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My 3 Cubs : Billy, Ernie, & Fergie

My 3 Cubs : Billy, Ernie, & Fergie – #31/50

Saving the best for last – This is card #9 of my recent 9 card purchase of some modern Billy Williams cards.

Naturally when I first saw this card I had to have it.  My 3 favorite Cubs that played during the generation prior to mine.  It’s another of the low serial numbered cards I have added to my Billy Williams collection.  This one is #31/50.  By the way, Fergie wore #31 so that’s kind of neat…  and cheesy at the same time I know!!!

When I received this card, it dawned on me that this may have been designed for autographs.  If you look at the design, there is an awful lot of room next to each guy’s image that would be a prefect spot for a signature. 

If anyone knows for sure or has seen or even has an image of a card like this signed I would love to see it.  I probably could never afford it, so I’ve settled for this card I bought for $2, but I would really enjoy seeing that image.


Billy Williams & Ernie Banks Share A Piece Of Cardboard

Billy Williams & Ernie Banks – #3/50

This is card #8 of my recent 9-card purchase of modern-day Billy Williams cards.

What’s not to like about this card?  2 of the greatest Chicago Cubs players of all time on the same card…  And to be limited to just 50 cards made and I now own #3.  SWEET!!!

The only thing I don’t understand about this, is why they would use 1 color and 1 black and white image for this card.  That really doesn’t make much sense to me….  If both were the same, and ideally in B&W format, this card would be even more special!!! 


2008 Goudey Mini Billy Williams

2008 Goudey Mini Billy Williams – #64/88

This is card #7 of my recent 9-card purchase of Billy William’s modern-day cards.  I have no sense of what all of the alternate version cards are about and how rare they may or may not be.  This card has a serial number of 64/88 so it appears to be pretty rare in my eyes.  I have the base version of this card, and when I saw this for 25 cents I scooped it up.

Hell, I don’t know what a green mini is; it kind of sounds like something my son would see in one of his many Disney movies.  I do know that the Goudey product is one that appeals to me as they have done an excellent job of capturing the vintage style of card design and photography while using today’s technology to provide a superior product!!


3 More Modern Billy Williams Cards Added To The Collection!!

3 More Modern Billy Williams Cards Added To The Collection!!

Here are cards 4,5, and 6 from my purchase of 9 modern-day Billy Williams cards.  I don’t even care that seem to repeat the photography on these for several different card versions.  I am trying to decide if I like the color photos better than the black and white images and I guess it all depends on how it works with the card’s modern design.

Of the 2 below, the B&W version appeals more to me.  The greys used on the border and in the background of the photo really make this card stand out!!  Billy’s image appears to be leaping off of the card. 


3 Modern Billy Williams Cards Added To The Collection!!

3 Modern Billy Williams Cards Added To The Collection!!

WoW!!!  How sweet is this?  I was able to grab up all 3 of these bad boys for less than 40 cents a piece.  I’ve still got my eye on the cards I need to complete my Billy Williams collection that were issued during his playing days, but I couldn’t resist these.  I love the old-school photo on the modern cards. 

I was able to add 9 new Billy Williams cards to my growing ‘modern-day’ collection and will highlight them for you over the next few weeks.