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HOO-RAY!!! My 2013 Topps Archives ‘Mini Tallboy’ Subset Is Complete!!

HOO-RAY!!!  My 2013 Topps Archives ‘Mini Tallboy’ Subset Is Complete!!

Yeah baby, the biggest subset I have tackled in years is finally complete.  And it took a lot of work to get here.

Thankfully, I had some help with this one.  Some trades, some donations, and some shared information all helped me get this one done.

40 cards deep, this set is big.  But, the theme is right up my alley – full of modern and vintage players all on a sweet design.

Have a look at all 40 cards:

img033 img034 img035 img036 img037

The set is nice, and I am digging how it looks all together like this.  In my album, it is not as clean looking as the cards have a ton of room to shift and slide around in the standard sized 9-pocket page, but I will get over it.

As for the players included in the set, there are a few questionable things going on, but overall I am OK with the checklist.  I love the inclusion of Stewart, Concepcion, Greenwell, and Parker but I could have done without some of the others.  And way too many Red Sox in the set – 5 out of 40 cards when teams like the Marlins were not recognized at all.

Overall, I love it.  And I am very happy with my decision to put this set together when released with 2013 Topps Archives.

Hopefully the new Archives set has something else for me to go after…

I’m Looking For A Few More 2013 Topps Archives “Mini Tallboys” If Anyone Has A Few To Spare…

I’m Looking For A Few More 2013 Topps Archives “Mini Tallboys” If Anyone Has A Few To Spare…

Friends, the title of this post says it all.  I need a few cards from this set to make it complete so I am turning to the great readers of this blog to see if I can get any help.

Currently, I have four cards left on my ‘Need List’.  They are:

  • Buster Posey
  • Mike Schmidt
  • Mike Trout
  • Roberto Clemente

Quite a list, huh?

If you have any of these cards, and are willing to part with them, please let me know.  I’m certain that we can work something out – and I will surely be grateful.

Thanks for reading.  And thanks for the help!

2013 Topps Archives ‘Tallboys’ Subset – Frank White

2013 Topps Archives ‘Tallboys’ Subset – Frank White

With the new 2013 Topps Archives baseball card set release, the ‘Mini Tallboys’ subset is easily one of the best parts of the issue.

The cards from this subset offer a very basic, but throwback feel that screams vintage. The set is 40 cards deep and offers a nice mixture of current players, stars from the 1980′s, and Hall of Fame legends.

This is the Frank White card from the set:



White enjoyed an 18-season major league career – all with the Kansas City Royals!

He was a 5-time All-Star, an 8-time winner of the Gold Glove at second base, and a Silver Slugger Award winner as well.  White collected 2,006 hits during his major league career including 407 doubles, 58 triples, and 160 home runs.  He stole 178 bases during his career en route to scoring 912 runs and driving in 886.

White played in two World Series match-ups with the Royals, going 1-1 and winning the title in 1985.