 

My mailbox has been quite active lately and I am hoping my luck continues as I try a few of my older, sentimental players as well as a few more current guys.

Here are the guys I am sending to now:  Jim Lonborg, Bernie Williams, Al Downing, Don Baylor, Claudell Washington, Charlie Hough, Rick Reuschel, Glenn Beckert, Mike Mussina, Brett Butler, Marquis Grissom, Mike Cameron, Eric Davis, and Ozzie Guillen.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated as, good or bad, as these start to make their way back home to me.

Wish me luck… 



Mike Cameron Autograph TTM Success

Mike Cameron TTM Success – 9 days!!!

Mike Cameron is known around the hobby of autograph collecting as being a friend to the collector.  He certainly didn’t disappoint either, as he signed 2 cards for me in just 9 days.  With an extremely fast turnaround and a great looking signature, I am thrilled to add Cameron’s autograph to my growing collection.

Cameron has been a consistent contributor for 14 major league seasons.  Cam’s power numbers have always been a consistent factor in his offensive game.  With numbers like 30/20/80 for his doubles, HR’s, and RBI, Cameron adds a great ‘PoP’ to the line-up.  Then you throw in the fact that he is good for 15-20 steals per seasons, and you have a nice, well-rounded offensive star on your roster.

Thanks for the great autographs Mike!!! 


12 Autograph Requests Have Been Mailed!!!

I am very eager to see how this goes.  This morning I dropped off 12 envelopes for 11 baseball players and 1 Olympic hero.  I’m sending these autograph requests to Hall of Famers, All-stars, Sentimental favorites, and heroes of my childhood.

The guys – Mike Lowell, Mike Mussina, Pete Rose, Duke Snider, Stan Musial, Bruce Jenner, Bobby Doerr, Sparky Anderson, Mike Cameron, Al Kaline, Josh Hamilton, and Ron Santo.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how this pursuit goes…  Any guesses on who will be the first one back to my house with a successful signature???



Baseball Card Show Purchase #4 – Current Players for Autographs TTM

Here are the guys from today’s game that I am going to try to get autographs from.  I know that Mike Mussina is recently retired, but I have always enjoyed watching him play and I have read that he is a great signer through the mail. 

As for the other guys – you really cannot go wrong with Mike Cameron, Josh Hamilton, Andy Pettitte, and Mike Lowell.  I have enjoyed each of these guys for multiple reasons of the course of their careers and would love to add their autographs to my growing collection.  Cameron is a stud, and Pettitte has always impressed me with his ability.  Both Hamilton and Lowell have ties to South Florida which always makes me search them out when checking box scores… 

I love the vintage look of these cards and really think all of them would be perfect with an autograph added!!!