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Baseball Card Show Purchase #5 – Reggie Jackson 2005 Fleer Official Boxscore ‘Classic Clippings’

Baseball Card Show Purchase #5 – Reggie Jackson 2005 Fleer Official Boxscore ‘Classic Clippings’

I am always on the look out for new Reggie Jackson baseball cards for my collection.  It is kind of an unwritten rule for me – along with Andre Dawson, Fergie Jenkins, Jim Palmer, Brooks Robinson, and Joe Morgan…

I didn’t get quantity this time, but I did land a card that I have never seen before.

And it is pretty cool – so cool in fact that I need to show you the front and the back.

Here we go:



The card comes from the 2005 Fleer subset tagged as ‘Official Boxscore’.  I had never seen one of these before, but I have to say that I love the theme.

This specific card pays homage to Reggie’s incredible performance in Game 6 of the 1977 World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The card is also serial numbered to 1977 which I find to be pretty cool.  The one that I scooped up is 1313/1977.

I am immediately intrigued by this set!!!

Reggie Jackson Clark Candy Bar – 3 Card Set

Reggie Jackson Clark Candy Bar – 3 Card Set

I have a Reggie Jackson Clark candy bar.  It is more than twenty years old and it rests in the back of my refrigerator. 

I bought the bar more than a year ago on Ebay.  I have no idea what I am going to do with it.  For the time being, I am treating it like a collectible.

Inside the wrapper with the bar is a special baseball card, issued by Upper Deck.  Actually, there are three different cards to collect – but you only get one with each bar.

The goal was to collect all three – pretty genius move by Upper Deck if you ask me.  Kind of following the Kellogg’s and Drakes plan of attack, I guess.

While I have no clue as to which card rests inside of my sealed Reggie bar, I now know what all three cards look like.

Because I bought the full set.

Here it is:

Card #1

Card #2

Card #3

I like the look, and smell of these baseball cards.  I just don’t understand why they were numbered in this order.  Obviously card number two offers up the oldest image of Reggie from his early days in Oakland. 

In my opinion the cards should have been numbered in the order of the year that the photo was taken – but I am probably just looking too deeply into it…

Still, the set looks fantastic – the pictures are bright and sharp!


Reggie Jackson 2000 Upper Deck Yankees Legends – SWEET!!!

Reggie Jackson 2000 Upper Deck Yankees Legends – SWEET!!!

Come on now, how nice is this???

Even if you are not a fan of the Yankees, there is no mistaking that Upper Deck did a great job producing this set of cards.  And this card of Reggie looks perfect!!

Capturing the backswing of a mighty Reggie ‘Rip’, you can see just how hard Reggie swung the bat based on the body language of his follow-through.

And with all of the Navy and White elements in the graphics of the card, this one is a WINNER!!!

It’s Halloween, Have Yourself A Reggie Bar. I Know That I Will!!!!

It’s Halloween, Have Yourself A Reggie Bar.  I Know That I Will!!!!

Tonight is a fun night – and for me it is all about the kids.

Almost, all about the kids…

You see, for the longest time, I wanted to try a Reggie bar.  Made famous during his playing days with the Yankees, the Reggie bar was a phenomenal promotion back in the 1970’s – that teamed Reggie Jackson and a chocolate and peanut candy bar.

Well, almost 15 years later, Clark and Upper Deck teamed up in 1993 to re-issue the Reggie bar and I have finally scored one for myself – thanks to Ebay!!

Paying a lot more than I would for anything on the shelf at the local gas station, this candy bar will remain in my memorabilia collection for now.  But if I get really hungry one of these nights, it may take a lot of willpower to keep it wrapped…

Happy Halloween everybody!!!

You Have No Idea How Close I Am To Doing This…

Seriously.  While there are a million things out there that seem to be a better investment of my $11.00, I am not sure that any will be as enjoyable…


Your thoughts?  Should I take the plunge or pass???  I like chocolate bars.  And while peanut butter and roasted peanuts is not my first choice when staring through the glass of a vending machine, it’s not my last one either.

Hmmm…  Decisions, decisions.

Reggie Bar

Happy Anniversary Mr. October!!!

On this day in 1977, you hit 3 consecutive home runs in the World Series and earned the nickname “Mr. October”.

Considered to be the greatest individual offensive performance in baseball’s World Series history, you became an even bigger star on this night!!!

Happy Anniversary Mr. October!!!

67 Seconds Of Baseball At It’s Best!!!

The title says it all – sit back and enjoy!!! 

Oh, the memories!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #2 – (4) 2008 Hall of Fame Goudeys

I like Goudey.  I like the flash back to the past.  It reminds me of the cards from the 1950’s that I used to drool over as a kid and admittedly still do today.

I snatched up these 4 cards for $1.00.  I may have been able to buy them cheaper if I had tried a little harder, but I couldn’t say no to Rollie, Reggie, Jim, and Johnny!!!

A few quick notes about each guy:

Rollie Fingers – I heard he signs TTM for a $10 fee.  Something tells me that this card would look great signed.

Reggie Jackson – The king of COOL!!  ‘Nuff said….

Jim Palmer – My second favorite pitcher from the 1970’s – right behind Fergie Jenkins.  He had an amazing string from 1973-76 – check it out!!!

Johnny Bench – My favorite catcher of all-time.  I really started to appreciate Bench when I was learning about Billy Williams and his career with the Cubs.  Bench won the MVP 2-times, beating Williams each time.  Had it not been for Bench, Williams could have been a 2-time MVP and 1st ballot Hall of Famer.  Don’t worry Johnny, we’re not mad at you!!!

Goudey 4

Great Finds!!!

Happy Birthday Reginald Martinez Jackson!!!

You may know him as Reggie or as Mr. October or as 1 of the greatest World Series heroes in baseball history.  However you know him, Reginald Martinez Jacksin turns 63 years old today!!

I unquestionably consider Reggie Jackson as being one of the most dynamic players to ever play the game of professional baseball.  On the very short list, I think that Reggie during his prime was one player that was worth the price of admission alone.  His persona and ability were head and shoulders above most of his teammates and competitors and when Reggie got the chance to shine, he took full advantage…  The result is one of the most impressive careers in baseball for a player playing in a major market city.

Quite simply, Reggie Jackson lived up to the hype he built for himself and not too many players can do that.  For his birthday, I would like to give Reggie a hidden microphone and let him coach a high-profile game.  Maybe the All-star game.  Maybe the ‘Home Run Derby’.  Something good but not too serious.   Let Reggie have fun, and I am sure that hilarity would ensue…

Happy Birthday ‘Mr. October’!!!


1982 Donruss “Bronx Bombers” With Dave Winfield

 I love these old combo cards.  Any card featuring 2 of the Yankee’s biggest sluggers during the 1980’s is going to be a hit with me!!!

We all know that Dave Winfield is a big guy.  But even Reggie looks small standing next to him – and Reggie was no slouch at 6 feet tall and 200 pounds.

I cannot imagine what went through a pitcher’s head when one of these guys was at the plate and the other was in the on-deck circle….