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Bob Uecker 2001 Topps Archives – FAIL!!!

Bob Uecker 2001 Topps Archives – FAIL!!!

You all know that I love this set.

But this card is horrible.  It actually looks like a downgrade in this collector’s eyes.

I guess that it was bound to happen, right??  I mean, Topps was so ‘on’ with this set – great design, excellent photo choices, and well though out player choices.

This one must have snuck by the editor during a very late  night…

Sorry, Mr. Uecker.

Happy Birthday Bob Uecker!!!

Yep, Bob Uecker turns 74 today!!!

Not too often is a player remembered or more famous for what they did off of the playing field than what they accomplished on it.  But for Uecker, that is exactly the case.  After leaving the game of baseball with just 6 seasons under his belt, Bob Uecker became better known as a comedian/actor.

Who could ever forget his role in the Miller Lite commercials that dominated the air waves in the 80’s and 90’s.  And then you have Mr. Belvedere in which ‘Uecker’ starred for 5 seasons.  You certainly cannot forget the countless appearances Uecker made during late night television as he hung out with Johnny Carson.  And you have to remember him as the radio announcer in the Major League Trilogy…

One of my favorite Uecker commercials… 

Happy Birthday Mr. Uecker!!!