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Dan Uggla & Cameron Maybin Collections Up For Grabs!!!

Dan Uggla & Cameron Maybin Collections Up For Grabs!!!

It’s time for me to trim my current collection down a bit as I make room for some new player collections that I am going to start working on.

And while neither of the lots I am offering up are very big, they are definitely very shiny as they both contains some high quality cardboard.

So, while I do plan on keeping tabs on both of these former Florida Marlins players as they suit up for new teams this season, I am ready to part with the cards that I own of them.

First up is Dan Uggla – 15 cards, a nice lot of multi-year issues.

Cameron Maybin – 7 cards, lots of early issues.

There it is – nothing too spectacular, but both lots would be nice additions to anyone’s collection that appreciates these two ball players.

Want the cards?  Just say so.  Leave me a comment and I will randomly select who gets them.  And shipping is on me!!


Florida Marlins trade Cameron Maybin to San Diego Padres

Florida Marlins trade Cameron Maybin to San Diego Padres


From the Miami Herald:

One day after trading pitcher Andrew Miller, the Marlins have traded outfielder Cameron Maybin — the other key piece in their 2007 blockbuster deal with Detroit for Miguel Cabrera.

The Marlins traded Maybin to the San Diego Padres for right-handed relievers Ryan Webb and Edward Mujica, as they all but wiped clean their six-player return from the Tigers in the deal for Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis.

The two pitchers the Marlins are acquiring from the Padres are young but bring big-league experience.

Webb, 24, appeared in 54 games for the Padres last season, going 3-1 with a 2.90 ERA. Mujica, 26, has spent five seasons in the majors with the Indians and Padres, compiling an overall record of 8-9 in 179 games.

And there you have it, the end of the Maybin-era in Miami.  I kind of felt like this was coming, just not in November…  With the emergence of Mike Stanton, Logan Morrison, and Gaby Sanchez this season, and the return of Chris Coghlan in 2011, the Marlins are stacked with young talent.  And of the group, Maybin has under-performed all of them.

Good Luck to you Cameron.  I am hoping that a fresh start out in California is just what you need!!

And remember, it was ’30-YOC’ that supported you all the way!!!

Marlins Fans, The Mike Stanton Era Begins Tonight!!!

Marlins Fans, The Mike Stanton Era Begins Tonight!!!

We’ve been hearing this name for quite some time and now the wait is finally over.

The kid that has been tearing up the minor leagues for the last 2 months is set to make his big league debut tonight when the Marlins battle the Phillies on the road.

Stanton is the most hyped rookie in the Marlins’ organization since Miguel Cabrera.  An outfielder that can hit for a good average and launch home runs with the best of them, I cannot wait to see if he can make an immediate impact with the club.

We’ll find out soon, the game is about to start.  Go FISH!!!

New Guest Writer To Join ’30-Year Old Cardboard’

New Guest Writer To Join ’30-Year Old Cardboard’

I am thrilled to announce that ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ has added a new author to the blog. 

I would like to introduce all of you to Mark, better known as psugator02.  He is a South Florida based baseball fan and autograph collecting king. 

Mark has agreed to share his incredible autograph stories with all of us with his very own series on ’30-YOC’.  His series, to be titled ‘On The Road With psugator02’ will make its debut in just a few short days and you’re all in for a great treat.  Mark takes autographing very seriously and will do just about anything and go just about anywhere to add new pieces to his collection.  Constantly on the road, it is not rare to find him in one county one night and then 4 counties away the very next afternoon – and all in the name of nabbing those hard-to-get autographs!!

From Key West to Cooperstown.  From rookie phenoms to Hall of Famers.  Mark has ‘graphed them all!!  And now he’ll share those stories with you.

Mark is a fabulous writer and his ability to tell stories about his quests will make you want to read more.  Also a very skilled photographer, he will certainly add a new element to this blog, and it should be quite entertaining for all of us.

A fan of both major league and minor league baseball, Mark will take it on the road during the upcoming baseball season.  Whether it’s taking off in search of Hall of Famers or staying local and working on teams that visit the Florida Marlins during the season, Mark will be there with Sharpie in hand.

What does this mean for me?  What does this mean for ’30-YOC’??  Well, it’s very simple.  I love this sport, this hobby, and this blog.  And I have no plans of stopping or slowing down my enjoyment of either of them.  I strive to make ’30-YOC’ a well-rounded and complete authority on both the sport of baseball and the hobbies of collecting baseball cards and autographs.  Mark’s experience and expertise with in-person autographing is a needed and welcomed addition to the coverage that you have grown to expect and enjoy from ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

Please join me in welcoming Mark to the ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ family. 

This is going to be a fun ride with psugator02!!!

He Did It Again. Cameron Maybin Launches Another Ball Into The Stands!!!

He did it again!!  And it’s the second time in less than a week too.

Cameron Maybin just launched a ball deep into the stands at Turner Field to give the Marlins a lead against the Atlanta Braves.

And just like last week’s blast against the Mets that gave the team a lead that they would not relinquish, this home run also gave the Marlins the lead in the ballgame.  Hopefully the result is the same…


Go FISH!!!

Cameron Maybin’s 3-Run Blast Helps The Marlins Get Even With The Mets!!!

After an embarrassing loss in game 1 of their 3-game series against the New York Mets, the Marlins looked to even up the series on Saturday night.

And nobody(not even this blogger) would have thought that Cameron Maybin would have been the hero!!!  Especially since he did not start the game…

But that is exactly what happened.  Maybin was used as a substitute in the game after the Marlins’ Cody Ross was plunked on the hand by a pitch.  Maybin entered the game in the 4th inning and drew a walk.  But in his next at-bat, just 1 inning later, he launched a 3-run blast into the outfield seats that gave the Marlins a lead that they would not relinquish.  Hopefully this just adds to the confidence boosting of this young and hopefully future star!!!

Go Get ‘Em Cam!!!

Mets Marlins Baseball

BREAKING NEWS: Cameron Maybin Launches One Into The New York Night!!!

In just his 7th game back with the ball club, Cameron Maybin just blasted a 2-run home run to deep center field at Citi Field.  And for those of you familiar with that ballpark, he actually hit the ball into the area that houses ‘The Big Apple’.

The shot was a deep blast that went roughly 415 feet!!!


Go Get “Em Cameron!!!

He’s Back!!!!

Yep, September call-ups are here and my boy Cameron Maybin is back in the big leagues.

After a successful stint with the New Orleans Zephyrs, Maybin will spend the remainder of the 2009 season with the Marlins as they battle for the last month of the season in hopes of earning a wild card berth in the 2009 playoffs.

Maybin put forth a great effort at re-tooling his game while in the minors, and if his stats are representative of his revitalized game, we can all expect a different, and more improved, player that what we experienced during the first month of this season.

While with the Zephyrs, Maybin competed in 82 games.  And in those 82 contests, he batted .319 with an on-base percentage of .399.  Cameron was routinely used in the top of the batting order and he let his offensive skills take over as he collected 95 hits, 44 runs scored, 8 stolen bases, 3 home runs, 39 RBI, 18 doubles, and 8 triples.  Maybin collected 38 walks and struck out 59 times too.  Although the strikeout number is still high, it is much improved from where he began earlier in the year.  And at the age of 22, his batting eye will continue to mature as he faces more major league level pitching.

In the ideal situation, Maybin will get some playing time over the course of the next few weeks with ‘The Fish’.  Both Chris Coghlan and Cody Ross have solidified themselves as everyday players for the team and both deserve to be in the lineup each and every time the team takes the field as long as the potential to make the playoffs still exists.  I can see Ross moving ro right field, a position he is comfortable playing, and Maybin getting a shot in center.

The next few weeks will be interesting.  And hopefully enjoyable too!!!



Shutting Down ‘The Maybin-Meter’

It comes with a heavy heart that I have decided to shut down the ‘Maybin-Meter’.  With what was once a fun way to track Cameron Maybin’s journey through his first full baseball season as a major league player, it has become a lot less enjoyable since his demotion to AAA ball.  While I still check the Zephyrs’ box score on a daily basis to see how Cam is doing, it has become very hard to get stories and pictures to enjoy and pass along to you.

Cameron has really turned it on as of late and has raised his batting average well over 100 points in the last 8 weeks.  His skills are being sharpened and he has become quite a valuable piece of the team for the Zephyrs.  And while all of this is happening, it just isn’s as exciting to witness from afar when there is no video of his play and very few pictures.

I wish Cameron Maybin the best of luck and I hope to see him again soon in a Marlins uniform.  It would be wonderful if he could help the team this year, but with no glaring need for a center fielder at the current moment I think seeing him again in South Florida may have to wait until next Spring.

Best of luck Cam.  This fan wished you a bright, bright future!!!


But don’t fret, I am just making more time for some new ideas for ’30-YOC’ that I want to share with you.  Like Maybin, I too am sharpening my skills and hope to debut these new ideas with a BANG!!!

Cameron Maybin & Andrew Miller – Teammates Again!!!

Together again.  Too bad it’s not in South Florida!!

I hold a special place in my heart for both Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller.  While neither have had much of an impact while in the majors yet, to the true Marlins fans out there these guys mean quite a bit.  I’ve been tracking both of their careers and cheering for them to do well ever since ‘The Fish’ traded away Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis for them what seems like eons ago.

While both guys have shown flashes of possible greatness, they have also shown us that they have quite a ways to go to be real contributors to the team each and every time they take the field.  Prior to the start of the 2009 baseball season, Maybin has being tabbed as a favorite for the Rookie of the Year award.  And Miller had earned a starting spot in a pitching rotation that was the envy of the sport.

Well, now that Andrew Miller has been sent down to AAA ball in New Orleans, he and Cameron Maybin are teammates again.  Hopefully they will enjoy one anthers company as they both work hard to get another shot on the ‘big club’ sometime this season.  Until that happens, I will continue to root them on from afar.

I still have my fingers crossed that the Cabrera trade was not the most one-sided trade in Marlins’ history!!!


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